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Murder in Ossan Quarter [Open RP Thread]

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Kitiara arrived on the scene, coffee in one hand and the other shoved in her coat pocket. A poor haggard woman selling eggs had banged on Kit's door knowing full well that there was a Seraph with a room in the Sun. And so there was Kit sipping her first cup of coffee of the day and looking like Grenth himself had pulled her out from the sheets.

She motioned to the gathering crowd with the mug, "Alright. Let's back it up," her eyes fell on the face of a familiar boy, "Go get some Seraph. Tell them Lance said to hurry it up." He ran off through the crowd. Murmurs and hushed whispers, speculations and people claiming they saw the air rip open and drop the skeletal arm other saying it was some kind of Mordem conspiracy or Sylvari trick. Kit sipped the coffee and squatted down at the bone. She didn't recognize the patterns etched onto it or the significance but she had people for that. She stood back up and started asking for witnesses as the Seraph, huffing in their armor, arrived on scene.
Posted Dec 4, 14
The Boutros family has been under a rotating guard watch of trusted friends of Mouna Kazmi to maintain their security and privacy during this difficult time. When the two came to question, the two girls, both named Hana Boutros, the daughter named for the mother, sat close to one another on a threadbare sofa.

The questioning was conducted by Kitiara Lance and Jedediah Lockwood.

For the purposes of transcribing, the names are as follows:

Hana Boutros the mother is referred to as Hana Boutros.
Hana Boutros the daughter is referred to by the nickname her mother gave her: Batatta (meaning potato)

Spoiler: Interview Results: TranscriptionShow
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Oily black smoke rose high over Divinity's Reach that night. As the meeting of the First Spears was drawing to a close, the first alarms sounded.

The Boutros home was burning.

Guards lay scattered about, their brutalized bodies more blood than matter: torn to shreds by magic and steel. Yet it was, perhaps, the worst night for Hana Boutros. Formerly a widow, now she was a pyre as her home burned around her. She screamed until her voice was gone, howled in pain and sadness. Her words were deafened by the flames around her; her breath was stolen by the choking black smoke.

They tried. Bless them, the people tried. They tried to put out the fires, yet the flames burned ever onward, spurred on by some foul sorcery. The plants withered, all magic thrown at the fire faded and only fed the flames. By the time the fires went out - all at once, strangely enough - there was nothing left of the house but burnt timbers and the blackened bones of Hana Boutros, once wife of a butchered butcher.

And in the air, laughter - high pitched and remorseless - echoed across the square.
Arkefor Ziliao
Posted Dec 15, 14
There is a woman of elonian heritage watching from afar, her hands tucked within the pockets of her coat. As the fire begins to consume the building, she moves off to alert the nearest law-enforcers, be they ministry guard, Shining Blade or seraph.
Posted Dec 15, 14 · Last edited Dec 15, 14
Days after the fire and the investigation on the cause was still underway. Kitiara had visited the site several times with a scowl etched on her face as she listened to the various reports, suspected causes, and other information the Seraph gave her. Her eyes looked over the blackened ruins of the house and nodded as if to the very cinders. She was resolved in a decision that she had weighed for days now and stalked out of the Ossan District wordlessly leaving the drake hounds and their handlers to continue shifting through the former home of the Boutros'.
Posted Dec 19, 14
Ceri was on her way to the Sun when she hears the fire alarms. Fearing people lives in danger, she rushes towards the commotion, coming to a halt as she rounds a corner to see what the raging inferno has consumed. She curses to the heavens, seeing the carnage before her. Seraph were already coming on the scene and the people trying put in a futile effort. In hopes to do something, Ceri rushed over to the bodies of the guards lay strewn about the place, horrified at the sight she beholds. A string of prayers to Grenth, asking for vengeance, part Ceri's lips as the fires suddenly evaporated.

(I meant to post this right after the event. Sorry for the long delay. I hope this reaction was alright.)
Posted Dec 21, 14 · Last edited Dec 21, 14
As the next morning approached, many who had speculated, watched, pointed, accused, and assisted in the events of last night did nothing for anyone. The house was smoldering in ashes, the streets beyond were burned, but, luckily, no deaths. Heart Cypruss, a young woman no more than 21, was on guard that night at the Boutros' house. She had been specifically ordered off by the Vigil, due to a previous injury in an Orrian raid. On the mend, she was one of the few guards who were mangled severely, and the impact of those events were later on revealed in the paperbacks sent off by messengers the next day. (The interview is in bulk here:)
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