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Out of my way, bookah! Your ignorant presence is throwing off my calculations by .0384% and I need to get this profile post just perfect!
276 891
Thu at 05:28 pm
Listen up, mouse. War isn't for the weak and neither are these profiles. Ship up, or ship out.
334 1320
Fri at 09:37 am
By all six gods, what is that thing? Oh, it's just a profile. Strike it down! Give it everything you've got!
1926 10712
Shiloh Devereux
Fri at 06:23 pm
Profiles? Norn have no need to make profiles. We make LEGENDS!
290 1008
Zaara o
Apr 7, 18
In the dream, I was taught all the important things I would need to know about the world, such as making these profiles!
655 2429
Tue at 06:40 pm
I... I don't know what I am. Will someone please look at me and let me know?
42 236
Fri at 06:58 am
NA Character Profiles
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