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Looking for people to RP with once a week or so! [Sylvari/Norn]

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Hi there :d First post on the forums!
I've always been a fan of roleplaying games, but I never got the chance to RP in an MMORPG. Since I started playing GW2 I fell in love with the lore, and I never got tired of learning about the world. I didn't try to jump before into the RP world because english is not my first language and I can struggle with some words and grammar in general.

I tried searching for a group that RP in italian, but I didn't have any luck finding one :( let me know if you exist!

Some info:
  • [18+] I'm looking for adult players (but not interested in ERP)
  • Races that I would love to play: [norn] or [sylvari]
  • I have some familiarity with pen and paper rpgs (D&D/Pathfinder)
  • Server: Fissure of woe [eu]

I don't consider myself an expert lore wise, that's why I would play a young character that has a lot to learn and needs some kind of mentoring. I love the idea of a young norn trying to build his/her legend, or a newly awakened Sylvari that tries to understand the meaning behind what they saw in the dream.

If you can see past my bad english I'm sure we can have fun! Feel free to send me a message! :d
Posted Oct 9, 18 · OP
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Will happily RP with a norn character! My handle is NDNTifa.8471 so feel free to add as a friend, send a message, and we'll have some fun!
Posted Oct 15, 18