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[REACTIONS] Fire and Terror in Triskellion

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Welcome to the Roleplay and Reaction thread for a recent tragedy affecting Triskell Quay in Kessex Hills. Your character is free to hear about the crime via newspapers, rumors, or by being in the region where this has taken place. We encourage everyone to write an in-character response; whether your character is involved with the authorities and law-enforcement groups, investigators and researchers, or simply wanting to react to the horror that has struck Triskell Quay overnight.

Like our previous threads, this is open to anyone who wishes to get involved and participate. We are particularly interested in puzzle-solvers and avid investigators for the next part of this episode, so stay tuned for updates on the main thread.

Posted Oct 7, 14 · OP

Packages don't simply show up outside the door of Black Manor without questionable intent -- the old home, an ugly mansion really, is located high enough to overlook parts of Viathan's Arm and entirely surrounded by the thick of a gnarled forest where the land isn't cut short by cliffs. So naturally, when arrives home late that evening, the brown-paper wrapped box catches his wary eye almost immediately. Scaling the steps two at a time, he bends down unfold the parchment note tacked to the top. His fingers gloss over the edge to pull it open, but his eyes only read: To: The --

... before a hazy gust of smoke bursts from low on the horizon. Alurien pulls back from the package as though scalded and thinks, the woods are on fire. It isn't the first attack the Manor has seen, nor the first fire. But, even as he's racing down the narrow winding path on horseback, the red glow gets brighter and seems further away. It isn't the woods at all.

The acrid scent of smoke hits him long before Triskell Quay is in full view, and though the fires are out before he steps foot into the village, it leaves his hands trembling and lungs screaming for air.
Posted Oct 7, 14

The Admiral balls up the ratty newspaper and tosses it into the fireplace with a sigh. "Glad I got all me ships back ta the Arch and outta the Quay, then. Sixteen be still a strong fleet. Hope Yuks weren't in the warehouse when the fire hit...bloody savages..." More dead? How many more will lose their lives and livelihoods to cowards who set fires in the night and hang innocents from topgallants?

Mia's worry is not one of just the survival of her co-owned property and the people of Triskellion, but the fact her close friend and Minister-Elect Lu is in residence of the warehouse on the Quay, quite close to where this wretched, cowardly act took place. The warehouse was to be turned into a clinic for the area.

Laid up with a broken leg, the Admiral will have to dispatch more security to the area and perhaps deploy some birds of a dubious nature to listen for songs to sing back to her.
Posted Oct 7, 14 · Last edited Oct 7, 14

"Will these heinous crimes of burning blood, ever come to its timely end?" Viola cursed under her breath, hurling a ball of saliva from the back of her throat and spat in a rather unladylike upon the cobblestone pavements of the courtyard. She folded the local newspaper in half, sliding the pads of two of her fingers down the middle as she dug her filed nails into the parchments. The news failed to surprise her, though the sight she pictured in her head disgusted her nonetheless.

Over the past couple of weeks it had appeared to her that there was an endless series of murders, none of them solved or truly identified. While reading the article, Viola established that this murder was unlike the others -- no information truly set in stone. What of the words: Your Move? None of it, made much sense. She knew of the Triskellion region quite well, having collected shipments from its port in the past. Her home, was always Kessex Hills and how it had been plagued by a substantial murder and burning.

Viola heard their screams in her head, the sounds wrought thick and a sharp ring piercing her ear drums, causing the the young noblewoman to squint her eyes shut as she strolled down the steps of her courtyard. She imagined the flames searing the flesh of innocent individuals, turning skin once so pure into charred meat. A part of her mien remained neutral to the news, the expression in her face rarely changing. She had heard of worse, but her mind filled with questions. Analysing the bodies may prove to be almost useless... but, to determine the age of the individual and possibly who they were could be determined. Teeth, the skeletal structure and possible fragments of hair, could all be used to determine who these people were. She would have to come into contact with the authorities in the area for clearance.
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Posted Oct 8, 14 · Last edited Oct 8, 14

She watched the flames sluggish ascension; ash wisps circling the docks. The ghostly remains of the boat loomed at the ocean’s surface, the wooden decks slowly submerging themselves into the deep blue. The air reeked of burnt coal and putrefaction.

