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It's WvW Seasons 2!

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I figured I'd start this thread as a clearing house for wvw related adventuring and events during Season 2. I've invited other folks active in the wvw community to join in here as well, so perhaps we can keep this wvw thread open and relevant rather than the ones that have kind of fizzled in the past.

I enjoy helping people learn the joys and pitfalls of wvw. I can always be contacted in game and if you fight your way through the queues to whichever map I am playing on, I'm happy to help! I am typically active from 8pm - 1am server time, which I know is not terribly convenient.

I will also try to update the thread when there are current portals going on in obsidian sanctum for achievements. Also regarding achievements, you may or may not be able to get help capping ruins BUT commanders have regularly been leading groups around the ruins and capping when there's not a keep to protect or a blob to be driven off. Your current best bet for ruins capping is to join a zerg on any of the borderlands - and you'll also get achievements for camps, sentries, guards, keeps etc into the bargain. I am only saying this because our current opponents are zerging the ruins with large groups and soloists are getting killed out there... and it's sad :(

So if you have any questions ask away! Comments? Your stories from wvw? Please post! Anything and everything!
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Posted Mar 29, 14 · OP
Currently portaling in Obsidian Sanctum! I'll be here for at least another half an hour, and there are other mesmers here as well.

No longer there.
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Posted Mar 31, 14 · Last edited Mar 31, 14
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