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[PS] Toxicologist Veera

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Veera in her standard regalia.
"Some people say poison is a woman's weapon, I say.. Would you like some tea?"
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Toxicologist, V, The Basilisk


mid-late twenties

Thief, Smuggler, Alchemist, Herbatologist, Sleuth

Official field of work



Physical appearance: Light skinned and on the short side even for an Asuran, nimble and slim with short stout ears, agile. She has broad depressions below her eyebrows, often casting a deep shadow in the hollows of her beautiful deep blue zircon eyes that could catch anyone's attention, and although she presents herself with dull and dreary resting expression, her small framed face with angled eyes give her a slightly welcoming, exotic look. Her perked cheeks help to frame a face so still it could be almost considered a mask. Additionally, There is barely noticeable burn mark concealed in the palm of her left hand, aside from this she does not appear to possess any scars except sporting the occasional cut or bruise.

General appearance: Mostly seen clad in deep green leathers, always seemingly prepared for the worst with a cluster of poisoned daggers always at rest above her shoulder blade. There is also a bandolier slung across her chest with various vials and potions strapped into it,more on her belt, and a datapad embedded in her gauntlet. Her shoes seem to be made of a unusual looking soft linen, they look more like slippers, much different than the rest of her gear. They appear to be give her rugged grip whist also allowing her footsteps to fall silent, so quiet they'll go unnoticed by even the most keen ear. Even when she runs, only the softest pat can be heard. The only cosmetic items she wears are three decorative bangles and a headband to keep her hair in check.
Veera with her hood down, her datapad embedded bracer in view

Mannerisms: Neutrally, Veera is soft spoken, talking in a near monotone fashion, her pitch only really changing when startled, excited or angered. She often sports a snickering smile when speaking, as if she knows something they don't, seeming suspect or mischievous with her narrow stares. She also doesn't care much for table manners, eating like a slob.

Skills: Veera has a deep knowledge of alchemy and herbatology, creating many different sorts of potions and elixirs, her specialty has always been poisons. Her deft green fingers accompany her alchemical skills, identifying and picking nearby fauna for use in her brewing. She has often taken trips into deep jungle in search of exotic plants and poisonous animals to extract venom from, she learned much from these. How to survive in the wild, resourcefulness, tracking and stalking.

In terms of combat and magical abilities, Veera possesses only a few magical spells from the 'Shadow arts' school of Denial, derived from old Canthan practices. She keeps these to herself however, as having the element of surprise is also part of her strategy when she is called to fight. Instead though she mainly focusing her efforts with alchemy to enhance her offensive and defensive capabilities, she has limited her magical capabilities deliberately to remain cloaked from those who could sense magical users when sneaking, though she is not completely invisible.

She also has a knack for bartering when trading, showing off a bit of a sharp tongue she able to secure deals to much greater benefit to herself than her sellers as well as being adept at transporting goods covertly. Should she have the option and time, she prefers to fight her battles by proxy, playing a game of manipulation and extortion by pushing people and events into motion with little concern for others, as long as the deed gets done.

Due to Veera's dedication to her niché studies she has somewhat fallen behind on more broader Asuran technologies, not able to offer useful insight on developing new machinations due to her lack of knowledge, sometimes feeling un-needed and falling silent during discussions of new tech, though she doesn't dwell on it.

Unfortunately, Her acute frame and size also means her capacity of strength is much much lower compared to almost every other Asuran. She is more equal in strength and size to progeny, something she laments over and is frequently reminded of. Since she is so keenly aware of this, she makes use of her small size and stature to be elusive and stealthy.

Because of her past, she struggles to connect with anyone close to her, making her somewhat of a loner, not that she does not desire a proper relationship which truly, she does. Just that she is too torn over her history, unwilling to open herself to up to others for fear that a repeat of a certain disturbing event may happen again. She would not be able to live with herself, whatever happened back then clearly changed her for the worse, making her become the more cold and distant individual she is today. This has also scorned her with an unrelenting paranoia that she perfectly hides behind her amiable façade.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"How can this benefit me?" Is usually Veera's first selfish thought when thinking to handle any situation, other people that may gain or lose from any decisions she makes are not done out of fervor or contempt, but are merely a by product of her own personal gain, though she'l make sure it doesn't appear that way.

