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Relationship Chart - Tell it like it is!

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This relationship chart was something that was really popular on the RP hub site for Aion. None of this chart or code or any of that were created by me, just passing along what I found was a really useful resource, both for other roleplayers who were trying to work out how to get to know my character, and to help me keep track of all my character's friendships, et cetera.

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How to:

Simply copy and paste this code into your character sheet, and begin. I would suggest removing the comments in parentheses, as those are just a guide for what is meant to go into each category.


[color=#00FFFF][b]Family:[/b] (You are biologically related or have direct family ties to these people. Otherwise, your living situation / relationship is familiar and extreme enough to use the word "family," like a parental guardian, fiance, etc.)[/color] [color=#8040FF][b]Through Rumor:[/b] (You've heard of these people, but have not actually met them.)[/color] [color=#8080FF][b]Acquaintance:[/b] (You've met these people, but only a few times. Or, you don't know them well enough to call them friends or enemies.)[/color] [color=#008000][b]Friend:[/b] (You're friends, but you're not "close.")[/color] [color=#00FF00][b]Good Friend:[/b] (You're close to these people and are fond of them. They may not be your [i]best[/i] friends, but you have a special place for them in your heart.)[/color] [color=#BFFF00][b]Best Friend:[/b] (You could not imagine what your life would be like without these people's friendships. You love them, even if it's not in a romantic way.)[/color] [color=#FF40FF][b]Lust:[/b] (You don't know much about them, but you think of them naked and get... a little excited.)[/color] [color=#FF0080][b]Crush:[/b] (You know at least a little about them and get that hot, tingly feeling when they're near.)[/color] [color=#FF0000][b]Romantic Love:[/b] (They inspire you. You adore and admire him/her, and crave for their affections. Your concern for them is deep.)[/color] [color=#800000][b]Relationship:[/b] (Whether it's love, tolerance for whatever reason, or blind lust, you are in a relationship with this person. Or these people!) [STATUS: boy/girlfriend (short/long term?), fiance, spouse][/color] [color=#FFFF40][b]Love/Hate:[/b] (The classic. Can't live with them, can't live without them- comical or angsty.)[/color] [color=#FF8000][b]Two-Faced:[/b] (You lie through your teeth every time these guys ask what you think of them.)[/color] [color=#808040][b]Lost Touch:[/b] (You may care for them greatly, or not be interested anymore. Either way, you're on different tracks right now. Or permanently.)[/color] [color=#FF8080][b]Rival:[/b] (It could be a friendly rivalry... or not! But you constantly strive to compete with them. Maybe you just love competition. Or maybe you just want to be better than them, or to prove yourself.)[/color] [color=#0080FF][b]Annoyance:[/b] (These people rub you the wrong way. Mild dislike or tolerance.)[/color] [color=#0040FF][b]Dislike:[/b] (You don't exactly [i]hate[/i] them, but you can't stand being around them either.)[/color] [color=#000080][b]Hate / Enemies:[/b] (Just hearing their name pisses you off.)[/color] [color=#000000][b]Seething Hate / Sworn Enemies:[/b] (You live to see them die.)[/color] [color=#400040][b]Sage / Superior:[/b] (These people are your teachers, elders, authority, etc. You must regard them with a measure of respect, whether or not you want to.)[/color] [color=#BF40BF][b]Business:[/b] (These people conduct important matters with you. You see them to get stuff done. You may or may not care about their well-being.)[/color] [color=#FFBFFF][b]Student / Inferior:[/b] (You guide these people, or you feel they are inferior to you- which may not necessarily be a "negative" thing.)[/color] [color=#00BFBF][b]Not... Sure:[/b] (Uh... you... really don't know what to [i]make[/i] of this person. Your relationship with them seems to change on the hour. That, or they're just really... weird.)[/color] [color=#008080][b]It's Complicated:[/b] (So complicated, actually, that none of these categories can really nail it.)[/color]
Posted Mar 12, 14 · OP
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YotaLi o
I also saw this template in Tera online, forgot it exists... Ty for the template, may start editing the relationships of my characters now with this.
Posted Mar 12, 14
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