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I think it's amazing how cooperative everyone on Tarnished Coast is in WvW.. We really have a great community of people who want to work together to achieve objectives, and yes easily, mid and up as far as ranking goes.. I totally see that happening! Working together as a team and it's as Jadon said, we really were testing it out, seeing what we could do, what worked -- what didn't.

What WORKED was US! Banding together ... as a sever .. for some wonderful battles and many shared victories! <3

And pride? it is already abundantly clear of the pride we have in each other and Tarnished Coast as a whole .. and the game isn't out yet!

Posted Aug 21, 12
I remember when I first started WvWvW, it was a mess and not that much fun. I didn't really understand what to do and where to go and people didn't seem to be so organized.
Then this person called Commander Jadon started giving out orders in the team chat and everything changed :d
I finally started to understand where to go and what to do and where I was needed.
People were really starting to work together, seperate groups were formed aside of the main zerg to defend keeps and take over camps etc. Everyone was communicating their situations back to the Commander and each other.

Ever since that it's been so much fun and we kicked a lot of ass! I think there are a lot of people who, like me, need leaders to tell us what to do. I'm not the kind of person to shout out orders to everyone, I'm more of a "tell me what to do and it will be done" kind of person lol.

This server has really great people and we've been doing really good at WvWvW as a server!

For the coast!
Posted Aug 22, 12 · Last edited Aug 22, 12
I actually had quite a bit of fun last BWE running about in a semi-organized fashion. I was not expecting it, honestly, to begin in the betas. It made me look forward to our server's WvW future, that's for sure.

Many kudos to those responsible for organizing things a bit yet still keeping the atmosphere friendly and welcoming enough that anyone can ease into a large scale battle and get enough info required to chip in effectively.
Posted Aug 22, 12
I'm glad to hear TC does well in WvW, I debated not making it my home server, but I think I will now
Posted Aug 22, 12
Its a misconception ever since I started playing these games back in 99. That Rp'ers can't pvp. It's why I always laugh when non-rpers role on rp servers expecting easy kills, and well then get their heads handed to them. :)

DAOC - the rp servers were where some of the best rvr fights were. I loved playing on Guinevere back when the game first came out.
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Posted Aug 23, 12
Moved to the War Academy.
Posted Aug 24, 12
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