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It's me, Gixx!

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Hiya all! It's me, Gixx! No, not THAT Gixx, I am far more appealing to look at. This is my autobiographical information file! Here I am!


Anyway, I may be old, but I don't look it! A chrono-anomaly in the Mists I was exposed to has given me the ever-so-fortunate side effect of aging VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY slowly! Im actually pushing 61!

I enjoy volunteering at hospitals around Tyria with my medical expertise, loooooooooove designing, creating, and matinencing medical golems, and I recently was chosen to represent the people of Rata Sum in the Krytan Ministry!

If theres anything you want to know about me, feel free to ask in person! My personnel files have long been erased for [redacted] , so just look for me around the Reach or Rata Sum! I will be happy to assist you with whatever you require!

See you around!

<3 Gixx
Posted Jul 11, 18 · OP
that SS...its perfect XD
Posted Jul 12, 18