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Brand new to Guild Wars 2!

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Hi, folks! I'm glad I finally looked into finding this little RPer website.

I'm new to Guild Wars 2, very recently. I had a couple characters before but I didn't play them for more than a couple of days. I've decided to give it another try a few days ago and am very much enjoying myself so far. I play a Sylvari Elementalist that will eventually be a healing Tempest! I also have a tiny Asura. I likely will be RPing with both of those characters though my time is mostly spent on PvE. I enjoy a good bit of RP in-game and love to attend events once I get myself going.. but I also really love more loose-style RP through Discord. If you'd be up for any of this, let me know! Though there's much I need to research in terms of lore first.

A bit about me: I've played many, many MMOs! Both free-to-play and subscription-based models. I've RP'd in them, I've done PvE, PvP, anything you can imagine. I'm always up for some new adventure. Though, for the most part, I only play support, healers, or tanks; it's my understanding that GW2 is different in that regard but I hope I'll be able to be an adequate enough support with what I have to work with! Besides that, I enjoy art, music, and dance. I used to dance ballet quite a bit and was working towards my degree as a Dance Major but my health sort of took a small tumblr. For the most part, now I just practice drawing and take some small commissions in. I also like to write-- what RPer doesn't?-- but haven't done a whole bunch of that lately. I have two kittens that mean the world to me and am likely to grow into being a crazy cat lady in the very, very near future.

I hope I can make a good few friends here! I'm also looking for a solid guild, maybe more than one. So if you know of any, both RP and PvE!, then please reach out to me! You can find me in-game @ Lilian.4729. Add me!

Posted Jan 5, 18 · OP
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Welcome to the game!

If you ever have any questions about lore or want a hand in game, please just reach out; PACT 82nd would be more than happy to help!


reach out on Discord
Posted Jan 12, 18