The Children of the Sun [Sol]

Recruitment: Open!
Medium RP
Leadership: Alistair Narave.9501/Sapphire Artemis.3062
Membership Requirement: 18+

The Birth of a New Era
Who we Are

The Children of the Sun is an organization born of the merging of Aurelio Furor and In the Rising Sun, headed by Alistair Narave and Kiri Maata. Our goal is to build a better future, by learning from and atoning for the past. We welcome those with darkness in their histories, and guide them to the light.

In-Character Goals:
  • Helping those in need, regardless of background
  • Redeeming the Sins of the Past
  • Reintegration into society
Out of Character
What We're About

The Children of the Sun is a guild dedicated to the fun of Roleplay within Guild Wars 2. We aim to be drama-free and casual, while remaining active and constantly growing.

Out of Character Goals:
  • Forming a supportive, family-like, mature community that focuses on fun
  • Helping our members grow as people, players, and storytellers
  • To offer Quality Roleplay as often as possible, in as many areas of the game as possible
  • To offer events featuring PvE (including Fractals and Raids), PvP, and WvW

Join in on the fun! You can find us at Seraph's Landing in Harathi Hinterlands, or just apply on our site!