There they were, lying not more than a few metres ahead. The charred corpses, their crisp and blackened skin molting with the coming breeze -- though she no made no expression of disgust or repugnance, no. She presented a calm, neutral countenance -- as if she had seen innumerable horrors not too dissimilar.

She concluded her watchful gaze with a simple flick of the wrist, popping her parasol and twirling around; taking long, monstrous strides to the edge of the town.
Posted Oct 8, 14

Thick muscle pumps under heavy skin and short, vitreous fur. Not lean but large, asserting her presence on the cliffs that cup Viathan’s Arm with the same nonpartisan air as the gulls skimming overhead. Like the Sylvari shadowing her, the giant mastiff has come to observe. She pushes wet air from her nose, turning her broad head towards the touch of his fingers upon her brow.

The pair look on in silence for a time. Then the newspaper strikes his armoured thigh.
“Why a boat?” his voice is low and rusty, dissolving into the whirr of insects and waves. She turns her small eyes on the town of Triskell Quay and the little people moving around like ants.

“What was on the boat?” She swings her head towards him, expelling a grunt. She is large, but he is larger, his shadow peeling off of her and stretching instead towards the town. They both turn their heads towards the smell.

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Posted Oct 8, 14 · Last edited Oct 8, 14

"Whoa. I thought you and that Canthan chick were friends." A teasing voice behind the blonde voiced out. A deadpan had crossed over the blonde's face as she took her own copy of the newspaper article and tossed it towards her visiting acquaintance, only to receive cackles in return. Her fingers snaked tightly around her pint of mead as she turned her body to look dead onto her friend who hung his body off the edge of the guest bed like a sloth, eyebrow risen up in lack of amusement.

"It wasn't me, you {fudge}ing moron." Ariel retorted, lifting her glass to her lips to swallow down the sweetened liquor and simmer down. "Of course she and I are friends - even if I think it's stupid she wants to be a minister of all things. We don't even know if this has anything to do with her." Sharp green eyes shifted towards the open balcony door where the amber light of the sunset invaded through the room, giving a strong reminder of its descent. She was somewhat glad that she stayed away from Kessex if she could help it. That place was becoming a dump, and someone or something was trying to burn down the remnants of trash.

The warmth of the mulled mead still lingered on the skin of her fingers as she placed the glass down and stepped over to shut the door to the balcony, shunning back the blinding sunlight. "It's just weird, cause it was only the other day that we went to her Meet and Greet. I mean, you didn't need to tell her twice that people were going to doubt her, but I don't think any of us were expecting this to happen." Ariel shrugged her arms up in exaggeration as she bent her frame low to pick her drink back up. "And what else could have possibly triggered this? Nothing happens in Kessex - the place is boring as {fudge} as far as I'm concerned. Then Yuki hosts her event... and suddenly the town's on fire. Coincidence?"

"I don't know, man..." The man answered without the slightest hint of help.. or concern in his tone. Another cue to take a much needed swig of the mead. With a deep and irritated exhale, Ariel strode towards the stairs, making her way to the bottom floor of her abode. "Hopefully no one we knew was there at the time. I'm going to see Yuki soon to see if she's good or not." Despite that this was considered an early hour for the schedule of Ariel, the woman felt that a little rest was called for.
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After a long day of worry and haggling, The Admiral has a ketch with its holds filled with provisions and clean water prepared to sail to the Quay in the morning. Minister-Elect Lu finally sent word that she and the warehouse were fine, if not a little smoke-tinged, along with Mia's close friend, head of security, and first mate Jasku Nocte, who was guarding the area the night of the fires. Having already sent almost the entirety of Rosethorne Shipping's stores of medical supplies, left over from Scarlet's Sieges on the Arch, after meeting with Lady Lu and various other concerned individuals tonight, Mia now has another focus.

