Priory Adventurer


Just over
4 years

Physical Appearance

A gritty looking sylvari with a mushroomhat, woken to survive on his own in all sorts of weather. Made to blend in to his surroundings, Xerlenta changes the color of his leaves frequently to avoid standing out. Instead of the leaves many sylvari have, he has a mushroomhat that keeps sun and rain from his eyes. Standing in the rain for hours, or waiting in the hot sun, has never bothered him. His skin is weathered beige, damaged and hardened by salt seeping in and the sun drying him out. Cracks run across his body, formed by salt crystals pushing the wood apart. His pattern is a subtle purple vein, his glow a faint, sickish green. Since first getting used to being abandoned, purple has come up as a typical color in his armor and on his skin, replacing his previous trademark green.

Suiting an adventurer in service of the Priory, Xerlenta is curious and likes to take his time to analyze what's going on, before rushing into unknown situations. Despite being of the cycle of Dawn, he tries to shut himself off from other sylvari, believing he has to protect them from the way he is feeling. Being Soundless has made him reserved and lonely, and he has become distant. Being without direction and getting used to shutting off the Dream has made him frustrated and a cold shadow of who he used to be.

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Previously a Dreamer with questions about the tablet -wondering if maybe he is blinded by the teachings of Ventari, and maybe the Court has a valid point- he has always disproved of the methods of Courtiers, and felt at peace close to the Pale Tree. Being a Dreamer was a conscious choice to him, and despite questions at times, he always went on the way to ensure immediate care for others.

His main motivation to have others go first, and make sure they're all right before looking after himself, is what caused him to become Soundless.

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Recent history
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Notable relationships
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Roleplay preferences

Though with Xerlenta having not much luck in life, I do not want him to die. Besides death, anything goes, given there has been out of character discussion with an agreed upon decision beforehand.