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About Me
Character(s): Sirazahd, Human (Vabbian), Elementalist; several other inactive characters
Usual Play Time: Afternoons to evenings CST, all week
Age: 27
Typical Playstyle: PvE/casual
Additional Info: Experienced RPer, shy but willing to try her best! While I'm a casual player, that only applies to the gameplay side of stuff; I love to RP and have plenty of time to dedicate to it. My schedule is very flexible. In RP I like to play a supportive role and would be happy to be included in your storylines!
RP focus: Medium/heavy RP
Guild Size: Small is preferred but I'm willing to adapt to any size
Specific requirements or preferences: I'd love a guild that RPs regularly, and out in the world- especially in Elona! An ongoing storyline is a plus, as well as a public haven to meet up and RP with other members. Previous guilds I've been in liked to hangout in the world, which allowed us to get to know each other better.
Posted Apr 5, 19
About me

Characters:Verinai, Commodus, Jack Modus, Etc.
Usual Play Time: PST, on and off during the week days
Age: 22 IRL
Typical Playstyle: Heavy RPer, PvX
Additional Info: Just returned to GW2 after sometime, wanted to try and find an active Guild to RP in. Been roleplaying for 7+ Years now and I'm just now trying to get back into GW2


RP focus:Medium/Heavy RP
Guild Size: Mid-sized to large
Specific requirements or preferences: Darker themes or Villain themed is always fun but in really got no other pref's or requirements. I can work with anything
Posted Apr 11, 19 · Last edited Apr 11, 19
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