To all operatives of the order of Whispers.


Name: Unknown
Alias: Y the Ascalonian. Fire. Phoenix.
Crimes: Claimed to be a Goddess and formed a terrorist group called The 4, together with 3 other supposed goddeses. Marched with an army of 88 people from Ebonhawke to Blazeridge Steppes, with unknown purpose. Were stopped by the Order of Whispers, with help from CLASSIFIED, who imprisoned the survivors using arcane means. Has somehow escaped. Presumed extremely dangerous.
Powers: like the other 3 "goddesses", gave up control over other elements in order to gain massive control of just one of them. Y controls the power of the flame. Can lay waste to an entire battleground if left alone. Her massive spells take time and concentration to cast, so she can be very weak against quick oponents. Strike first, ask questions later.
Whereabouts: has somehow escaped her prison, last seen in Mantelet Refuge. She is presumably looking for the other 3 Goddesses. Their prisons' locations are CLASSIFIED. All traces of the Whisper's involvement in her imprisonment has been carefuly erased, so she shouldn't know who she is up against
Immediate measures: vigilance increased in Ebonhawke, Durmand Priory, and Divinity's Reach.
Description: this drawing is 4 years old, but faithfully depicts the four goddesses. Y is the second one from the right.
Disctintive: the markings on her legs and belly. Shares the same marks with the other 3 goddesses. Apparently, to protect themselves from their own powers. Also has a fiery third eye, though it's been confirmed that it is not always visible.
Recommended action: Act with extreme caution. She might be receiving help. If possible, dig in her motives. If not, kill her. She has been labeled as a high threat to Kryta.