For many months now I've been wanting to condense and cut down Marea's profile into something easier on the eyes, and perhaps more interesting in the lack of detail it provides. Obviously I'm mediocre at the latter, given that everything I write turns into a narrative, but I do think it looks better now! I'd appreciate feedback on the format and presentation, and the amount of information provided, whether it's too much or too little, if you know in particular what could be altered, etc. I also have two multi-line quotes that I wanna stick in there, but they look awkward everywhere I put them, so stew on that if you can. And note the amaaaaazing new art at the top by GrumpyVivec!!
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And of course, the original profile must be preserved for all posterity, because I love it, even though I shouldn't it. It shall live in this spoiler now.
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