Account Name:
Marshmallow.1802 (Piken Square)
Character Name:
Hydrologist Qhouddi
Qhoud, Qhouddi & Qhou.

Apparent age:
Cyan/light blue
White with mottled grey patches around the eyes and black ears.
Appearance details:
Patches of grey against the whiteness of her face, which gradually turns to black the closer it gets to the ears. Qhouddi is also never seen without the scripture-covered material wrapped around her gloves.

Qhouddi is very much a quiet and reserved individual at first, often preferring to listen and follow others than talk or give orders. Qhouddi does, however, have a problem with anger management and can sometimes find herself exploding into a tirade.
Religious beliefs/philosophy:
Eternal Alchemy.

As a child, Qhouddi was best described as an undesirable, her biggest problem is that of her explosive attitude, the Asura flying off the handle at even the smallest of slights against her (whether real or imagined), leading to negative relationships between her and the other, better-collected Asura. Qhouddi's teachers would often pass her off to whoever would take her, the problematic Asura only proving herself to be more trouble than she was worth; At least this was the case until she began to cast elemental magic during her explosive outbursts.

The first element Qhouddi had manipulated was that of water, the Asura had been washing her face before overhearing a peer bad-mouthing her, a miniature geyser exploding from within the bowl. It was through the path of an Elementalist that Qhouddi was able to find a place in the College of Dynamics, though this placement didn't last long, as she left two years later in pursuit of a different kind of knowledge.

Qhouddi had always seen the other races - or 'Bookahs' - as many seemed to call them, though Qhouddi had always found them fascinating, especially the Norn. The Asuran had eventually decided to leave Rata Sum for Hoelbrak, it was here where Qhouddi truly began to feel at ease, with plenty of game to hunt in the mountainous regions and more than enough space for her to practise her magic. It was in the Norn territory that Qhouddi also began to practice meditation in the snow-coated region.

Qhouddi has since travelled across Tyria, fascinated by the cultures of the booka- other races - and dangers that each has had to face, though no matter how far she travelled, Qhouddi would always find herself back among the Shiverpeak Mountains.


Notable relationships:
Qhouddi left behind what family she did have for the life of a Vagabond.
(Though I'm not against characters RPing with Qhouddi having pre-established relationships/history so long as it is discussed beforehand)

This Asura could be described as being
  • Open Minded
  • Loyal
  • Supportive
  • Curious

Though despite her positive qualities, Qhouddi is without a doubt

  • Vindictive
  • Quiet
  • Short Tempered

Favoured alcoholic beverage: Mead
Favoured food: Ice Wurm Bisque
Favoured weather or season: Winter
Favoured colour: Cyan/Neon Blue.

I'm going, to be honest here, I see Qhouddi as very much of a 'companion' type of character, she doesn't talk much and when she does, it's often directly & quietly to the person she's communicating with, this doesn't mean I'm not looking for larger groups.

If the backstory hasn't hammered it in hard enough: despite being an Asura, Qhouddi is fascinated with Norn culture and is a character I'd prefer to see interacting with Norn characters, though this by no means excludes interaction/RP with other races! In regards to limitations? I'd prefer to have Qhouddi avoid non-PvE combat (including character-character combat) as I'm not a fan of MMORPG IC Text-based combat between characters, as odd as that may seem.

I do however intend/would like to see Qhouddi being involved with characters/groups who would be interested in playing through Expansion (HoT+PoF) and Living World content as I'm yet to play through most of the content post-HoT.

This is also my first time creating an RP character within the Gw2 setting, I've lurked around for a day or two and tried to get a grip on how to make something that people might be interested in, though I'm afraid I might have made something a little too generic. Feedback would be appreciated, maybe some writing tips too?
I feel like I was a bit repetitive in this.