Not entirely trusting of the local authorities, and since her company is both well-known and liked in the Quay, the Admiral is making arrangements for members of her security and special operations teams to patrol the area and help administer aide to those affected. As for the loss of the peoples' ships, she has already secured two brigs and three ketches at ridiculously reduced costs and having them refurbished fore to aft by her expert ship's husband, Gart Varadusk, and plans to donate them to the village as soon as they are ready.

It may be time for a vacation, she supposes. Southsun is always nice this time of year...
Posted Oct 9, 14
Deatrix Cayne sat in her home's study, the corners of the room veiled in darkness as she hunched tiredly over a desk strewn with papers, files, and official Blade reports. This act was brazen, two bodies strung up and a ship left alight.

"Your move," She muttered to herself as she looked over the paper detailing the fire in Triskellion.

"Check!" Cawed her pet raven in response, the bird perched on the top of a high-backed chair overlooking a game of chess that had been abandoned mid-game. She couldn't remember when she last sat down and played a game, but still the bird felt the incessant need to mimic what it had overheard, and could be prompted to noisily do so with the smallest of effort, intentional or not.

A heavy, exhausted sigh left her, fingers rubbing at her temple, trying to soothe the dull headache that nagged incessantly from pouring over documents and evidence. Warm light flickered and danced over the pile of paperwork, a lone oil lamp on the desk providing the only light in the late hours; the untended fire in the hearth no more than dying embers now. "We're being taunted, its all a game to them."

"Check! Check!" The bird cried out once more, sounding like cacophonous mockery to the agent.

There simply wasn't enough to go on at this point. No matter how many times she drowned herself in the autopsy reports, witness claims, or delved into materials trying to determine symbolism behind the killings, she felt like she was getting nowhere. She was playing a game of chess where all the opponent's pieces were hidden, and her pieces were being taken one by one by phantoms. It all boiled down to finding Rosewick Crane as quickly as possible, before anyone else did, before she could potentially be silenced by the killer.

Whatever the motive, they definitely had a message they wanted to be heard, and now those investigating it were being directly challenged and addressed. It was almost as if they wanted to be caught, or to at least go through the dance of the game, sliding pieces across the board to try and prove themselves the greater. Their simply wasn't enough to go on at this point, and the the potential of missing evidence from the Zervas case and the unknown location of a key witness wasn't making matters easier.

"Check!" cawed the bird once again, a piercing, grating sound as it landed atop the board, pecking at a bishop that tumbled over and rolled around in a circle as if in the throes of death.

Agent Cayne turned suddenly, pitching an empty goblet in the bird's direction, causing it take flight, scattering chess pieces, sending them raining down upon the floor. "Damnable bird!" She cursed, pushing to her feet. She set to picking up the pieces one by one, putting them back on the board, returning them to their original placement out of memory. Then she stopped, staring at the chess set, and began to move the pieces to their starting positions. "Rhea Ratta, Simon Zervas, two unidentified bodies in Triskellion." She removed a black pawn for each one, placing them off to the side. "Rosewick Crane, witness." She slid a white pawn forward. There wasn't any more time for research and analysis, the only way they were going to find answers was through direct and swift action.

"Our move." Taking the black knight between forefinger and thumb, she moved it into play.
Posted Oct 10, 14 · Last edited Oct 10, 14
One of the largest buildings in the Quay is the current home of its future Minister and her personal guard. Her chosen deputy as well—at least on paper. When the silent night is broken by an explosion down on the docks, every building in the village feels the shockwave from the blast. The walls of the Minister's bedroom shake, and both she and her guard jerk awake in nearly the same moment. Neither bother with bleary moments of confusion and inaction. Something is terribly wrong, and both know they will be needed.

Jasku leaps up from the bed to the floor, careful to avoid accidentally striking the Minister in his rush. The agent would not just sit by while something with something gone terribly wrong so close to Yuki. Triskellion's Minister-Elect, a light sleeper in the best of times, awakens almost as immediately as her bed partner, though she does not move as quickly into action. She sits up, dark eyes alert as they dart around the room for any sign of an intruder. A second of thought is enough to chase away that worry, however; the sound had been farther away than that. The building's tremor would have caused more damage if her home had been the direct target. Running a hand over her face to clear the last traces of sleep from her system, the Canthan shifts to the side of the bed and starts patting around the floor for her hastily discarded clothing. She really needs to learn to put on pajamas before falling asleep.

