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Interest Check: Tyrian DND

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Hello everyone! My name is Kenny and I'm a DND nerd as well as a GW2 nerd.

I've been building a campaign but lately the living story and the lore of guild wars has me inspired. I was wondering if anyone was interested in participating in a DND game based in the world of Tyria. I've never GMed before so it would be a bit of a learning experience. I'm perfectly willing to take on people who have never played DND 5e before. We'd be playing on roll20 and discord once a week or every other week depending on everyone's schedule. I prefer roleplaying and story to straight up combat so if you're a min/maxer this probably won't be the game for you.

Does that sound interesting to anyone? Is this too much of a niche within a niche?
Posted Feb 24, 17 · OP
Not so much a niche within a niche, more like a Venn diagram of two nerdy things. This wiki has some homebrew reference pieces people have written that may interest you! Like a 5e charr race page.

I'm already busy with a D&D project so I can't participate, just wanted to offer some help.
Posted Feb 24, 17
When I clicked on this I thought it might be characters playing D&D in-character with a Tyrian bent to it. That's something I could get behind, but like the above poster I'm not sure I have the time for another OOC game right now. Instead I'll wish you the best of luck!
Posted Jul 11, 18
Called horses and heroes instead of dungeons and dragons
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Posted Jul 11, 18