Community wide RP event

The Tyrian Adventurers Coalition is will be one of its quarterly musters at the above date and time. These events are social gatherings where members get together, put names to faces and our characters discuss their comings and goings.

To make things a little different this time, we're going to be including some perfectly in-character mount races!


We are hoping to host 1 - 3 races over the events duration. There will be a prize of ten gold for the winner. The winner doesn't have to be a guild member (thought you're welcome to join) but they must have attempted some positive RP with the group.

How would my character know about the event?

Posters advertising the race has been put up in Amnoon and Lion's Arch. If your character has been to any of these cities recently, they would have likely seen one of the posters.

Want to know more about TAC?

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