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A Perspective On EU-RP

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And memery.

That's why it's so good.
Posted Apr 16, 18

Unfortunately, I can't help what happens in private

Perhaps you should change "Unfortunately" into "thankfully",
Perhaps start speaking in terms of -just- "I", instead of "we",
Perhaps realise that "acting mature cause you're a rp-guild officer" does not mean you are an adult among kids, so far it's pretty often the other way around really.
Perhaps don't take it all so seriously and not be so determined to fix the community, You have no right to take away peoples right to be *ssholes/b*tches.

sidenote: Drama keeps the community alive. The moment news got out about something stirring in NOON, the community lit up and awakend a bit more again. Sure, it was bad news for the guild itself, but it also bonds all the people outside of that guild together, cause ...it's entertaining to see drama you're not part of anyways and make comments about it.
Maybe try to embrace drama, see it as a spark of life and the beauty of all being/thinking differently.

and...just my perspective on it all...if you happen to find yourself often being surrounded by drama, being the target/victim of drama, and you feel there is much wrong with the community because they don't treat you as nice as one might wish....perhaps then the time has come to:
"Considder having a better honest look at oneself" ,
instead of giving the whole community tips on how you want them to be.

Not for everyone, just to anyone

Posted 7 minutes from now.
Posted Thu at 09:56 pm · Last edited Thu at 22:16
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What happens in private, should stay in private. And whoever digs around in it and exposes it is the true villain.
Also, RP is 'dying' because most of the roleplayers that are left are shit. Like most of you here in the forum.
I am also shit. But you are more shit.
And as Loli said, Drama keeps the community alive. Most of you should know about that. Y'all love drama, unless it involves you. Then you start crying.
[EBON] for me was great. Until someone decided to take the wrong turn for a peaceful event. That guild provided a lot of RP which most of the times was going 24/7. Heck, I remember staying up all night because there was people to roleplay with.
Bubble guilds should stay in the bubble. Honestly, stay there. it is way better than a 'community' guild.
For the past year my view towards RP has changed a lot. Before I could look at a character and be happy that I can start some RP. Now, I am just disgusted, tired and getting bored from seeing the same ideas over, and over, and over again. Or the bad and cringy characters there are.
Also. People should stop looking into RP as if it is a way of life, as if it is work. It is just a side-quest people do when they are bored from doing game content. THIS is the problem of most roleplayers. They don't see it as a side activity, but something they fully invest themselves in and forget that OOC=/=IC.
Also. We all suck. Deal with it.
Posted Mon at 12:21 am
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