Jasku holds out a hand in her direction as he shoves his feet into his boots, trying to get them on as fast as he can manage. "Yuki, you need to stay here. Whatever is going on, it's definitely dangerous."

"But what if someone's hurt?" she shoots back in challenge. "These are my people too, Jas!" There. At least she has pants in hand. Jumping up to her feet, she shimmies into the clinging black leather before resuming her search for the ornate armored top she had worn for defense during the caravan—and gladly set aside when with a man who can talk his way past her defenses.

"I know, and I'm sorry. I swear to you that I'll do everything I can, but that's exactly why you have to stay here. A Minister candidate who's also a healer hears something in the dead of night that makes her want to leave her home. Perfect setup for a trap. I have no idea what could happen if you step outside."

"Or maybe they want to draw out my guard to the site of a disturbance, then sneak into the house when I'm alone!" she counters. Odds are he has already thought of that, given his background, but no way will she waste an opportunity to prove he is not the only clever mind in the room. Aha! Feathers and gold scale glinting in the dim red light coming in through the window to their bedroom. A frown touches her lips. It is not yet dawn. The light should still be pale. Her face drains of color. Snatching up her top, she rushes over to the window to peer outside. “Gods. Jas, the docks..."

The dark-haired guard finally manages to get his boots on, and now fumbles with the buttons of his coat. "Dammit..." he snarls, clearly flustered. “Alright, fine. At least let me to look outside quickly to assess the situation before we go. That alone is something I'd rather avoid if at all possible, but..." He caves. There is no way he could make her do something he knows she would hate so incredibly much.

She hears his words, accepts them, and will follow the request as long as he does not take too long on his assessment tour. In the meantime, she can at least provide him information on the overall situation. "West side," she reports quickly. "Fires on maybe two, three docks. Hard to tell from here. Wreckage in the water. At least four ships missing." Her sharp gaze continues to try to take in all it can in the eerie red glow casting shadows wildly along what remained of the wooden walkways and against the sides of buildings still standing. "Not many people moving down there. Not in the middle of it. Doubt that'll stay the case for long."

Jasku mutters a spell as he finishes buttoning up his coat. Several dark tendrils of energy snake across the ground, moving quickly. Finally having suited up for the possibility of a fight and to be all around decent to leave the building, he looks to Yuki. "You just finish getting yourself presentable for now. I'll be right back, I promise." He leaves her little time to respond before muttering another spell to vanish in a fount of mist. Using the tendrils he had sent out to key locations with the initial spell, he moves from place to place rapidly. Each gives him a vantage point over the town and provides valuable information on the both the structures and residents.

Yuki finishes dressing in record time before returning to her window to watch the increasing activity outside. Men and women trickling out of their houses, some with buckets already in hand to start a brigade in hopes of containing the fires. Anxiety twists her hands over and over one another. Who could have done this? Why? And why now, of all times? A thousand questions need answering, and she is forced to stand and wait. Wait while her people fight a battle alone.

Jasku returns mere minutes after he had left, but he knows even that amount of time would have been painful for anyone stuck sitting around in a situation like this. He pants slightly, a touch tired from the reckless transportation. "Are you ready?"

"I was ready the second I woke up. Aside from the naked part." She holds out her hand to him, noting his tired condition. "C'mon. My turn." He nods, moving quickly to take the hand to avoid slowing things down further.

Yuki closes her eyes and draws a deep breath. Not that she would admit it, but she has never taken anyone through the Shadow before. Only been along for the ride when Vin used to zip them from place to place to keep them safe from whatever random danger he sensed at the time. Now seems like the perfect time to turn experience into ability.

One hand reaches out, ripping at the air in front of her like a child would at the colorful paper keeping her from a holiday present. A tear appears in the darkness, and she tugs hard on Jasku's arm to hurry him through the gap with her. Pain pricks at every centimeter of her skin during the brief trip from house to the street outside the building, but she grits her teeth against it. There were more important things to focus upon. Once they are both safely outside, she breaks into a run without waiting for Jasku's approval.

