Character Name:

Silent Asura, Greensura, Tai.




Apparent age:
Early 20s / 23

Dark blue

Light cream color, with dark birth spots on various areas of her body.

Appearance details:
Seems to wear or at least color her clothes to match her hair. A barely noticeable dark scar around her throat, seeming to blend in with her spots.
Spoiler: Picture wiseShow

Taija comes off as happy and perky at nearly every single time, always willing to lend a hand or listen to others.. not one to shy away from a challenge either. Though she always has trouble expressing herself or opening herself up to others, both mentally and physically from her quietness. While there is the option of medicine or magitech to treat her, she refuses too on grounds similar of "This happened to me, I can handle it myself when I feel like it."

Religious philosophy:
Eternal alchemy, through and through.

Spoiler: Biography / HistoryShow

Strengths, talents, and points of pride:

  • Improvising and thinking on her feet.
  • Good listener
  • Very good team player
  • Knows a few things about magitech repair, as well as armor or weaponary repair from her profession of choice.
  • Quite the alchemist if she claims it herself.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement:

  • Poor communication,struggles to speak, uses a notepad or magitech pad to communicate most of the time when she's not embarrassed or nervous about being made fun of.. not ideal in combat situations.
  • Tends to be viewed as a loner from her nervousness, or stuborn when she refuses aid related to it.
  • Rarely allows anyone to view her work, keeping it on a pad only she can access or within her mind out of worry from the asura tradition of stealing / claiming anothers work as their own.
  • Tends to focus from one thing to the next, either work-wise from juggling duties or seeing one thing new that interests her, then another.. and another.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character?:
There aren't any limitations to the character itself, apart from the one I apply to myself with how the character is played.

Otherwise, most things are open game. I do prefer discussions if anyone tries to claim family connect or the like to her.