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Bringing the TC Community Together!

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Good morning everyone!

I'm Kit, ex-GW2 role-player, and current role-player outside of the game. I actually run a Marvel comics based RP in email and on Dreamwidth instead of role-playing in GW2. These days in Guild Wars 2, I do more with PvE and WvW than role-play in the game, but I love listening in on all of your scenes and interesting plots.

As an officer of one of the WvW guilds and as a frequent visitor to forthetoast.com , our WvW / PvP Tarnished Coast website, I've volunteered to liaison with the roleplay community on Tarnished Coast to help bring our communities together. I attempted to email your administration, but it didn't seem to take, so I am posting here.

Basically, there are a lot of people in the PvE / PvP / WvW community who respect and are proud of Tarnished Coast's roleplay community, and we would like to take the opportunity to cross-advertise between the forums - you guys for role-play guilds, since we have a lot of people register from new servers who are looking to learn more about RP - and us for WvW and other guilds, should any RPers be interested in learning more about what we do.

If any of the moderators of this site (or even any of the guild leaders) are interested, please let me know. I realize that this post is rather unorthodox, but as I don't know any of the guild leaders myself, I feel like this is the best place to get started and work my way out from there.

Thank you very much for your time, and anyone is free to message me for more information, or even to take a look at the other side of Tarnished Coast, forthetoast.com.
Posted Mar 10, 14 · OP
Hello River, as a mist warrior and sometime RP plotter, good luck in bringing things together! I'd also like to update gw2rp on the latest happenings and potential for wvw!

Biggest news is... we really are tier 1 at the moment and we are likely to be for the foreseeable few weeks. Does this mean you should be avoiding wvw? No! NO! NOOOOOOO... you should come play because:

- We recently had several Sanctum of Rall refugee wvw guilds land on our shores. Now, I know maybe some of you think they might be elitist and mean and all that but they absolutely have not been! In fact when I did spot some RP trolling from a new guild, I complained and the GUILD LEADER responded to my complaint. I have not seen any further trolling from our new guilds.

- With the new guilds has come COVERAGE. Yes, coverage, which means you can pick your favorite time of day to play and there will likely be someone on to play with, or play during prime time and join in the relative security of a big zerg if you're just getting started. Currently one of the zergs map hops a lot so you can have the safety in numbers to explore.

- Rewards. I am steadily getting ascended items these days from both drops and from the wvw level chests. I got a piece of armor the other day, I get rings about once a week. Admittedly you'll make more raw money in pve BUT I get the nicer stuff in wvw. Also you can get nice infusions, armor and weapons from wvw badges.

- Be part of a team. It's easy to join in and contribute in ways that are unique from other parts of the game.

- We have many many casual friendly wvw guilds that will take folks in and help out with advice for gear etc - instant team!

- You don't have to be an expert tpvp or spvp player. Of course it helps but I am personally NOT great at pvp but I contribute and have a lot of fun!

Oh yes there is that seasons or leagues thing coming up with unique weapon rewards n stuff. You COULD play it all in Edge of the Mists but you could also join in and get all toasty with us. So yeah, hop over to forthetoast and check it out!
That person who is always playing Goseldt the thief.
Posted Mar 10, 14
All this and more. Thank you so much, Kalidri. Our WvW environment is, if anything, more energized and more fun than ever. Here are some more points to note:

  • The WvW Spring Tournament 2014 is approaching! The Guild Wars 2 devs have learned a lot since Season 1 and have made quite a few changes. It will be a swiss style tournament this time, matching worlds according to rating, points, and previous matchup results.

  • World transfers charges are going to be going up in price for Tarnished Coast! This means that if you have any friends out there on other WvW servers that you'd like to hop over for more RP and challenging WvW, now's your chance. You would think that WvW folks wouldn't want more RPers on our server, but that's not the case at all. We want to encourage any RP guilds from other servers to go ahead and transfer to Tarnished Coast. We love our RP population and we want to see it grow. We'd love to show all of our new Sanctum of Rall friends how amazing TC can be.

  • There's also going to be a new system of rewards for the WvW Tournament season going into place. Determined by what place our server ranks, we will all get a number of tickets, to be cashed in at any time, for a number of interesting rewards, like mini dolyaks, ascended accessories, ascended materials, and hero's weapons.

  • WvW isn't an RP-free environment! Many of our WvW guilds welcome casual members, only requiring you to represent their guild when they're in the WvW environment and are happy to let you represent your RP guilds at any other time. In fact, many only meet a few nights a week, with Friday night reset being our biggest night. You may find a few WvW folk joking about ERP and the like, but it's a friendly jesting, and many of us are very open to RPers and what they do. In fact, we have more than a few RPers in each of our WvW guilds! I've seen people role-playing while they sentry keeps or spy on enemy forces. Many times, I think of my character as being locked in a dream while she's in the Mists, subconsciously fighting in a realm where she can be free to shed blood where otherwise she might not.

If you would like to ask me any questions about WvW or forthetoast.com, or if you would like to advertise your guild and RP on our WvW site, I'm always available via message, or you can find me in game: riverrhyne.9751.
Posted Mar 11, 14 · OP · Last edited Mar 11, 14
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