We do not have any standard rules for forum roleplay here at Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers, as each person's style and preferences are different. Admins and moderators will not be policing in-character threads except in cases where they violate the rules of the entire forum.

However, keep in mind the following when participating in roleplay threads:

  1. Try to keep this forum limited to mostly IC posts and interactions. There is a separate forum for discussion of roleplay threads.
  2. It's up to every roleplay thread owner to determine the rules of his or her own thread. Please state those rules at the beginning so it's clear to all potential roleplayers.
  3. It's recommended that you fill out a profile for your character before using them in a roleplay thread. It is not required, however, unless the roleplay thread owner specifically asks for it.
  4. Please do not hold up a roleplay more than a few days to wait on someone specific to post. It's unfair to the other active participants.
  5. Similarly, please be aware that a thread should not have to wait on you, so please don't put others in that situation if you can avoid doing so, and do not get upset if you are absent for a while and the roleplay moves on without you.

Thanks, and have fun!