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While not all of us are good at drawing or digital art, and some of us can't afford the fancy programs to make things look fancy, we still have access to many resources that can help us pretty up our enjin posts. This is something that should be made accessible for everyone to play with, and that is what this thread is all about. Ask questions, answer questions, and together maybe we can all figure out new ways to make art just with our enjin threads.

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Posted Apr 29, 14 · OP · Last edited May 16, 14
Introduction to Enjin's Full Editor
Fonts and Enjin
Time and Date Conversions

↗Resource Links

Color Scheme Designer
CSS Font Stack
Peacemaker Date System Encoding Decrypter
Symbols Master List
The Time Zone Converter
Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator
World Time Buddy
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Discord: Xehara#0457 ⚓ GW2: Xehara.8537
Posted Apr 29, 14 · OP · Last edited May 21, 14
Nothings here! Oh no... Ask a question! Please?
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Posted Apr 29, 14 · OP · Last edited May 1, 14
Okay! Time for an actual post instead of just the reservations. We'll begin with an introduction to enjin's full editor. There are some buttons you'll be familiar and others you avoid because you aren't sure what they do, or maybe you just never realized they were there! Skip over what you don't find useful and head directly to what you're curious about. Starting from left to right...

This is a useful tool to learn when you begin coding your own threads because it erases all of your accidental tags. To use it, highlight the code you wish to remove and click the button. Any code within your highlighted area will be removed as though it was never there!
[b]I want to make bold only one word in this sentence but I accidentally bolded everything![/b] This second sentence is just how I want it though, with only one word in [i]italics[/i].

Just highlight the first sentence and hit the clean button.
I want to make bold only one word in this sentence but I accidentally bolded everything! This second sentence is just how I want it though, with only one word in [i]italics[/i].

Now the sentence is clean and I can bold just the one word.

Some of you may have noticed certain users will have smaller text. This is due to their usage of the "size" option. The enjin default font size for all forum posts is actually size 4, while the "normal" font size in the size selection is size 3. The text I'm using right now is size 3. Enjin only has so many font sizes that will work, they are as follows:
size=1, Tiny
size=2, Small
size=3, Normal
size=5, Large
size=6, Huge
As you can see from the above examples, size 4 and 7 are not listed in the drop down, but do work.

Enjin gives you 32 base colors, which I will not be displaying for you here. The format is set up as follows: color=#ffffff
The #ffffff portion is called a hex code and is used to determine the color of the font. Knowing that, you can actually find color pickers that will give you a wider array of colors that you can use in place of the default enjin hex codes to offer more color to your posts. I like using the Color Scheme Designer as it aids in setting up a color scheme instead of just showing you one color.

Insert Smiley
This does just what you think it will, it inserts one of Enjin's default emoticons. They are as follows:
:) :d :( :| :mad: :anxious: :confused: :cool: :cry: :oops: :lol: ;-) :thumb: :dead: :shock: :o :evil: :roll: :p :furious: :idea: :snore: :undecided: :geek: :dizzy: :sick:

If you have emoticons turned off in your settings you will notice that the codes to summon these emoticons are key words with colons around them. This is useful to know because if you use enjin for your guild's website, I believe you can add in your own custom emoticons with the advanced package.

This function inserts a hyperlink where your cursor is, or around text you have highlighted. I would be remiss if I did not mention how timid this button is. Sometimes it is right on task and moves at just the right speed to get everything done, but most of the time it doesn't. It will tease you by popping up and making you think, "Okay, now I can insert my hyperlink," but don't be fooled... It will slap you in the face when you hit paste because instead of pasting it in the box where your cursor is now blinking, it'll paste it over your highlighted text in such a mixing of letters and code that I can't tell you how it deciphers what goes where. This button can ruin days. Just use the following code around your links instead:

[url=http://link.com]Your text to link here...[/url]

This is used to quote a specific person and is often seen at the bottom of a post as well. Clicking it at the bottom of a post will copy all of the code into your reply box with the text already quoted. Often times the code looks like quote=12345 leaving you going, "Who is 12345?" That is the user ID, a universal number that follows that person around until they delete their account.

My number is 519404, so now you can misquote me where ever you go. But really you don't even need my number, just hit the quote button and begin typing in the user's name. It'll pop up a list of possible users you could be talking about, based on their enjin name not the name they are signed in on for the website. Even still, you can use this code to quote yourself when you are posting stories.
Syrean Williams wrote:
Or you can just put a period, or the name of your character. No matter what you put in after quote=, wrote: will always follow.

As you can see from the above examples, code does work inside quotes.

This offers a pop up window for you to put a link to an image in. It will then render the image where your cursor is at the time of usage.

Please reference the Link option before proceeding as the same day ruining I spoke about there applies here too, plus a twist. When posting images from tumblr you will sometimes run into this at the beginning of a link: https:// - The s in the https means the server is secure and your personal information is locked down so that in theory, it can't be easily accessed. This is all well and good, until you go to use the image button. It will add on an http:// to any link without it, including links with https:// leading to your image breaking. Just remove the http:// and go about your day, or use the following code.