Veera would put forth the ideology of Freedom, or Anarchy, as her world view, though it is her own freedom that comes first. Good and Evil come second to her own needs.

She operates within the rules of society for convenience sake as it draws no attention, but having no problem going against them should it be beneficial for her to do so, abusing the system she herself uses for her own protection where necessary. Laws, Rules, Contracts are just words written down on paper, Compliance is optional..
The horticultural section of Veera's lab.


When she worked with the MMK she was lead alchemist and took charge of concocting and brewing the potions the Krewe sold when not working security, helping them create and sell more of their wares to drive profit to the company. Though her real alchemical work took place independent from them.

Veera operates on two fronts when trading privately, selling some of her standard poisons, pesticides and elixirs publicly. With some of her more devious and sinister poisons and elixirs sold under the table, done so due to their morally questionable and dangerous applications. Only people with sinister intentions would buy these usually, something she would know of the buyer before even considering offering them her selection. She usually trades with coin, but is also known to trade recipes for her more mundane creations.
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"Looking to trade?" ~Veera reaches out to a prospective customer

Personality: Veera is a hard Asuran to read, she act’s generally pleasant to her closer acquaintances and even endearingly enthusiastic towards any potential customers. But whether her interactions like this are sincere or merely just a cover for her own suspicious activities is hard to discern. One can witness themselves what Veera is really like when they are doing work for her, or simply alone with her, revealing her more selfish desires and general lack of empathy towards others.

She shows no signs of prejudice towards the other races and seems generally indifferent to inquest or otherwise illegal activities. “A customer is a customer, regardless of race or affiliation.” She’d tell you.

She has always shown a general disinterest towards magic and magic users, perhaps even a hint of jealousy as she has no extensive magical capabilities herself, instead making use of her alchemy skills as a substitute to compensate. This also allows her to be greatly innovative with her potions and elixirs, creating bombs and potions that have effects similar, yet unique to others own magic. To Veera, alchemy -is- her magic.

Background: Orphaned at a young age and left to grow up with only her brother for support Veera started down the right path after she had graduated from Dynamics mastering Toxicology, Botany, Epidemiology and Alchemy , she set out travelling by herself for a few years like her brother did by himself, where she had many interesting experiences doing research and selling her wares as a merchant. But after she returned home from experiencing the world her brother pulled her into his own world. Darker and more sinister than what she expected she could never set herself straight again. With him she was taken down a dark road, encountering moral perils and life changing situations. After she returned she stayed busy working between all the major cities, learning many useful skills in illegal trade. Subterfuge, discretion and secrecy became her greatest weapons. her activities become a blur between her work and research for several years at this point. She returned alone however, and only she knows the ultimate fate of her brother. (A detailed Backstory of Veera's Journey with her brother can be read in the 60,000 word Novel Desperate times)

Recent history/Current Story: Veera used to work as a smuggler in Divinities Reach, transporting illegal black market goods for mercenary groups before being picked up for recruitment by the order of whispers for her sleuthing and subterfuge skills, where she received some advanced training working with them for several months. Very few of her acquaintances even know of her association with them, keeping it a closely guarded secret as would be expected.
She left her business in The Reach two years ago to pursue a greater goal and set up shop in Rata Sum. She Started working with the Magimaterial Krewe at the same time as a cover where she served as security. Holding a respectable position in one of Rata Sums more prominent krewes granted her legitimacy and distracted from her other activites, she had remained loyal to them throughout her service. She continued to operate her smuggling business in the city for a while on a smaller scale than before. an apparently unclaimed area for her profession, or so she thought.

An underground conflict developed in the underbelly of Rata Sum between Veera and another smuggler, she managed to stand firm on her ground and he retreated back from whence he came. For now things seem quiet and she retains control of the territory, but who knows what other threats skulk around the corner, business is also getting quieter..

She took interest in creeping into the lives of others. attempting to peel personal information from them to be maliciously exploited later for her own gains. She remains cautious and distrusting to most of those who try to get close to her to protect herself, only a select few are privy to her secrets, and even fewer know the extent of some of her actions.