The Order agent swears under his breath as she begins to run, then follows along only a few strides behind despite her surprising speed. He is absolutely determined to not let her get too far from him, as there may still be threats lingering. Even through his assessment of the situation, there was always a risk carried with something like this. After all this was certainly no accident.

Yuki only starts to slow when she reaches the edge of the disaster area. Men and women with buckets are already futilely tossing splashes of lake water at the raging fires. Too little. Always too little. Thinking quickly, she grabs the arm of a woman scurrying by to join the brigade. "No, no. We need something bigger. Go wake up the old man on the north side of town. Um. Damn. The one with the beard down to his knees. He's a water elementalist." The woman does not seem to understand at first due to her fear, and the Canthan slows down her explanation and uses fewer words on the repetition so it sinks in. At last the chubby brunette nods and runs back the way she came.

Help should be arriving soon, with any luck. In the meantime, Saiyuki does what she always does: get right into the middle of things without hesitation or invitation. Stepping toward the front of the line, she reaches out to take a bucket and join the firefighters.

Jasku begins to help out in whatever way that he can as well, opting for magic over a bucket. Grenth was the Prince of Ice and Darkness. He grabs his staff which he had thankfully slung across his back at some point when putting on his coat. Ice was not the easiest thing compared to pull of compared to the rest of his magic, but having hit staff would make it easier on him. He begins chanting a spell, focusing his magic toward the center of larger flames. Whether or not the ice itself would help, any he conjured would likely be consumed by the intense blaze nearly immediately and turn to helpful water.

Yuki catches sight of her guard out of the corner of her eye, then hears a hiss from the center of the flames. A smile appears briefly on her lips. So damn smart. He would deserve a kiss for that later. She leaves the brigade to their buckets and moves to join him. Not her favored form of magic by far, having utilized ice-making only once before, but she certainly has energy to spare to fuel his efforts. Hands close on the staff, and within seconds her power bleeds into it. Into him. Giving him more to channel into his casting.

His eyes flicker for a moment to his Canthan companion as she moves to join and help him. He would have smiled to her normally, but the situation seemed to have drained his ability to do anything of the sort. Plus it might have interfered with the incantation. With the extra energy flowing into the cause, he decides to attempt expanding the effectiveness of the spell by targeting multiple locations.

His helper feels the shift in flow as it begins. Sees with her shadowed eyes the course his energy begins to take. The way it ripples and shimmers like the sun glinting off new fallen snow in winter. She breathes in slowly, evenly, as the chill seeps into her body as well. Every ounce of her strength pours into him, through him, and the white sparkle illusion becomes a bitter mountain peak wind raging toward his intended targets.

Knowing the Minister-Elect's tendency to give more than she should, he is cautious to not use too much of her offered energy. Still he manages to create more ice fields than before. More floes to shrivel and melt to douse the hearts of the flames. As each major area of fire dies down from the frozen assault by the two necromancers, he turns his focus to the other fires that hadn't gotten such a treatment. The villagers with their bucket brigade should be able to handle what has been tamed.

Yuki keeps an eye turned toward the road in hopes of catching sight of their backup. Having never focused much on the icy portion of her natural powers, this whole thing is rather exhausting for her; the sooner aid arrives, the sooner the Canthan can turn her attention toward her primary ability: life force manipulation. Movement near the top of the path catches her attention. Two figures walking side by side: one the curvy shape of a housewife who spends most of her days and nights cooking for a large family, and the other a blur of gray—gray robes and heavy gray beard on a weathered face. The elementalist. A shiver courses through her body as Jasku redirects their combined energies toward a new area of the blaze. Not a moment too soon.

Jasku follows her gaze to see the figures as well. He removes one of the hands from his staff, reaching over to give her a light pat on the back. Chanting ceases for a moment so he can speak to her. "That's enough of this, Yuki. You've already helped a lot. You need to save your energy for if people need healing. I'll keep on doing what I can with the help of everyone else."

