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Out of my way, bookah! Your ignorant presence is throwing off my calculations by .0384% and I need to get this profile post just perfect!
283 903
Sep 25, 18
Listen up, mouse. War isn't for the weak and neither are these profiles. Ship up, or ship out.
343 1338
Dec 25, 18
By all six gods, what is that thing? Oh, it's just a profile. Strike it down! Give it everything you've got!
1969 10805
Sun at 09:45 pm
Profiles? Norn have no need to make profiles. We make LEGENDS!
295 1019
Amicus Loran
Sep 1, 18
In the dream, I was taught all the important things I would need to know about the world, such as making these profiles!
687 2476
juimon o
Jan 3, 19
I... I don't know what I am. Will someone please look at me and let me know?
46 241
Thu at 03:07 pm
NA Character Profiles
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