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Who Am I?

I have a hefty ensemble to draw from (13 distinct characters), but here are 3 examples.

Spoiler: Show

Usual Play Time:
EST. My work schedule fluctuates, but I'm usually most active from 5pm and onwards.
NOT available on Saturdays.

Age: 27
Typical Playstyle: PvE & RP

Contact Info:
You can PM me here on Enjin, but Discord is the most efficient ( Kismet#5943 )

What Am I Looking For?

RP Focus:
Medium-Heavy RP. I am a strong stickler for lore, but I am willing to accept headcanons as long as they tell interesting stories and can fit within the scope of what's potentially possible in the game's universe. I like a good mix of combat, investigation, slice-of-life, exploration, and dark/mature themes in my RP. If your guild leans a little bit more towards one or two of these than the others, that's fine. But at the end of the day, I'm just seeking a group of adults who want to tell adult stories.
(Note: Race-exclusive guilds are OK! Sylvari or Asura only.)

Guild Size:
Medium to Small. (Size isn't nearly as important to me as OOC climate + IC theme(s), though.)

Specific Preferences:
No gross OOC drama, obviously. Also no military or tavern guilds, please.
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About Me

Characters: Alyssa Roberts, Human Engineer
Usual Play Time: 10:30PM - 4:00PM Central Sat - Wed, off all day Thurs/Fri
Age: 20s. I am an ad-ult
Typical Playstyle: PvE(casual now, hardcore should I find the right group), casual, levelling(currently, still new-ish)
Contact: Through here preferably
Additional Info: Well-versed with RP and PvE from years of WoW. A refugee of the current expansion(though may be a bit hard to say since I've been around ~2 months in GW2), I've done my fair share of RP events and content pushing.

For the time being, main above can be changed out. Got a few other characters being worked on.


RP focus: Medium RP.
Guild Size: Small-medium
Specific requirements or preferences: No straight-up military guilds or soap opera dramas. Y'know, the ones wherein it can all be replicated on a late-morning public cable soap opera. Else, I'm open.
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About Me
Characters: Airennor(Air)/Sylvari/Herald, Haizinn(Haiz)/Sylvari/Holosmith -> These two are twins.

Usual Play Time: MST: Weekdays = 5pm to 8pm (with some exceptions of course) Weekends = 10am to 9pm (with some exceptions of course) I am an officer in another guild, so Tuesday I'm unavailable, during late Saturday as well and sometimes Friday.

Age: Under 18, but don't let my age cloud your judgement. If I'm acting immature, please tell me and I'll correct my behavior.

Typical Playstyle: PvE, PvP, WvW, and trying to get into RP, though I'm a little too shy at the moment.

Additional Info: I'm currently trying to rack up the courage to RP with the kind folks in Salma District and basically test the waters with my two Sylvari. So, I think it'd be quite nice to meet a guild that accepts really shy people, to RP, such as myself. I can't honestly think of other things as to why a guild would want me, only that I'm trying to fully understand the ropes of the RP world, have gleaned some information from an ESO RP guild I was in for a short time, but still have many questions as to what I can, can't or could possibly do with my characters.

RP focus: Light/Medium (leaning towards medium?), for now.

Guild Size: Size doesn't matter to me, it's the quality that counts!

Specific requirements or preferences: If plausible, I would like to join an all-Sylvari guild that accepts any type of Sylvari, be it Nightmare Courtier or Dreamer, or perhaps even a Sylvari that doesn't originate from the Pale Tree? However, if not, then a guild that accepts travelers, and is a safe haven for them, is completely fine! I would wish for a guild that prioritizes the RP aspect of the game and centralizes around the theme of family, IC and OOC. I would wish for a guild that is stress free during RP events and does OOC chat! My inner critic is harsh and brutal, so OOC chat relieves that- how shall I put it.... It washes away that intimidated feel when expressing my art to people? Yes, that's it. Anyway, that might be all I need to say.... Yeah, that's it!
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