-All information contained in this bio should be considered OOC, though his incident with the College of Dynamics is a matter of College record please ask before referencing it if you should meet Ixxym in game-

Character Name: Ixxym

Aliases: None

Race: Asura

Gender: Male

Profession: Necromancer

Apparent age: Mid-twenties.

Hair/mane/leaves: Black spikey mohawk with magitech items attached to the ends of each spike.

Skin/fur/bark: Grey.

Appearance details: Ixxym has typical Asura facial line markings in a paler grey-white above his eyes, on his nose and running down his arms. A scar runs vertically down his right ear, both at the front and at the back seeming like his ear was at one point cut in half but reattached leaving a scar at the join.

Personality: Calm, methodical, observant. Somewhat detached emotionally from others, viewing people analytically first and emotionally second, can lead him to seeming and acting rather cold. He does however have a soft spot for progeny and will seem to change almost instantly when dealing with them to become a great deal warmer.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: The Eternal Alchemy is of course fundamental. Ixxym believes that research, theorisation, experimentation and implementation of magical, alchemical and scientific knowledge are of vital importance.

Childhood: An old head on young shoulders, would be an appropriate way of summing up the young Ixxym. Mature and intelligent beyond his years he progressed through his early education and into the College of Dynamics ahead of time, although he came very close to entering Synergetics due to a strong thirst for research and theorisation but had too strong a desire to see his research and theories applied practically.

Often isolated from his fellow progeny Ixxym tended to seek out and foster friendships with adult Asura, people who challenged and would discuss subjects that were not part of his formal education at that age. Though his tutors wanted him to study as an Elementalist, Ixxym was drawn to the subtle, dark and more unpredictable art of Necromancy being fascinated by the balance between life, death and undeath from an early age.

Recent history:
~The following takes place in the early days of Zaitan first becoming active and the first whispers of his attacks are spreading around Tyria.~

A bald, pale skinned Asura taps his foot impatiently as the other assembled members of the College of Dynamics chat curiously amongst themselves and Peacekeepers mill around the edges of the group keeping watch. Though not far from the nearest Asuran settlement, Peacekeepers rarely relax when travelling in the wilderness.

“How much longer is this going to take Professor Ixxym?!”, snaps the pale Asura moodily.

“We are about ready to begin the demonstration Professor Vox, I was just checking the alignment on the devices.”, replies the Necromancer calmly as he steps out from behind a large spherical device that is clearly Asuran magitech and had obscured him briefly from the sight of the College delegates.

“Well get on with it, I have more important things to be doing.”, Ixxym sighed quietly in response. True genius takes time but that's not something that you would understand, the Necromancer thought but kept it to himself. Stepping between the delegates and the two large spherical magitech devices that are now being loaded by the Peacekeepers onto what vaguely resemble catapults except with a faintly glowing magitech launch chute rather than the swinging arm of a traditional catapult.

“So my fellow magi and scientists, I bring you here to demonstrate a new device that is a fusion of Necromantic magic and Asuran magitechnology that can revolutionise battlefield warfare.”, a few mumurs spread through the gathering like wind through a reed bed. Some seemed intrigued and curious but many seemed uncomfortable at the mention of Necromancy. Ignoring the whispers entirely Ixxym continued in the same calm, precise tone.

“The devices you see behind me are modifications of Asuran explosive devices. Devices which are not used very much anymore, favouring our magitech cannons which can deliver similar results but with greater precision and faster firing rates than these old magitech catapults.”, he gestured to the setup behind him.

“Recently the wolves of this area have been growing in number and aggression, attacking travellers and caravans with severe consequences. The Peacekeepers were planning to send a force into the valley below where huge numbers of the creatures make their dens, they have however consented to allow me to demonstrate my new weapons here to hopefully achieve the same effect.”, he pauses a few moments allowing the increased volume of whispers to subside and taking the chance to tap the screen of a control pad on his belt that arms the devices.

“In short, these devices will explode on impact, killing or injuring many of the wolves which have been drawn together by food placed there by the Peacekeepers. This is for testing purposes obviously, ordinarily such devices would be launched into ranks of attacking forces, killing, scattering and creating chaos.”, he glances around the group who have fallen silent in curiosity.

“When the device detonates it spreads a pressurised organic liquid, of my own design, over the explosive area, this organic substance being the perfect conduit for Necromantic magic which prefers organic substances over magical runes and crystals. Those targets which have been killed or severely wounded will then rise as undead creatures bent on murderous destruction of the nearby living forces. These creatures will raise quickly and be far harder to kill than their former living selves were, also being physically stronger.”, mumurs begin to spread through the crowd again a mix of disapproval and intrigue with the former proving the dominant view.

“So we'd then have a horde of rampaging undead running around attacking us instead of the enemy they were designed to kill? Wonderful! Genius!”, shouts Professor Vox with what can only be described as an angry snarl. Ixxym sighs and waits several seconds before continuing.

“The “rampaging undead” in question will only live for several minutes before dying if they are not put down, but during that time will inflict chaos and casualties on the enemy force. But enough talk, I expect a demonstration would prove the more effective example.”, Ixxym nods to the nearby captain of the Peacekeepers who presses a control switch in his hand that launches both devices into the valley below.

As the devices hurtle through the air, one travels silently but the other lets off a faint hiss, a small trail of green vapour escaping from it's casing. Ixxym swears, but his words are lost in the sounds of movement as delegates and Peacekeepers alike rush forward to view the valley below in which there were dozens of wolves gathered around several carcasses. The wolves look up only just in time to realise where the threat is coming from, nearly half their number disappearing in two large explosions which have a greenish tinge to the smoke and leave a faint green miasma as the flames of explosives fade away.

The effect was as spectacular as it promised to be with nearly three dozen undead wolves being drawn together by magic and hauling themselves to their feet within a matter of seconds. The fighting that followed was nothing short of savage with the undead wolves, despite being outnumbered by their living brethren, proving far superior in physical combat. Within a minute the last dozen or so living wolves fled the valley, leaving the undead creations to feast on the corpses of the fallen until they to collapsed into piles of rotting flesh.

“What was that trail of green smoke that came from one of the explosives as it was launched?”, asked the first of the delegation to recover from the sight they had just witnessed. All eyes once more turned back to Ixxym who stood at the back of the crowd.

“Ah, well that is the one wrinkle in the technology. Whilst the pressurised organic liquid is far and away the best medium to transmit the magic, it does pose certain containment difficulties. In these prototype devices, it occasionally causes slight erosion to the seals when moved sharply. I have as yet been unable to resolve this issue, but am confident it can be once the College grants me further resources to continue development of the devices.”, the murmurs in the group this time whilst cautious are mostly positive except for Vox who is grinning darkly.

“Do these devices ever breach that containment fully when being moved?”, Ixxym grinds his teeth slightly whilst thinking, Curse the Alchemy I knew he'd bring this up.

“It has happened once before, yes.”, no longer murmuring people were openly speaking and asking what happened when it did. Ixxym raises his hand in a gesture that silences the ground remarkably effectively.

“As Professor Vox is well aware, two months ago there was an incident involving one of the Asura Gates within the College of Dynamics testing centre. We had never taken the devices out of the lab prior to that date and under laboratory testing conditions the organic carrier had never displayed this instability before.”, he takes a deep breath before continuing as he feels his support from the delegates slipping away.

“You will all no doubt be aware that an Asura gate exerts a small force on anything attempting to enter it to determine if it is something truly meant to pass through. This is a safety procedure designed to, for example, stop the gate sucking the air out of a room that is in an enclosed chamber. Once an object breaches this force it exerts another force in the opposite direction to make sure that once an object enters it continues through, again to try and avoid potential accidents. These forces and the sudden changes caused the early prototype device to... detonate. The outcome was... unfortunate.”, Vox laughs sadistically.

“That is an understatement. It destroyed two Asura gates, both the transmitting and the receiving gate. You were very lucky that nobody was killed.”, Ixxym glares angrily at Vox but keeps his tone calm as he responds.

“This is the nature of experimental magitech development, accidents happen. The device when it detonated did severe damage to the transmitting gate but it was not destroyed as Professor Vox says...”, Vox snorts in response.

“It took about two weeks for the damage to be repaired. The receiving gate, in the Dynamics testing ground however was destroyed completely as the explosion, complete with it's Necromantic energy travelled through the gate to the other side and found it's way somehow into the inner workings of the gate where the gate's own energy amplified the explosion. However, fortunately nobody was harmed and it only destroyed one of the gates in the testing ground, the others were unaffected.”, despite Vox's attempts to stir the delegates against him there was a fair amount of sympathetic murmurs running through the crowd after all any Asura involved in cutting edge magitech development had suffered testing accidents at one time or another.

~One hour later~

“But the dragon minions might be resistant.”, Ixxym nods slowly.

“Zaitan's minions definitely but the others? We won't know until we test. Besides, even if the rumours are true, we have other threats that will be affected by this device.”, grudgingly the Asuran researcher he is talking to nods in agreement. As Ixxym opens his mouth to continue speaking a young female Asura comes running over looking nervous.

“Ixxym, uhhh, something important has come up.”, she nods encouragingly for them to move apart to talk privately. The Necromancer nods slowly to her.

“This is my assistant Kinni, if you'll excuse me.”, he nods to the male Asura he was talking to then joins Kinni as they move off to the side.

“Okay, what is so urgent?”, Kinni is almost bouncing up and down with nervousness.

“I was just checking on the control panels ready to transport the remaining device back to the lab and I noticed something.”, she holds out a magitech pad the size of a large tome to Ixxym who takes it without hesitation and looks at the readings on the screen, his eyes gradually widening as he reads the display.

“That must be incorrect, it could not do that... unless...”, Ixxym falls silent as he taps several parts of the display causing it to display several graphs. Unable to keep quiet Kinni continues to speak as he reads.

“The only time I've seen readings like that were the readings we got from... you know when the gate...”, Kinni's voice trails off. As Ixxym opens his mouth to reply they are both thrown to the floor by a massive explosion from the other side of the ridge top clearing.

~Two days later, Rata Sum~

“Urgh... what happened?”, Kinni raises her head from the pillow a few inches before letting out a groan and flopping down again and closing her eyes as a wave of nausea sweeps through her. A sound from the bed side makes her open her eyes again to see Ixxym standing looking down at her with the trace of a smile on his face.

“The healers thought you were going to die but I told them you were made of sterner stuff. Good work proving me right Kinni.”, the smile has gone from his face replaced with a look of grim determination.

“Always happy not to disappoint... what happened Professor?”, Ixxym nods, his face resuming it's usual calm and neutral expression as he begins to explain.

“I am not certain how much you remember. But you found unusual readings coming from our spare device and brought them to me shortly before the device exploded. Professor Vox has been working overtime to make them believe it was due to the stabilisation issues with the carrier under sudden movement.”, Ixxym sighs.

“Sad to say he is succeeding. Whilst Necromancy like all schools of magical research are accepted amongst the Asura, it still has a great deal of negative associations to it, sadly it means people are very willing to believe what he's saying. Combine that with the incident with the gate a few months ago, the old codger has them eating out of the palm of his hand.”, he frowns slightly and holds up a hand to stop her as she opens her mouth to speak.

“Our project has already been suspended, all resources withdrawn and my tenure as Professor of the College has been suspended pending a formal enquiry. They might find in my favour and reinstate it, or they may not, he has a great deal of influence. It seems my distaste for the politics of Rata Sum and the College may end up costing me heavily, I do not have the same allies that he does.”, he lets out a sigh.

“Boss, you can't let this stand! You have to find a way to... hang on a minute, right before the blast... you saw something, in the readings, didn't you?”, Kinni looks at him with the same enthusiastic unbiased curiosity she has always displayed and it is enough to bring a smile to his lips.

“Yes Kinni, I saw something and I have had time to think about it since. The only way the readings could have displayed what they did is if the device had been deliberately sabotaged. Somebody must have adjusted resonance matrix emitter to invert the containment field frequency for a short period of time. The carrier would have reacted very much in the same way it would have done to the Asura Gate, in fact that is probably where he got the idea.”, Ixxym taps his fingers lightly on his knee as he loses himself in thought.

“So Vox did it? Well those readings are evidence! You can prove it.”, to her surprise Ixxym chuckles.

“Kinni, you and I are the only two individuals in the world with enough knowledge of the carrier and it's containment field to be able to correctly interpret those readings. It would take others weeks or months to get them up to speed. Our record is against us I'm afraid. After the gate incident I doubt I can get enough members of the College to study the data for long enough to realise what it means, they all have their own projects to be going on. Do not forget that all the time they would have Professor Vox whispering in their ear, trying to warp their interpretation of the results. No Kinni, I am afraid this time he has won and I have lost.”, he watches her with his usual calm analysing gaze.

“What will we do now then? Start another project?”, the Necromancer shakes his head gently.

“Professor Vox is pushing for my expulsion from the College as a whole, not just the revocation of my tenure as Professor. If I fight against it, he has made it clear he will see to it that you are removed along with me and if I succeed then he will work to pin the blame on you and I will not be able to protect you. The only way I can protect you, is to resign my title of Professor and accept suspension from the College. Oh and in his graciousness he would allow me to remain a member, suspended but still a member.”, Kinni snorts.

“Vox can try, I had nothing to do with it and he can't prove it.”

“You are incorrect Kinni. If we are correct and he sabotaged it, then it is possible he has enough evidence to prove it was sabotaged and if that was used in the correct way...”, he shrugs.

“Professor Vox would never be able to convince them I sabotaged my own device, but convincing them that you did... if he had sufficient evidence and presented it in the correct light. Yes he could pin the blame on you.”, Ixxym glances towards the clock on the wall then back at Kinni.

“What if I said I didn't care? We can pursue our own research projects outside of the College.”, Ixxym smiles at the young Asura.

“We could. But it is my decision to make. As my Apprentice it is my responsibility to guide you, teach you and look after your best interests. My ability to do those things outside the College would be limited. I have no resources and limited connections beyond the College at the moment. No, your education is best served remaining in the College for a few more years yet. I have a colleague in the College who is willing to take you on as his Apprentice, he is... not of the level of you or I in terms of innate talent but he is a very capable academic.”, Kinni frowns clearly unhappy with the turn of events but knowing her Master well enough to know a losing argument when she hears it.

“I am not happy about this.”, to her annoyance Ixxym laughs.

“Nor would I want you to be. I selected you as my Apprentice with great care and for what it is worth, you have met all my expectations and exceeded many. I will keep in touch and do my best to give you advice to insure no gaps are left in your education.”, the Necromancer looks again at the clock on the wall.

“What will you do?”, Ixxym looks back at her, his face once more restored to it's usual calm expression.

“I will turn my hand to bit of battle Necromancy, there are apparently quite a few Necromancers who make a living as adventurers. Besides rumours abound that Zaitan and his minions are active in Kryta. What better way for my to further my understanding of Necromantic battle magic than fighting undead dragon minions. After that, what I always do, explore, understand, learn and apply.”, wanderlust crosses the eyes of his Apprentice.

“I've always wanted to try proper battle Necromancy, I'm a bit jealous.”, a hint of a grin flashes across Ixxym's face.

“In time Kinni, in time. But now I must get going, I have a meeting with Vox, then a new life to begin.”, Kinni grins at the fact her Master has for the first time dropped the use of Vox's title.

“Goodbye boss and thanks.”, as he reaches the door he looks back at his young Apprentice and smiles. Then with a nod he turns and vanishes through the doorway.

Notable relationships: Multiple contacts amongst the Asuran Colleges who respect his talents and even a few amongst the Human Necromantic community but few significant. The main relationship of note is Kinni, his former apprentice and fellow Necromancer who he keeps in touch with regularly(note: Kinni is a non player character who will only ever be referenced in passing as a plot device).

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Excels at research and experimentation. Seems to display an innate understanding of magic and how it interacts with the world, especially with regards Necromancy and it's interactions.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: Has a tendency to over think things, taking too long going through every option and so can be indecisive. Has a hatred of politics and so often underestimates political motivations and so makes mistakes in how to deal with it.