.:Raining Bodies:.

-The Ghoul-
Not event the priest Xiladriel found was enough at this point. She hadn't seen or spoken to him for quite some time. Surely he was doing well needed research...right? Regardless, time pressed on and so did "bird boy". She had nicknamed him that to his face; a brief encounter in Queensdale one evening. Tonight it was her moment to step up. She had only fought behind the scenes by assisting those in need of medical attention or if too bad....magical healing. She only used magical healing as a last resort...and tonight she didn't want to mess with medical much. She had seen far more than she bargained for.
The bodies and gore stretched along the floorboards of the old orphanage in Salma was enough to haunt anyone's nightmares. Not to her though. Killing undead and risen was second nature. She spent two years in Orr, got in, and got out. Even killing undead that /looked/ like children didn't phase her. Though, she'd never forget the way their scalps were more fragile than previous ones she had killed. The way the daggers sank into the temples...well it was no worse that performing a medical procedure to her. It was a job and she did what she had to do with Jasku and Lord Batistum in her line of sight, which included immediate danger. "The Ghoul" had returned...or did he? No one would really know now. Xiladriel was one of the catalysts to the man's death. She believe she overheard Rakzas call him "Phillip". She put up more of a fight tonight seeing that Lord Batistum in trouble with him. He wasn't undead...he wasn't risen...she had his human blood all over her for the world to see. If she felt guilty about anything...it would be killing him.

-The Girl-
It had been an eventful night. She was exhausted, blood-splattered, and stressed; quite the combination for the doctor. As she began to leave Salma with the traumatized Jasku at her side she ran into Effie who was talking to a thirteen year old girl named Lorraine. Quite odd for the young girl to be standing outside and orphanage about this time. Surely she was a resident there? No. The girl claimed to have parents. After fighting with her for some time to allow Xiladriel and Jas to walk her home, she gave up. She simply slipped the girl her card and left. She had been fighting for quite some time...and now wasn't the time.

-The Aftermath-
It was supposed to be a routine check-up for Hiro; a patient Xiladriel had been treating before all this occurred tonight. Before the shrieks were heard...before the dead bodies of the children rained down on Salma...before she almost saw Jas get injured...or worse. The night should have gone like this: Hiro's check up, meeting with Effie, Rakzas, and Jas, followed by some down time. She had been pulling in extra hours at the hospital lately and it showed. She was rarely home especially with the home visits. She had been to the home of Lord Batistum last evening to check on Jirou who is Lord Batistum's beloved. She had grown rather fond of the men but soon learned they were suspects this evening. Feeling a bit torn, the talk with Rakzas helped to put things in perspective for her. Think positively. If anything went right this week...it was the fact she got to write Jirou off her patient list. There was hope for him...certainly there'd be hope for the rest of them?
Until the next time, there is another round of research to be done. Another ritual in place. And another band-aid to place on the gaping wound that is Jas's post-traumatic stress disorder. This was still early in the game and somehow she had to make things right if they were to continue on hunting "bird boy".