Hi, guys!

This information is for Tarnished Coast guilds only! For those who haven't heard, TC will be getting a permanent war council very soon. If your RP guild is also very active in WvW, you will need representation on the council. From what I understand, each guild will be getting one vote. Visit forthetoast.com for more information. You might need to post a message in Dreadfall Bay, and let the those organizing the council know that your guild is interested in joining!

Also, if your RP group needs OOC help in WvW, don't be afraid to contact my non-RP guild, Apocalyptic Armageddon [AARM] (website: http://aarm.shivtr.com). Majority of our members don't RP, but we're tolerant of roleplayers. We're always looking for allies to join us for our WvW sessions! BTW, I happen to be one of the officers in the second branch of AARM (aka AARM 2), so if you ever need my help, let me know!

FYI -- The leader of AARM is Kaldoran Bloodwar (Bloodstorm.6015).

Finally, if you see me in WvW, I will most likely be OOC. I'm often too busy listening to commands on voice chat, so it is extremely rare when you see me RPing on the map.

Acct name: kta.6502
In-game RP characters: Lapis N. Lazuli & Sweet Lazuli