Hi, all!

I played lots of GW1 back in the day, and was active in GW2 from beta all the way till just before HoT. Came back before the holidays and am LOVING the new Expansion areas, Elite specs, and all the great, new things to do. Mainly a RPer (when I can get it) -when I can't I do tabletop RTPs with friends I've played with since the 90's, and write books.

My current mains are:

Kirin Widowmaker: A reluctant necromancer, and a carry-over from my original Guild Wars days. She killed her twin sister's husband on the night he murdered her, and absorbed her soul accidentally. Now she wanders the lands trying (and usually failing) to do good, goaded by the voice of her sister's restless spirit.

Dubaku El' Elona: A spoiled noble and son of an Elonian ambassador. He spent hos youth parrying amongst the elite of Divinity's Reach, and dabbling with mesmerism. When his sister was killed on a secret mission for the Zephyrites, he was forced to re-evaluate his old life, and has vowed revenge on the Elder Dragons who he thinks caused her death.

Ulfrik Panzerbjorn: A Kodan Warrior, who has spent the last 150 years living with the Norn. At this point, he might as well be a Norn, at least in his head. You can read his full bio in the NA Character Bios -> Other section: https://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com/home/m/2737230/viewthread/32455096-ulfrik-panzerbjorn-kodan-warrior

See you in-game!