This will give you a pop up window where you put a link. YouTube's shortcut links use to not work but they've since fixed this, so all you young whippersnappers better be appreciative! When you post your link, you'll notice it disappears and is replaced with a bunch of random letters and sometimes numbers. Don't worry! This is functioning as enjin intended. What are those letters and numbers you ask? Let me explain. First lets look at this video I pulled out of a quick GW2 youtube search:

The link was replaced with the following letters and number: UNvrQ3MhvHU
Now lets look at the video link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNvrQ3MhvHU

The button removes the link and uses the letters and numbers after the = because enjin has coded the "youtube" code to embed the video for us instead of having to post a bunch of BBC embed code, if it's even available.

Attach File
Attach File does exactly what it sounds like, it attaches a file. I have not yet tested the limits of what kind of files you can upload but so far I have confirmed that both images and txt files work. This is useful for all of those artists out there who don't have a tumblr, deviantart, or any other way of sharing their work. I'm not real sure if such a person exists to be honest... But if they do, you can now upload the image right to the thread! Within reason. I'm pretty sure there's a file limit. The downside, is the attachment will always render at the bottom of the thread. It is not wise to use this method of posting images for your thread layouts.

This is a very important button on GW2RP. If you like posting gifs, in excess, you need to introduce yourself to this button. Take it out for drinks, buy it some chocolate, become intimate with this button. On a side note it can also be used to place OOC information onto an IC thread without breaking immersion.
Spoiler: OOCShow

This works similar to the link function only you insert your email address after email= and then when people click it, like if you click the word email above, you'll get that annoying pop up for an email outbox where you type letters and send it to people. Now that I've shown everyone that this option exists, heed my warning and look at your status bar before clicking on links so you know it's not just an email link. That email pop up box can crash computers, use with care. Really you should look at your status bar before clicking links from forums anyways. Not that I think you people are shady or anything but... MOVING ON!

I've used this function many times throughout this overview, but basically what it does is put "code" around whatever you have highlighted. The highlighted text will then render as code, instead of normal text. As follows:

This will show you all the coding I've used in this sentence. Find it. Find the [b]code.[/b] Did you find it?

Incidentally as I was setting up the above sentence, I managed to break the code function. Lesson: The code function is not inception proof.

No Parse
This functions just like "code" only instead of putting it in the clearly defined box and allowing you to select all for a nice copy and paste, it just makes code look like normal text.

[color=#f3b2b1]This sentence has been "No Parsed" for your viewing pleasure.[/color]

Naturally it will use the default forum font and size when pasting the code, because why not?

Warning will bring up a big red box and put the word Warning above anything you type inside this box in bright red letters. It also comes with a picture. As so...

This is warning text! It also allows me to format inside the warning text which is kind of neat. Also something to note, if you've been following along and trying these things out you may notice when you preview that a lot of code will break when you use things like pictures, spoilers, center, quotes, indent, and so on.

Basic Text Formatting
The next couple things I will cover together.
Bold, Italic, Underline,
Highlight, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript
While we're talking about these let me just tell you right now that no matter what it says when you hover over the button, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, and all of the other ones do absolutely nothing on enjin forums. I really don't know why it's telling me I can CTRL+I to put things in italics other than just to be mean because I can't do it... I just wont work, I've tried.

Left align is default, and also a text option for no reason really. You can put everything left align if it makes you feel better, it'll be that way without the code too. This option is kind of pointless.
Center works though.
And so does Right Align.

Bulleted List/Numeric List
I have a love hate relationship with bulleted lists on enjin, same with the Numeric lists. You will have to format your text for each bullet because it wont stick. No matter what you do, it just wont. So it becomes really messy, but here you go.

  • This bullet is not formatted at all.
  • This one is! Wee!

  1. This number is not formatted at all.
  2. This one is! Wee!

This is what it looks like when you use Increase Indent. This is also how you "center" tables because none of the alignments work on tables or columns. It's a whole ordeal.

This is an indention inside an indention.

Notice how I have yet to mention "Decrease Indent" and I will tell you why right now. It does nothing. Not a thing. Absolutely nothing. In ms word it'll undo your indention but this isn't ms word. This button has no purpose other than to annoy me.

Thisis arow
is a----
The above is the exact table format I used in the original post. If you click the table function it'll ask you for a number of columns. You can put in rows too but it really just wants to know how many columns you want for whatever reason. I don't pretend to understand enjin's reasons for their coding functions. You will notice that the top row is darker than the other rows and that's because it has the code "th" around each sell. "Th" stands for Table Head - meaning this is the header for the table. You can remove this part of the table if you want all of your cells to be the same color. You can also use "th" instead of "td" for every cell if you want them all to be darker. The downside to enjin tables is (to my knowledge) you cannot merge specific cells like you can in html, css, and excel.

When you hover over this button it says "Line" but what it really is, is a rule. It just... literally makes a line.

Which also breaks your formatting.

