"After that horrible night... I found one of those frog people playing lute. I was there, sitting next to him, as I was stuck in my mind, troubled by the lost of my friends and companions, listening to his play... And I realised... Whatever I am, whatever the people around me are... We are all nothing to the dragons."

Kornix Gearbreaker

"That day... I deserted."


"Who am I ? Kornix. Kornix Gearbreaker. But I don't think I have the right to wear that surname anymore."

"I've been through a lot of scrapper duties, the Silverwastes, Maguuma... I've made many friends, companions. But today, those who I was close to, those that I called friends, brothers and sisters... Are dead. I never liked order, I never liked war... Thus why I've been stuck in scrapper duties, thus why I wear this title... And after Maguuma, I'm sick of it. I went to save the people I liked, but it did nothing. Before I could even do anything, thorns and vines were tearing through our ships, our companions. I was lucky to make it out alive... Some said. I think the opposite. I'm now stuck with ghosts of my friends, nightmares of this first night in the jungle..."

"I am reckless, confident, but broken. I can operate machines, build wonders of war engineering... But my mind is tired of all this, it wants to live in peace, to live calmly. My body is charr, it's a weapon, a tool and a place where I can find marks of my previous errors. My mind is old, older than expected, it requires efforts, but only wants solitude, silence."


"My kind would despise me, I am a deserter. And a scrapper aswell. I have gone lower than a gladium, lower than a criminal. But I don't mind. I'm not planning on returning to Ascalon, I'm not planning on returning to my warband, nor my legion. I want peace. I want calm."

"I am Kornix, Breaker of Gears, Permanent Scrapper and Deserter of the Iron Legion."

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