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[Reactions] The Right to Grow

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This is where we can record characters reactions to the events unfolding in the plot The Right to Grow.

You can mark your character's observations and thoughts on the matter, along with anything they may have said and done in public spaces. Things your character does and say publicly may become rumour used by other characters. Hurrah interactivity!

You might also want to tag a few people from this thread, ask them for RP, get to know each other!

If your guild wants to run a full formal investigation, I'd love to see any reports written posted here as well!
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Posted Oct 1, 14 · OP

There was a varnished oaken desk, organised neatly with separate piles of labelled papers, divided into their own individual sections upon the desk. The apparent size of a lithe woman sat behind the safekeeping of her workspace. Slender fingers curled around the exterior of a black and white printed newspaper, such that caused her great distress. The woman lowered the Krytan Herald from its concealed position over her face. Folding the paper down the middle, she tossed the tabloid upon the desk before her, slouching into her cushioned arm chair - painted to compliment that of her desk. A fourth murder... there has been two in Gendarran, one in Ebonhawke and now such reaches the walls of this great city. Viola folded her left arm underneath her concealed bust, her right elbow propped upon her forearm as the backs of her slender fingers trailed across the bottom of her chin. Her lips painted in the color of crimson blood drooped, said corners forming a frown as her eyes lidded to a close while deep in thought. The dog would only bark for meat... The header of the article stared her in the face, each letter piercing her skull as if pulsating. WOMAN PLANTED. Viola slapped her hands against the wood of the desk, her oculus' popping through the skin of her sockets. "I must have clearance!" The store was closed, there was no one who could hear her echoing cries throughout the contained room. For a moment, she forgot she was alone. "I have to see the body..." The woman muttered, cursing vaguely underneath her cutting breath. Swinging one leg from the knee of the other, Viola swiftly moved through the walls of The White Lily, snatching an obsidian waistcoat from the coat/hat stand in the corner of her office nook.
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Posted Oct 1, 14

Keeper Arhiadhyn lay on her back across her desk, feet resting on piles of paperwork. The chair had long-since been abandoned; used as another location for her to stack her papers on. The sylvari held a newspaper above her head, yawning widely as she turned the pages.


Arhiadhyn wrinkled her nose, sitting up on the desk and crossing her legs. She read the article a second time and then hopped off the desk. If she went looking for it, someone might have filed any additional information along with the pre-publications of the newspaper. She clasped her hands above her head, rose up on her tiptoes, and stretched, yawning loudly. "Planted. No luck."
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Posted Oct 1, 14

Gavain paced down to the common room, after taking his bath for the second time in no less than 12 hours. After all, one can't have too many baths after they have been wallowing in the dungeons for so long. There was an unusual level of excitement and commotion, where two dozen men, women and serving wenches alike huddled around a table. "Murder!" and "Gore!" were words he could barely pick out. How quaint.

He casually joined in the scrum, managing to nudge and force his way in to get a glimpse of the headline. "WOMAN PLANTED BEFORE WEDDING" His first reaction was to cringe inwardly. Who in the Gods' name would choose such a tediously sensational headline? Obviously he could not read the full body of the text, instead allowing one of the literate ones to read aloud for the benefit of the other illiterate plebs. The details gave him a minor twinge. Nobody deserved to die like that, but he couldn't help but be surprised. He had, after all, met with and conspired with murderers of that ilk who viewed their handiwork as works of art. The perpetrator here must fancy himself as some kind of maestro of modern art.

A part of him was thinking of cooking up a speech, linking this ghastly incident to Jennah's incompetence. No, that won't be prudent, not when news of this is so fresh. He'd wait for several days for the name of this Harcourt girl to be a household name before issuing Cicero's poison upon the people's minds again.
Posted Oct 1, 14 · Last edited Oct 2, 14

"Kazuo. Stop wearing a hole in the floorboards."

The voice came from a lounging Setsuka, sprawled across a worn and faded lounger, and currently trying to nap.

"But look," he replied, holding up a creased and wrinkled newspaper. The headline read in dark, bold letters: Woman Planted Before Wedding. "There's something about this ... it se-"

The paper was snatched out of his hands before he could finish. He hated it when she moved that quickly. "Does that say planted?" Quickly scanning the article, a smirk twisted her lips. "It seems someone has a sense of humor. Planted. That's cute."

"Don't be so morbid. I want you to go check this-"

"Nope. Irrelevant. Not my job."

"There were flowers planted in her abdomen, Sets. Flowers. Doesn't that sound familiar?"

For once, the constant smug look on her face faltered. "It's a coincidence. Shit like this happens all the time, Kaz." She shrugged, returning to her inelegant sprawl.

"I know. But what if ... If we had more information, we could be certain." The faint worry lines creasing his face seemed to deepen as he frowned, hands shaking slightly. He hoped she wouldn't notice, but she always did. Shit. It hasn't been that long, has it?

Setsuka eyed her brother carefully. "I don't know why you still take that stuff, Kaz." Her voice was quiet and dark, somber, if ever that word could be applied to her. "Fine. I'll do it, you idiot. I'm right, though. Coincidence." The door slammed behind her, leaving Kazuo behind in the half-light of their loft.
Posted Oct 2, 14 · Last edited Oct 2, 14
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