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Raengwen frowned and pursed her lips in disapproval. Duchess Atropa and the Court of Thorns. She sounded like a fearsome one, the leader of a group to be taken seriously. It made her furious to know that this Duchess had caused her friend even more harm than what he'd already endured; to even think of it sent her heart fluttering madly in her chest. How much more could he have possibly endured before losing himself entirely?

"How cruel," she said. "How was it that you were able to endure all of it without so much as breaking? You are most certainly strong, with a tenacious heart to boot. I'm curious to know how it is that you were originally able to escape from the Nightmare Courtiers. Did Lockbriar return to help you, as well?" More so than herself, she thought. Raen had been weak, had succumbed to her own suffering, broken under the weight of the Deams and Nightmares, yet Trisbaine continued to stand tall, even with all of the scarring plainly visible for all to see. He did not shy away or cower and spoke calmly of the most atrocious acts.

"I have heard of them before," she said. "Mainly through word-of-mouth, however. My party never crossed blades with them back in the day. But the rumors that surrounded the Court of Thorns were rather dire. Do you know if they are still around?"

Raengwen did her best to keep her facial expressions indifferent when Trisbaine admitted to working on rekindling his relationship with their Mother. Her sanguine disposition might have seemed a bit out of place at that moment. If being a good son was good enough for him, she was pleased to hear it, but wasn't sure how well it would go if she tried to do the same. If anything, just looking into the eyes of her Mother might trigger a massive episode of seizures and visions she'd worked tirelessly on holding back over the last two years with a strict schedule of meditation.

"I commend you for your efforts. Good on you, my friend." She raised her glass before emptying it with a final sip and setting it back down on the table. One of her legs crossed over the other as she leaned more comfortably into her seat. Already, she could feel the warmth within the lifeblood that pumped through her veins, and the weightlessness of her head. When she opened her eyes, she focused them on the table once more.

"I don't think I could do it... To think I might have once gone running around the forest with my brothers and sisters under our mother's generous guardianship without a care in the world," she spoke with spite clearly written in her voice. Raen's eyes lifted to meet Baine's. "Well, such things have no real place in the sort of society that is a reality outside the protection of the Grove and the Pale Tree."

It was those sort of thoughts that had helped in Raen's wondering of whether or not she should abandon it all and go her own way, even though she hadn't known at the time what it was that she would do when she left, she'd done it anyway, and it had been for the best in the end. At least, that was what she continued to tell herself.

It didn't really surprise her when the cinnabar-colored Sylvari offered a remark in confirmation of his own relationship with Panacaea.

"The healer has many good friends and is connected to all sorts of people from all walks of life, offering aid wherever she can, setting biases and prejudices aside simply for the sake of doing the right thing. I have a lot of respect for Panacaea."

It was that type of kind-hearted personality that could reach the hearts of many. There were people that needed her, and Panacaea wouldn't turn her back on them, having a pair of capable hands and powerful magic that might take some of the pain away, if only for a moment.

"You are bonded then?" she said. It wasn't so much as a question as it was a statement. She felt the pang of pain and regret upon hearing he had a wedding and she just so happened to have missed it. It hadn't helped that she had thought Baine was dead... and how was it that she had never once come across him again in all of her travels? It seemed almost impossible, and yet that was the hard truth of serendipity. Raen humored the thought that they might have fought on the same battlefield at one point in time, backs turned against each other for the entirety of it.

"When was this? I am sorry I missed it. You should introduce me to the lucky one," she spoke softly, closing her eyes and smiling. "Verily, I should like to meet them."

Raengwen was almost at the edge of her seat when he talked about his Dream, listening to and watching him with deep concentration. Years of meditation had proved to be helpful in profoundly regulating her attention. She had never once placed an inquiry about it in the past to him, not even during the time they had been travelling together. In spite of all they had learned about each other, not once had the Dream been mentioned or brought up. He hadn't known about hers and she hadn't known about his. Raen understood entirely over the loneliness he spoke of when he was trapped in this other strange world with the Asura, being cut off from everything and everyone. His feelings had been her own during her coma, trapped like a prisoner inside of her own mind. Unlike him, however, she hadn't even the company of an infuriating little pest of an Asura.

Raengwen stared at the small print on his jawline, instantly recognizing it for what it was, and glared.

"You should have killed him when you first had him in your sights," she suddenly found herself saying, all thanks to the alcohol in her veins. She looked him straight in the eye when she spoke.

"I, Raengwen of Night, live by very simple rules. One of these rules goes like this: You shall aid those who aid you and harm those who harm you. Give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. No doubt Gjerr and Riah's experiments caused the demise of many Sylvari. Is that not so? In that case, why did you not bring Justice upon him sooner? Wouldst not all your troubles with Gjerr been avoided?" Raengwen turned the glass in her hand with her fingers, watching her bright cold eyes from her own reflection.

"You must think me hardhearted for saying so, but I wouldn't have so much as hesitated to relieve their small bodies from the weight of their large bigoted heads....."

Yes, I, Raengwen of Night, am a wretch.

She couldn't admit aloud that her affection for her friend was being twisted into hatred for those who had tormented him, along with many others. This was the same hatred that forced her into seeking out the Nightmare Court, thinking she might gorge herself at last with a lust for blood. However, she would have gone further with the Asuras upon hearing the full extent of their crimes than a merciful dagger to the neck. She would have sought to break their Asuran pride and made their torment last as long as possible.

"The Durmand Priory," she spoke almost in disbelief, her small smile stretching into an amused grin and her eyes crinkling slightly. "You? Well, no, I can definitely see it. I recall you having the greatest sense of adventure.... tell me... Did they dub you their honorary Protector of Maps?" She joked, giving a soft chuckle.

The day was only getting better and better. Bain's enthusiasm had adhered to her, lifting Raen's spirits higher and leaving them floating to spheres of utter comfort and cheer, widening her smile inside out. If her guard hadn't been lowered to its lowest already, it might have just dropped further, entirely off the face of Tyria.
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Raengwen Gilorn
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Trisbaine considers the question long and hard. It was new to him, but it was still never an easy one to answer. "I suppose, when it boils down it, I simply have a selfish streak. