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[New] Trailmen & Sparrows | Taphouse & Thievery

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Trailman's Taphouse | The Sparrows' "Acquisitions"

You ain’t certain how ya heard 'bout us. No, really.
You ain’t certain. You ain’t heard nothin' 'bout us at all.

Got it?

Good. Let's get this over with.

This world is full 'a chaos. I really gotta tell ya that?
Sorry suckers ‘cross Tyria are realizin' the councils,
queens, ‘n moots are too busy with the big problems.
Most 'a
those sorry suckers’ve been bleedin' the
rest of us dry—bandits and the like. The Mantle.

I’ll tell ya a secret. I’m good at 'em, like that.

Those arses're realizin' somethin’ the poor suckers ain’t
ever gonna find out: you want somethin’ in this world,
it’s your job to take it.

You want coin? Go get it, however ya can.

You want safety? Survival? Time t'fight for it.

We’ve been left behind—the ‘Guard’s grown thin,
the Pact’s leavin’ the bloody continent. Don’t even
mention the Seraph.

So here we are havin’ to do somethin’ 'bout it. No
one’s stickin' up for the alleys or the hamlets.
No one’s stickin’ up for the sorry suckers who still
think followin'
society's gonna help 'em out.

So we come in.

businessmen, simple as that. No one’ll know
our names and no one’ll know we work together,
‘cause our line ‘a business ain’t appreciated by
'man.' If y’know which 'man' I’m
talkin’ about, then keep on listenin’.


Spoiler: Music (is required, yo)Show

As the days of 1331AE darken, a not-so-unassuming group returns to
Ebonhawke with deed in hand and charter in mind. The "Trailman’s Taphouse" is opened in
a dirty part of a dirty city: with even more dirt behind closed doors. Who says dirt’s gotta be bad
for the remnants of Ascalon? What if the dirt helped more folk than it hurt?

The Trailmen operate independent of the Taphouse they upkeep. They watch the fields, scout
the forests, and trail the roads. Y'know, for business opportunities... sometimes for those that need
'em more than the Taphouse does.

The Sparrows operate behind the Trailmen. The whole Taphouse exists so no one
catches a Sparrow in their hands. The Sparrows are the smallfolk who decided you don’t gotta
be big to do good. They’re the outcasts who know just ‘cause one person calls it bad,
don’t mean it ain’t good for all the rest. They ain’t separatists or rebels. Nobody's gonna know
their names or their cause. The “nobodies” of the world are why they're doin’ this. It's more
selfish than it sounds, but y'know how this works.

Business is business, even if it's fake. The Trailmen may trail the fields or run the
Taphouse, but it’s up to the Sparrows to keep 'em all funded, fed, and functionin’ with the real
goods. Crate runnin’, tonic mixin’, blackmail dealin’, you name it. They ain’t criminals—they’re
enter entrapan entrepreneurs. They look down at the piss-stained cobble, not up
at the cloud-fiddlin’ manors... not yet, 'least.

So now ya know way more than ya should. Guess it’s up to you to leave your safe, little
bubble in the city. Here's a hint: bubbles ain’t helpin' anywhere but your own mind. So you’ve
heard 'a the Taphouse, and you’d better already heard 'a the ‘Hawkes—now good luck gettin'
here without signing your cover away for some A-Gate papers. The Rats are in on it, I'm
tellin' ya. 'Bout time to be "in on" somethin’ of our own, yeah?

You wanna survive as a nobody in this world, 'n help other nobodies do the same? The
Taphouse is waitin' for ya, babe. Bring somethin’ useful—best be your wits.

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OOC DETAILS, subject (and encouraged!) to change:

THEME: If the Merry Men had to hide beneath Jorrvaskr; if a darker world required darker
deeds to help the smallfolk. “Dark Fantasy” is in, as they say.
RP FLAVOR: Casual adventures, sandbox growth, crime-to-survive, remember-the-oppressed
FOCUS: Help the downtrodden (starting with ourselves, naturally.) Sow disorder and ride
the wave of chaos all the way to your Fence.

CHARACTER TYPES: Anti-heroes, anti-villains, chaotic goods and neutrals, criminals with a
conscience (even especially if they hate having one.) Anyone who can fit or expand the roles
required to run a tavern-front, a petty thieves guild, or their small bruiser force.
CONFLICT: Secrecy can’t be stressed enough, ‘specially for a “business” this small. The
“Separatists” are an example of a criminal movement being failed-from-the-start… everyone
knows their name, what they want, what to expect, and how to stop ‘em. This is an independent
outfit whose tenets don’t revolve around any one mission (for now), so any and all character types
and conflicts are encouraged if they don't break that necessary cover.
OOC MORALITY: Personally speaking, most anything goes. I plan on a mature group and expect
others will want to bring dark themes into play. I’m glad to facilitate anything within the flavor of the world,
guild, RP, etc. … that’s how a guild’s “flavor” expands and evolves!

PHILOSOPHY: There’s always been humans who don’t care for the law; Charr who resist the
Legions’ structure; Asura who defy social stigmas; Sylvari who are called to find their own path;
Norn who don’t fit the shoes demanded of them. Pariahs like this only push away folks different
than ‘em… let’s see if they realize they’ve got more in common than they think?
RP ROLES & TYPES: (my own limited ideas, for now)
- Tavern-keeping (gambling, homebrews, hospitality)
- Substances (alchemy, poison, “tonics”)
- Acquisitions (smuggling, fencing goods, petty burglary)
- Security (patrols, hijacking and deliveries, bouncers 'n bruisers)

RECRUITMENT: Open! (Really open … I’m all alone ... )
REQUIREMENTS: 18+ for language alone.
APPLICATION: Completely IC... please remember that if when characters
are picky about who they let in. Secrecy and loyalty are required for survival, after all. Show
up in Ebonhawke or get a message there--If your character can convince a misanthropic, old
brothel madame they’ve got enough sense for secrecy and skills for schemes… what are they
waiting for?
INTRO IDEAS: Your character could be filling an ad for Taphouse help or otherwise luck
into their backdoor dealings. I love to design "events" around every possible occurrence, so
let's think of somethin' memorable to jumpstart your character's role and contributions!
You know what you want to RP way better than I do!

Leader Name: Madame Hoode [sleepingbasset.2687]
Officer Names: Mimzii [Lady Bilquis.9543]

Hello! I’m a not-so-veteran player returning to the game (pretty exclusively for teh RPz, as usual.) My favorite guilds are “heavy RP” sandbox types where characters decide the scope and focus, and leadership only exists for OOC coherence. I think there are plenty of characters looking for chaotic-neutral, rogue, or business-crime RP enough to form a nice little band of secretive misfits.

This is the sort of crime outfit my (chaotic-neutral) character would draft up. It's already shifting focus thanks to members! If you’re interested but want to expand the guild's function or alignment, it's as simple as roleplaying to make those changes. These pages will update accordingly!

Shoot me a mail or whisper in-game for questions, interests, ideas, or RP introductions!

As of now, the workhouse is a meager base of operations. The guild is still pretty formless IC, but those gathered are already making plans to stake a claim on the frontiers of civilization (Lost Precipice, where else?) to facilitate all sorts of underworld affairs... oh my! Jump in, the water's nice and murky!
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IC DETAILS, some details are discoverable by those connected within Ebonhawke's underworld.

"HQ": The tavern in Ebonhawke just south of "Kestrel Waypoint." (Yeah, I know, I know.)
IC, the Taphouse is located in an alleyway in the slums outside the city ironworks and mines.
The multiple levels of the in-game building are treated as basement levels, not upper floors.

- The Trailman's Taphouse & Boarding
- TBD!

- Underground gambling
- Outlawed 'shiner brews
- Petty extortion

- "Madame" Annie Hoode, propriety
- "M," operations
- Einar "the Wall," muscle
- Inae Sine, larceny
- Hakkon "Wavestrider," buccaneer
- TBD!

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Theia Vhael | Female Ascalonian | Taphouse Madame | Wannabe Spymistress
Ilya Ashborn | Norn Huntress | Mystic of the Treant spirit
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Looking forward to speaking with you...


((Lady Bilquis.9543))
Posted Sat at 04:54 pm
Thank you so much for the RP the past few nights. Here is a bit about Inae and a little story about what she did after M gifted her a bag of coins.
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