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[EU] The Whispers Order- Pact/Spy RP

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Type: Pact/Spying
Restrictions: All races allowed
Contact/Officers: Quinten Hill (fierystick.5648), Ryelle Abhorsen (Abhorsen.2187), Ava Flynn (Robintair.1806), Vincent Rimer (Verminious.3492)
RP Type: Medium/Heavy
Recruitment Status: Open

We are the Order of Whispers.
You show interest in us, yes we know who you are. We've been watching you.
We have always stood between civilisation and ruin.
We reclaimed Orr, alongside our brothers and sisters of the pact. One dragon down, another one arises.
We have interest in gathering as much intel as possible, just to give us that edge against them.
The Vigil can have their tanks, fight on the frontline. The Durmand Priory can have their books, break their ranks with their magic and technology. In the end, we have always been the catalyst.
Deception, valued-target takedowns and tactical supremacy never failed us.
And it shall not, in the years ahead of us.

About the guild

The latest attack on Lion's Arch has devastated the city. The Order of Whispers retreated from their headquarters and hurried to defeat Scarlet Briar, as well as they rushed to aid the refugees from the Arch.
Now, with Scarlet dead, it is time to rebuild. Four individuals of the Order have been tasked to retrieve their bastion in the freestate and to rebuild what is left of it. In the meantime they keep their eyes open, and they are recruiting new members to the cause.

OOC information

Our goals

The main goal of our guild is to deliver some quality spy RP. Another central theme would be the Pact. But first and foremost we strive to bring a fun guild, filled with lovely and nice people. We want to bring the community of a Whispers guild, the first real one since ages. We will focus on creating events fitting to our scenario, but of course that doesn't mean you can't have a say as well. We are always open to suggestions for events from our members!


Within the Whispers there are a couple of ranks. These are mostly taken from lore, plus a few additions to make clear who the leaders and officers are without colliding with the lore that states only two preceptors are in service.

Lower ranks
These are the ranks you will start out with. You can choose as which you'd like to start out, keep that in mind.

Informant: the ones who keep their eyes open for us and provide us with information. An informant is partly a member of the Order, he is paid for the information he/she provides. Being an informant usually functions as a gateway into the Order itself.

Initiate: congratulations! You have made it into our secret Order of supersecretive secrets! You will be trained and cut into a real agent from now on.

The Branch
The branch ranks are all on an equal level, it all depends on the choice you make. Once you have completed basic training, you will have the option to choose between the following ranks:

Slayer: basically the raw soldiers for the Order. They will be on the frontlines, facing the enemies head on! They can also be used as raw brutes, using their strength to intimidate our enemies into spilling some information.

Agent: the stealthy spy. They try to collect information using stealth, a quick tongue and a sense of wit. They also specialise in assassinating, stealing, etc.

Keeper: the librarians. The Keepers will keep the records safe and provide forgeries for a member to use. They are also in charge of communication within Whispers.

Creator: the quartermaster. They will make all the fancy toys for members to use. They also have an apt sense for alchemy, meaning they will often have to make deadly poisons. They will also plan, basically the brains of the Order

N.C.O. (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Lightbringer: a seasoned veteran. The Lightbringers are proven members of the Order of Whispers. They are expected to lead their teams into missions, or go out alone and get the job done.


Lead Operative: the second-in-command. The Lead Operatives are the most trusted members of a certain cell or charter. They will be the ones trusted with leadership should one of the liasons fall.

Liason: the voices of the preceptor. They are the ones in charge of a charter or cell within Whispers. They will receive orders from the preceptors and patch them through to their members. They will pick the people fit for a certain job. And they will lead their agents into battle.


Status: Open

What are we looking for?
Well that's fairly simple: we're looking for active, fun and helpful roleplayers. Roleplayers who want to dig deeper into the intrigues that Tyria brings. What we do expect of our new blood, is that they know how to RP a spy. Of course there is room to learn, but we will keep an eye on your performance. And if complaints arise, the boot can be expected. This means that all spying will be done in character, we cannot stress that enough.

How do we recruit?
If you are interested, contact one of the guild leaders or officers. We will then set up an interview, possibly a scenario where we can determine if you are what we're looking for. Of course we're Whispers and this is not the only way we recruit. Another way is by random RP! Are you doing something shady/special while one of our characters is around? Lovely, we might contact you if we've noticed it in character.

Welcome to the Order of Whispers, we hope to see you fight the unfightable.


Quinten Hill- noble for the people
Willem Van Hellinck- elementalist instructor, advisor, carnie
Tanaka Rogers- The inexperienced, stuttering and shy Seraph
Posted May 16, 14 · OP · Last edited May 17, 14
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am IN.

Call me. ;]
Posted May 17, 14 · Last edited May 17, 14
Hmm, I've two IC Whispers characters. One I can't use but I've a Sylvari that might be of use.
Consider me interested.
Posted May 17, 14
Sure! Just send either one of the officers a pm or mail and we'll help you further! ^^

Quinten Hill- noble for the people
Willem Van Hellinck- elementalist instructor, advisor, carnie
Tanaka Rogers- The inexperienced, stuttering and shy Seraph
Posted May 17, 14 · OP
*Vigil seal of approval* Look forward to seeing you lot around IC!
Posted May 28, 14
*Vigil seal of approval* Look forward to seeing you lot around IC!
More like not seeing them around, haha, spy humor
I'm the Incinerator this forum needs, but not the one it wants right now.
Posted Jun 3, 14
This is very interesting. Got a charr that's pretty much the definition of Slayer. I'll get in touch.

I've too many characters to even list here..
So here's the names of a few:

Torchclaw Cloudfire
Sheila Braidtail
Shaman Cauldronburn
Kyra Whisperwood
Imus Underboot
Kennis Eveningsong
Posted Jun 10, 14 · Last edited Jun 10, 14
sounds cool. I used to play a beggar and street vendor to spy on people in taverns, sounds like I could bring him into this guild! add me .Khar.5471
The self appointed face in the crowd NPC'er. Street beggars, flower girls, stall salesmen, bird watchers, street cleaners, my goal is just to put a bit of colour into the EU.

Feel free to Contact : Khar.5471
Posted Jun 10, 14
Messaged Robintair.1806 earlier, no response yet although online *sad panda*
Posted Jun 10, 14
Robin o
I was in the middle of rp/fetching food but shall reply shortly!
Gametag: RobinTair.1806

Truu: Pact soldier turned merc
Diathi: Mender, Gardener, Troublemaker.
Laossi: Pastel-hued pacifist

Posted Jun 10, 14
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