They were just there...

Not only did this make them look all the more suspicious among easily angered people, but the duo became tentative as well. 'Did we do something that would have caused this? Could we have prevented the happening?' but attempt as they did to find reason, they could only shrug shoulders in dismay.
"Should we look to find what happened, anyhow? I mean, so as you are with the Whispers and I the Priory. It would do the people of Triskellion and of Kryta a world of deeds." the little Asura complied with his companion.
"It may also cease us suspect from wonder to how it began," the light blue Sylvari added ponderingly, "It would show that we had no idea of the disaster, and just like many, we want answers."
"Indeed," the Asura agreed.
Teekii Tumen-Ranik, who was an excelled Asuran thief at this time, hadn't even realized that his female friend's statement would also become true. At realizing this, he breathed easier. Then, he asked the often asked question:
"So... Where shall we begin, then?"
Fraieyah replied simply: "Where every good investigation begins, silly. The scene of the crime. To Triskell Quay we come," and the guardian set off, her little friend catching up soon after.