For almost a year she maintained a comfortable and trusted position within the krewe and, despite a few recent mishaps, things went smoothly. She eventually started taking more risks as well, and a fear rose within her, one that consciously crept up her spine like a slithering snake. A fear that she was treading a dangerous line between her two lives, in and outside the krewe. A fear that soon came to fruition.. She was betrayed by another, her dealings exposed to them. She was dishonorably fired for her activities, something she hadn't taken lightly after her time dedicated to them. They wouldn't listen to her reasoning, they think she's some sort of monster.. This just isn't true.. At least she convinced her self that much.

Since then she sought a way to get some coin out of the krewe though a 'salvage' operation. Unfortunately for her it failed with one of her agents captured and imprisoned. She soon turned herself in and negotiated a deal with the peacemakers to have her agent released and her put in his place. She knew she wouldn't be long in there anyway, and she was right as she was released after a few weeks into the custody of Inventer Lekk, CEO of a mining company out in Metrica. He negotiated a deal with the peacemakers to have her be punished by working in his mines, unfortunately for him his transport was ambushed on route and she was freed.

After her escape, she operated quietly in Rata Sum for some time. However. with her reputation tarnished, her law abiding acquaintances abandoned her, and her business had a shrewd eye cast over it whilst she remained there. So she decided to leave, clearly she was not welcome.

She took what she could carry on her pack Dolyak and Golem, and traveled, in search of a new, more prosperous land to pursue her endeavours. On her travels she was soon picked up by her old associates from the order of whispers. They directed her in the direction of the city of Amnoon, in the Crystal Oasis.

She lived there for many months expanding her black market business, eventually getting the attention of the Hamaseen, who she soon ended up supplying poisons to among other supplies. She rented out a space in Dhianni's secure lab, continuing her business uninterrupted for quite some time.

After establishing a secure base, un-harassed in the city, she now travels back and forth between Amnoon and Lions Arch, selling her wares where she can, and becoming a notable Profiteer of The Sirens Black Market, where she can always be found.

"Shh, come closer." ~ Veera lurks at night.

Notable relationships

To preface this, I am updating this regularly for information's sake if anyone is interested in what Veera's current situation and history is with them, while also trying to keep some details vague about others details to not spoil anything. If you're on here and are not happy with wrote Ive wrote, please tell me.
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Short Stories

These are some short stories pertaining to event's that happened in Veeras past that shaped and formed the character she is today. Most of which take place over five years ago.

These show some of her developments through hard choices and tough decisions for herself and others well being, the truth's she obscures, the mistakes she burdens and the morally grey line she continuously rides.

In chronological order.

An Epidemic

From Selfless to Selfish

Short Lived

Desperate Times - Novel

In the mind of a prisoner

Any role-play preferences or limitations for this character?
As long as Veera doesn't die anything can be fair game outside of serious maiming. Preferences wise, on the criminal end, I like use Veera to create conflicts between her and other characters, hopefully making RP more interesting for all those involved. This can be simple things like overhearing sensitive information to be used to threatened, or stealing an item of importance that could cause repercussions for the affected character by other people. On the other spectrum, using opportunities for trade is a good way to get on her 'side' where she can be a rewarding business partner, creating opportunities for other neer-do-wells to get along.
Additional Artwork
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Updated with numerous new details, as well as more images.
Posted Jan 10, 15 · OP
Quite a few more updates and images!
Posted Feb 17, 15 · OP
More continuous updates on Veera's Notable relationships!
Posted Apr 14, 15 · OP
This sheet never ceases to amaze me, and I'm not joking. You have filled in every single detail we need to know about this character without giving too much away. Great quality!
Posted Apr 24, 15
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Decided to give this a bit of an update! Numerous details altered. Main addition is short stories section with included links to some of Veera's personal stories. They're a good read I assure you! I even added an additional one today to go along with the profile update. Enjoy :)
Posted Sep 29, 15 · OP
Hadn't updated this in over a year and a half!, tidied up some details and shifted around some artwork as well as adding some new ones in. I am still very much active with his character for anyone interested in arranging some RP. She will be hosting the upcoming Black Market
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Time for another update, still active and still kicking!
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