Two major problems, fam.

One, Omadd didn't want anything to do with the dragons, so claiming he somehow outsmarted them is a serious stretch. He wanted to peer into the Alchemy, which it just so happens is tied directly to the elder dragons. That's the only connection between Omadd and the dragons, and it's merely a coincidental one.

Secondly, Balth didn't overload Omadd's machine. Taimi and the Pact Commander did, in a last ditch effort to stop whatever Balth had begun. Almost blindly, I might add. It was a gamble. They weren't even sure the impending blast wouldn't atomize the local region.

And frankly, saying because somebody can't figure out how it was made makes them "lesser" then the creator... that's just silly. I don't see modern scientist declaring themselves better then Einstein because they are inventing stuff that he hadn't dreamed of making.

...There is zero knowledge on how long primordus or Jormag will stay asleep. We know the dwarves beat primordus back into slumber but then he woke up again and moved to the ring of fire.

The Einstein example is actually really good one but, you got them the wrong way around.

The Asura are Einstein. And the Future scientists are the gods.
In my example these scientists are based thousands of years in the future and are relied upon to keep society safe. These scientists claim Einsteins work is so below them that it's not even worth mentioning, even though they've failed to the point where they think that the only way to save the people they're meant to protect, is to leave them.
Considering how the story is going to go, to make matters worse they have put faith in a group who have a hypothesis that might solve an issue, rather than using Einsteins theory that has already worked it just needs their so called "superior intellect and tech" to perfect it, but they choose not to or...they can't.
Worse yet, instead of staying around to see if their hypothesis was correct they leave the planet and leave the people they were meant to protect to pick up the pieces.

If the gods truly think the Elder Dragons are too powerful for them, they should've helped the Asura who have time and time again proven they are more than a match for the Elder Dragons. But they haven't.

It's very telling for the Goddess of Truth who has a realm dedicated to knowledge to say there are two options, they die or Tyria dies, therefore they're leaving to it's own fate, despite there actually being a third option which results in less suffering and they can continue as planned, but they've chosen not too.