Regardless of whether or not she heeds his idea, he begins to channel the spell once more, refusing to use any of the energy the Canthan continues trying to supply. Despite the decreased resources, he keeps creating multiple ice fields of smaller size than before. He is clearly exerting himself quite a bit doing so, but he manages to remain standing firm.

When she feels the pull of her energy cease, Saiyuki's dark eyes narrow in frustration as she realizes he has made the decision for her. There goes that promised kiss reward. With a quiet huff, she releases the staff and darts off to the next necessary task. Jasku frowns slightly, as he continues working his magic. He knows his charge well enough to realize that doing what he had was a pretty big error on his part. But, he believes what he said, and will stand by it. She is a talented healer, and she needs to conserve her energy for taking care of the wounded.

The Canthan steps back several yards from the flames to an area of the stone walkway not covered by debris and with less ash falling like wicked snow upon the ground. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she calls out to all at the top of her lungs, hoping they can hear over the roar of the flames, "Anyone who can heal, to me!" The command is repeated until people begin to react. The first few who trickle over are those she recognizes as residents of the city with some healing capabilities: former medics of the Seraph or Vigil or Chantry or Priory. She converses with each quickly to determine their strengths, then sets up areas for each to attend the inevitable injured.

The elementalist that had been called to the scene arrives wielding a staff of his own. It was a simple wooden staff that was finely carved with multiple elementally attuned runes. The man's hands already had flowing water about them, having prepared to help out with the problem. Once he has stepped within a tolerable casting range, he pulls a steady stream of water from the lake to splash to several of the nearby fires. Through another spell, he forms clouds from moisture in the air wherever he can find it. Winds rise at his behest to blow the clouds to the dry air over the flames, and the heat draws rain out of the clouds. It is less effective than the stream, but having a self-perpetuating cycle that does not require constant channeling will still be a great help.

With a triage area established, the Minister-Elect hurries back toward the fires. A few strapping young men she drags out of the bucket brigade to help her start combing through the wreckage for any survivors of the explosion. All are instructed to take caution and not risk having burning debris fall on them while they try to locate the lost. The foursome move to a warehouse obliterated by the initial blast and force their way into the crumbling remains.

Yuki curses her choice of attire as the feathered monstrosity keeps getting caught on jagged boards jutting out of the collapsed building. Lifting her dagger from her belt, she severs the ornate 'skirt' of her armored top and leaves it to burn to ash on the ground. Then she plunges back into working alongside the chosen men diligently yanking aside heavy pieces of fallen wall and ceiling in a desperate search for anyone still living. She strains to hear anything over the angry flames and the shouts of the people in the brigade and terrified screaming and broken crying from observers and...

The Minister-Elect presses her lips together into a hard line. Gods, they needed some hope here. There has to be someone still breathing. She grasps a section of what may have once been part of a table and lifts it up to peer beneath.

There. An arm. Moving! She turns and calls out to one of the men to help her, then starts to lift aside the debris she can move on her own. Revealing more and more. A shoulder. Leg. Hair soaked in red and a face streaked with black until it was nearly unrecognizable. Together she and her helper clear away enough rubble to reveal the injured man. So many injuries. Moving him might kill him.

Gritting her teeth, the Canthan instructs her fellow searcher to try to keep the area as clear as possible. To push away any more parts of the weakened structure that might lose their hold and collapse. She will have to be fast. This place is too dangerous to linger for long. Kneeling in the splintered mess, Saiyuki strips off her gloves and presses pale hands to the man's chest.

Hope. This man would give it to them all. She must save him.

While Saiyuki works her magic inside the burning building, Jasku is finally slowing down with his own. He begins to once again focus on single patches of ice, but rapidly realizes they are too small in size to do much good. He curses under his breath and moves to use a bucket alongside the others.

The elementalist has continued the streams of water. The heat is still intense, and he sends small waves rising alongside the streams. In a display of further skill with water, he creates a spring of water to rise from the cobble closer to the villagers using buckets. Periodically he catches the moisture from the evaporating water to be added to the clouds hanging just above the flames, continuing the drizzle over the areas.

