It's as if the canton suddenly shook from an earthquake and tornado all rolled into one, with Smoky and Chokkak caught smack-bang in the middle of it. They both spin to face Ronja, stretch out straight, legs together and arms raised in the air as if they're prison warden has just caught them doing something they seriously should not have been doing. This is like the body language equivalent of a giant white flag, the pair of them surrendering to her immediately.

It lasts a few moments. Peace settles on the canton, maybe for fifteen seconds just to let the dust settle. All Chokkak can do is let out a short meep. He didn't even do anything wrong, but the loud noises. They scare a poor skritt. Finally Smoky plucks up the courage to speak, his gnarly voice containing an element of quivery fear.

"What they says 'bout you be true, Ronja.
You really be Balthazar's left nut."

Smoky tries to point innocuously at Ronja as he speaks those words. Once he is done, he remembers his place and resumes the surrender position.