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Visitors and Denizens of Divinity's Reach!

The Maiden's Whisper has the distinct pleasure of inviting you to Winterfest, a chance to break the lull of the month with the finest food and drink in all of Kryta. This all takes place on the 25th of this month.

We have four unforgettable vintners and brewers bringing their finest wines and ales for the occasion. The Maiden's Whisper's own kitchen staff will be incorporating the drinks served into a sensational menu, listed below with the unique libations that will also be served. There will be a silent auction with some spectacular items up for sale. All proceeds will go to the Vanguard Hospital, who works tirelessly day and night to keep the Reach alive and well.

The festivities begin at 5 PM Krytan Time (PST), and will continue for several hours. Come, enjoy the finest food and drink in our great city, and donate to a worthy cause!

Meet the Brewers:

Living Barrel Vineyard: This innovative vineyard, led by fourthborn former-architect Dachlain, grows trees to have large cavities within them, in which they can ferment the wine. By keeping the wood surrounding the wine alive as it ferments, the wood imparts it's own peculiar flavor into the grape juice. Dachlain will be serving Dawnbloom, a dry and herby Pinot Gris with a slightly sweet aftertaste, and Noonbloom - a rich, fruity, full-bodied Chardonnay with notes of oak.

Black Dove Vineyard: Represented by Cinzia, Black Dove Vineyards will be providing rich and sultrous red wines. Cinzia will be showcasing her Malbec and Zinfandel varietals, as well as the Ministry-renowned Sangiovese.

Ironliver Clan Brews: Khorthall Ironliver will be presenting the deep, dark Bear's Bellow. It's been called Big Momma, and The Grizzly Gold. Each keg of brew has been blessed by Koirra Bearheart. If you are a fan of ales, you will not want to leave without having a Bellow for yourself!

Beetletun Brewery: This is a smaller meadery and vineyard located just outside of Beetletun, owned by Lord Christopher Page. Their beekeepers take advantage of the wildflowers and apple trees located nearby to create a delicate and delectable mead. Light and crisp, the floral aroma only accompanies the subtle sweet flavour.


Coordinating with local farmers, we've prepared an exquisite seasonal menu to delight even the most critical taste buds.

A roasted-herb focaccia, served with a selection of local cheeses and fruit jams. It pairs best with the Dawnbloom wine.

A winter harvest salad, full of nutty barley, slow-roasted sweet potato, crispy brussel sprouts, kale, and roasted mushrooms. It is served with a red wine gastrique made using the Black Dove Vineyard wines.
A hearty Beef stew, slow-cooked for almost 24 hours straight in a Dolyak bone and Bear's Bellow broth. Everything you could want on a cold winter's day, making your stomach feel at home.

Lastly, we'll be serving rustic apple tarts, with a cinammon spice pastry and topped with a dollop of fresh, chilled cream.
The Silent Auction is open to the public, and submissions are welcome. Mister Page will be donating a keg of Beetletun Mead to the auction, and Dachlain will present a set of cups made from one of his living barrels. Each cup has a unique coloring from the wood, which becomes saturated by the color of the wine.

If you have any questions, would like to submit items for auction, or would like to help provide further entertainment or alcohol for the event, please contact:

Christopher Page ( ChristopherPage.1754 )
Mairwyn Gale ( Niobe.3910 )


Music will be provided by Paragon Broadcasting from the fabulous Kusumura Corsano ( AKA Phill Millennial! )

For North American folks:
For Non-North American folks:


OOC summary

Winterfest! This will be on Thursday, January 25th and it will start at 5 PM PST. If you would like to have some involvement with the event, shoot us a message!
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I am fairly likely to come. It's two days before Kaz's wedding. As long as the area is safe for her, or she knows that the person after her is dealt with, she'll come.
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Another bump!

We're looking for other donation items, still!
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