Hissing steam overhead signals to those inside the building that rain has started to fall on their dangerous shelter. Only Saiyuki does not lift her head toward the sound; her focus on healing the man pushes away all else with its intensity. Her helper cannot see it, but the Canthan woman's body pulses with green light as she pours everything she has, everything she is, into this one man. A symbol. He will show how Kessex can survive even the most brutal, cowardly assaults. Wounds that should have taken weeks to close do so in a matter of seconds. Disfiguring burns twist into puckered scars and then smooth into the pale pink of newly grown skin. Broken ribs and shoulder knit back together into solid bone once more. Her energy wanes significantly, and dizziness tries to steal away her consciousness. But she cannot surrender. Will not.

At last a low groan rises from the man, and dark eyes open to stare blankly at the two forms hovering over him. Saiyuki settles back, gasping desperately for breath and finding only smoke-tainted air to fill her lungs. "Get... him out..." she orders her helper. He moves to obey, scooping up the weak man and grunting under the weight. She staggers to her feet to follow them. But the other two men are still searching. She should not leave them. It is a leader's duty to watch over her people.

Anxious eyes look back toward the pair lifting and shoving and kicking away wood and stone. Their anger is obvious. Right now that is replacing fear. Hopefully that will stay the trend; anger can be harnessed, while fear merely cripples. With a reluctant sigh, the Minister-Elect steps out of the burning wreckage and begins her weary shuffle back toward the makeshift triage area. She would have to send someone else to help with the search and rescue. Her legs would not continue supporting her if she dared another dramatic healing attempt. Quickly she looks around to try to ascertain the current status of the area.

The docks have basically been reclaimed by the efforts of the buckets, the ice, and the elementalist, though the ships were not so lucky. The damage from the flames had severely ruined the strength of the wooden planks of the docks, the charcoal shattering if anyone careless stepped on it. There are a few safe paths that people had managed to find, so daring volunteers have started to follow those with the buckets to throw up to the ships. It was still mostly a job for the old man, and anyone else who had the magic to help out.

Casting aside the streams and small waves, the elderly elementalist begins to focus energy toward creating a large wave to rush over the decks of one of the boats. It takes half a minute to gather the energy necessary, and well worth the wait. The single wave puts out the fire on quarter of a single ship. Once the wave breaks over the floundering vessel, he begins to work on the next one.

Jasku moves to his charge's side once he sees her state. A single glance lets her know he is too weary to even attempt another round of ice magic. "Is everything... alright?" he panted.

Yuki nods toward the man carrying the single survivor pulled out from the wreckage so far. "He'll... he'll live. We... Help me pick another to... I'll have to stay..." Speaking alone wearies her, and she reaches out to take Jasku's arm for support. "Bring volunteers to me. Ones who can... can keep searching. There..." She glances out toward the water and watches the rainstorms and powerful waves washing over ruined docks and ships to save everything they can. One ship in particular catches her attention. Dark objects hang from each end of the yardarm. The firelight has dimmed to make seeing anything clearly through the rising smoke impossible, but the shapes are unmistakable. She tugs on her guard's arm to get his attention. "Look!"

Jasku only gives a quick glance to the bodies before deciding to focus on what she had asked him before. He had seen enough dead things to know that it was already too late for those two, especially the way they were hanging. "I'll bring you some people. Don't force yourself to do anything, please. I can tell you're exhausted." The frown that rests on his face turns more concerned as he focuses on the weary face of his companion.

"Have to... We have to keep looking for survivors." She rests her head against his shoulder briefly as she tries to collect herself. "They need hope, Jas. We have to save as many as..." Pushing away from her support, the stubborn woman continues toward the triage area. She can see rows of people lying on the ground with medics hovering over them. There is still more work to do. She will not give in yet.

Jasku rushes to keep up with her as she moves away, continuing to speak with her before he would go gather volunteers as she requested. "Yuki, we need more help. Most everyone here was tired to begin with because of the time, but all of this work is exhausting everyone. We've nearly gotten the fires handled, but there's still a lot of work that will need to be done."