There, this is better. When speaking in terms of coding the above "line" is universally known as a "rule" and that is why when you click it, you'll notice it's just the word "rule" in brackets. You can't stylize the rule, I tried. The way the rule appears is determined by the theme of the enjin site.

Columns are similar to tables, only they typically just have three columns side by side. This can create a newspaper affect, and even break images out of the post and into the side of the page. It can look neat, or dumb, depending on how you use it. There was a certain asura guild who did this exact thing and it looked pretty neat.

Column text 1 Now the problem with columns is the text will not align to the top whenever another column's verbage grows taller. Instead it aligns to the middle of the tallest column, like so. Tables will also do this, but you can at least set up multiple rows to take some control over this issue. Column text 3

Updated: 4/30/2018 -
Since this post was made they have now added an integrated method of including your twitch feed into your forum posts. Not sure why you would want to do that on a roleplaying site but hey, maybe. Adding your feed is pretty simple, and the one you are about to see is mine, so it's probably going to be dead because I really don't use twitch anymore.

All it is is literally [twitch]Your account name[/twitch], that's it.

This concludes our overview of the full editor options. There are some more tricks and tips of how to format your threads, but this was using only what the editor gives us. To see all of my coding, hit the quotation button at the bottom of this post. All coding found in this thread is free for use without credit.
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Posted Apr 29, 14 · OP · Last edited Apr 30, 18
Let's talk fonts. Let's begin that talk with the code for changing your font face:


Now that that is out of the way, there is only a number of fonts that are actually "web safe" by default, meaning you don't have to use google.com/fonts to link them in the header of a code (thats how people do it on tumblr!). Naturally we don't have the options to link up the Google Fonts here, so we're stuck with the default ones. I use CSS Font Stack for reference on what the web safe fonts are, but not all of these work in enjin. It will render Times New Roman by default if it doesn't recognize the font you've tried to reference. Below are the fonts I have confirmed as working. I will continue to add to this list as I discover new ones and feel free to respond below with any you discover.
Sans SerifSerifMonospaced/Fantasy/Script
Arial - This is 2RP's default font.
Arial Black
Arial Narrow
Arial Rounded MT Bold
Century Gothic
Franklin Gothic Medium
Segoe UI
Bodoni MT
Book Antiqua
Calisto MT
Goudy Old Style
Hoefler Text
Lucida Bright
Rockwell Extra Bold
Times New Roman
Courier New
Lucida Console
Lucida Sans Typewriter
Brush Script MT

These are all of the fonts that worked based off of the CSS Font Stack list. Copy and paste them exactly how they are written. If you discover others that work let me know so I can add them to the list for reference! Fonts are a great first step to making your thread stand out from the rest.
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Posted Apr 30, 14 · OP · Last edited Apr 30, 14
Let's talk symbols. Character symbols are another way of spicing up your threads or even making text art. I have googled over the last few days to gather a master list of symbols. There are more than whats listed below, but these are the ones that I've found to work on enjin forums. If you discover any more let me know. I'm using Calibri size 5 to show these.

Spoiler: Master ListShow

Weird Generator

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Posted May 1, 14 · OP
With the introduction of UTC as the new server time, lets talk time zones and lore dates. We'll start with some resource sites on conversions!

Peacemaker Date System Encoding Decrypter

Thank you Baba Brittlespark! Now lets discuss how we can display the difference of time on our events so that they don't confuse other people. I will go ahead and tip my hat to Piken Square for the first suggestion as they've been doing this all along, but the first option is to list events in a universal time zone that reflects most of your viewership. Since the change this would be PST for TC, and would remain GMT for Piken Square. While the calendar will still reflect the update time, they can click through to a thread link you provided to find the PST time zone. Now for some options.

Linking World Time Buddy (thank you Baba Brittlespark!).

This crafty tool lets you link to a viewing of multiple time zones. This means we can list events at server time but link to other time zones like so:

(( 1AM UTC ))
1 AM UTC | Other Time Zones

Table Display
1 AM6 PM8 PM9 PM
Spoiler: CodeShow

Event Title/Header/Branding Image
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
Day/Time: Thu 1 AM UTC | Wed 6 PM PST | Wed 8 PM CST | Wed 9 PM EST | Other
Spoiler: CodeShow

Lore Dates
Now that we've covered time zones lets talk about Lore Dates. If you're going to keep your event adds completely out of character then you can ignore this section. If you're going to bring them in character, this might be something you want to keep reading.

Firstly, months do not exist in GW2. GW2 uses what they call the Mouvelian calendar. This calendar has four Seasons that are roughly 90 days in each season. You could get a calendar and color code it like I did originally, or you could just say potato it and use this handy spreadsheet! Be sure to save a copy of it to your own Google Docs or your input will get erased!

When displaying events, you would just go by the Lore Date as a priority and list the others after in OOC comments or brackets, like so:

Day 51 of the Phoenix, 1327 (( May 21st))
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Posted May 21, 14 · OP · Last edited Apr 30, 18
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