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Char Fahrars

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I'll make a quick note: The story of Via x Feros is highlighted and considered exceptional because they had a relationship despite being of different legions. There are rivalries between the legions, and it's usually obvious which legion affiliated fahrar a cub will go to. From Blood parents to Blood fahrar, etc. Though, if it does happen and both parents are in touch or surviving, they'd likely be pragmatic and decide together (or fight it out).

If anything, Via would've been expected to take her cub to a Blood fahrar - but she has emotions, so.

Posted Mar 7, 15 · Last edited Mar 7, 15
To make an additional note to what glorious charr comrade Imga says above: The suspicion and partly surprise that the primus expresses as Via approaches shows that it is indeed an unusual thing that Via is doing.
Respect, ey.

And as for cross legion relations (and relationships) go talk to Snarl Backdraft and Garlina Edgecrusher. #BestGW2Couple

I've too many characters to even list here..
So here's the names of a few:

Torchclaw Cloudfire
Sheila Braidtail
Shaman Cauldronburn
Kyra Whisperwood
Imus Underboot
Kennis Eveningsong
Posted Mar 7, 15
Escura wrote:
I know that Char cubs enter Fahrar's at a year old, but when do they "graduate" or leave?
There was an old interview with Jeff Grubb asking this. IIRC, he said that it's basically when the warband is ready and can cooperate properly, and this usually averages to their teens.
Escura wrote:
Is there a list of Fahrars? In the event of creating a character backstory, what are some examples of Fahrars?
Do you mean a player made list of known Fahrars? Don't think so. But I do know there's fahrars at the Black Citadel, Ashford Abbey, and Mithric Cliffs (in Fields of Ruin). The Black Citadel one is the largest fahrar in Ascalon. There were fahrars in Diessa Plateau that were attacked during Flame and Frost, but we only ever saw the refugees (I think they've relocated to North Nolan Hatchery though). There may be others in-game that I'm unaware of/can't recall. Most Ascalonian fahrar will be Iron Legion fahrar, but there will be some Ash and Blood fahrars too.
Escura wrote:
Does anyone know what the day to day life at a Fahrar would be like? I understand that they are a militaristic race (like bootcamps etc.), but I was wondering if anyone has extra knowledge?
Outside of the Black Citadel in both Diessa and Plains of Ashford you'll find some fahrar groups. In the charr Home INstance you'll also find a small group of fahrar at one of the Points of Interests there (Fahrar of Young Heroes - the BC fahrar) which includes some blackboards with "tactics" drawn on.

The basis of fahrar is learning to work as a warband, but with some classroom teachings and makeshift patrolling "duties" added in. And naturally, combat training.
Posted Mar 9, 15
So I know this thread is pretty old, but came up as I'm working on a journal from my character's childhood.

Something that I saw in this post and generally assumed is that a fahrar is either run by a certain Legion, or at least that the Legion of the young warband is pre-determined, in either case being the Legion of the cub's parent. However, Menecia Cubminder in Smokestead shows that the warband actually chooses their own Legion commitment while they're at the fahrar.

To charr:
-->I guess they can't stay cubs forever.
We have a responsibility to the youth. Where else could they form a warband, pledge a legion, and bond with their weapon of choice?

To non-charr:

-->So the fahrar is a military training school?
It's more than that. They learn what it means to be a charr. They also choose a legion—which is a lifelong commitment—and form a warband. The fahrar is the first step in their pursuit of charrhood.
Posted Aug 22, 18
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