"I know. I'm trying to..." She draws to a halt, and darkness smothers the blue of her eyes. "... I can't do everything alone, can..? Dammit." She shifts her attention back toward the intact headquarters. “Alright. Just give me... I need a minute." Again the brief trek resumes, and she reaches the triage area within seconds. Rather than getting to work, however, she starts to delegate. Sending the hovering loved ones of recovered injured parties off to gather water and bandages and food in case it will be needed. This will be a long morning, and she wants to make sure everyone stays on his or her feet as long as possible. Others she sends to gather children and take them somewhere safe. The quarry village if necessary.

Turning back, she fires off another command to Jasku, who is likely getting irritated by the endless orders she peppers him with. "We'll need men. Those who can fight to escort the ones who cannot to safety. We don't know if this is over yet."

Jasku nods promptly, finally going off to do what he had been asked. He runs off with more energy than it seemed he should actually have anymore, always refusing to go down. He starts shouting directions in a commanding and booming voice, gathering volunteers from the line of bucket-wielding firefighters until the line is efficiently reduced to enough people to where the first person to pour a bucket will return with another by the time the last person would. Some stand on the side to swap out as needed, but volunteers gather. Some begin searching, some begin gathering weapons they may have.

Once everything seems to be in order, Jasku slips to the side to talk over a communicator, but it's not Rosethorne Company's. Within minutes his brief conversation over the communicator, two people clad in black, red, and gold leather armor come rushing to the Quay. Their shoulderguards bear the Order of Whispers insignia, if the trademark armor hadn't already given it away. Jasku speaks quietly with them for a minute, getting the response of a salute from the two of them. One of them disappear from sight quickly, while the other sticks around to keep an eye on the area and how things are proceeding.

Yuki waits until everything is running as smoothly as possible before hurrying back up the ramps and stairs to her headquarters. She regrets not having more than three birds. The first two are equipped with messages to the Commander of the Seraph for both assistance and information and to the Vice-Legate herself to inform her of the situation and formally request aid. Jasku returns to the bunkhouse as she signs the third note. It will be carried to her secretary by Faile, her kestrel and personal messenger. Nathan's family has enough pull in the trade industry to drag up a few ships to replace those that had been lost. Plus she values his opinion and hopes he will help with the endless string of meetings to come.

"Some help has arrived. I was only able to get two agents, though."

"Thank you," she murmurs as she finishes attaching the third letter to Faile's leg. She turns back to him after sending the bird flying through the window into the night. She rises from her desk, covered in soot and ash and blood, and moves to the chest sitting against the wall. "I need to go to the Reach. I'm not Minister yet. Don't have the authority to do everything necessary. I'll have to start pushing. Wheedling. Begging if I must."

Jasku did not fare much better when it came to the looks department. Though, there was a lack of blood on him. Jasku frowns when he notices that. "That's not yours, is it? And are you all right?" he questions, deciding those are more important to ask than to tell her what he plans to do. "If you need to, go. I'd like to stay here and investigate. But if you do go, please make sure you have someone to guard you. I'd love to continue guarding, but I'm exhausted from all of that magic, and there are still many things I should do for your safety here."

The bold Canthan drags out of the chest an outfit not ruined by smoke and blade and starts stripping so she can change. Her mind is elsewhere, listing and relisting everything she will need to do. Questions about her welfare are ignored, but soon enough of her body is bared to show she bears nothing more than a few nicks and cuts from digging through splintered debris. "I'll be fine. I'll go straight to the fort and use the waypoint to get to the city. There I'll be surrounded by guards."

He nods. "That'll do, then. Grenth shield you, Yuki," he says softly, looking down slightly.

She pauses after redressing to look at him. A few steps carry her to his side, and she loops an arm around his neck to deliver a warm kiss she wishes she could let linger longer than it does. "Take care of everyone, Jas. I trust you."

Jasku places his hands at her waist, making sure that doing so will not get the fresh change of clothes dirty. "I will. You likely won't see me much for the rest of the day, so take care, yourself."

"Will if I have time, but the people come first." Another quick kiss on his cheek is her final word on the matter, and the Minister-Elect rushes down the stairs to continue her duties.
"These violent delights have violent ends / And in their triumph die, like fire and powder / Which, as they kiss, consume."
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