name: Niara
appearance: short and lean, with dark turquoise skin, a head of cyan petal-like leaves, and light blue eyes. Her mannerisms are of a darker kind, and might remind one of wolves rather than deer.
occupation: hunter/druid
useful abilities: a decent healer, has a good understanding of animals and forest spirits. Specialises in tracking and hunting dangerous game.
birth: a Night sylvari.
personality: multifaceted and possibly split.
notable facts: was born as a twin, former Nightmare Court member.
residence: spends most of her time outdoors, comes to cities to trade.
quirks: avoids the Grove and Dreamers' outposts, weak to canines of any kind.


Niara was born in the earlier days of sylvari, when both the Grove and the Nightmare Court were still young. She, her twin sister Saiorne and some of their friends joined the Nightmare Court, but personal disagreements, as well as some mistakes on the part of the leaders of their faction led first to infighting and then to Niara's defection. It's been ages since then, but she still keeps a low profile and stays at a reasonable distance from both the Grove and the Court.

After leaving Caledon forest, she wandered around some of the less populated areas of Maguuma for a few years, and learned to survive on her own. She met many forest spirits and learned how to use some of their magic. Slowly, she established some contact with people, at first avoiding any crowds or any sylvari, but gradually expanding her horizons. One by one, she visited all the major cities in Tyria, and even stayed for some time in Hoelbrak. She missed the Zhaitan campaign entirely, being too far north to even hear the news, but was in time to venture into the Heart of Maguuma during the later stages of the respective campaign. In 1330, she made use of the increased traffic between Elona and Tyria and went to see the desert.

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Personality-wise, she's a handful, quite literally. Like reflections on a round glass, her "phases" don't replace each other in a clean way, but rather blend together and interweave. There's Niara the hunter, a fearless sylvari living for the adrenaline of the chase. There's Niara-courtier, a quiet and careful one, a dancer on broken glass. There's Niara-druid, powerful and content. There's Niara the healer, patient and attentive. There's Niara the trader, greedy and somewhat snappy, but reliable and down-to-earth. There's Niara the exile, with the ghosts of her friends whispering in her ears, touching her hands. There are other "phases", but they are harder to trigger, and Niara herself prefers to keep them out of sight.

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Story/rp prompts:
  • She can be hired as a scout or a guide, to track and kill or to tame a specific animal. It can also be possible to join her on her hunting trip, either intentionally or by coincidence.
  • She can help a wounded character, especially if they are alone and far from civilization. Her canines are more or less trained not to attack wounded people. She can also be wounded or otherwise endangered on her own pursuits.
  • There are possibilities for background hooks as well, especially with older sylvari. Message me for details.

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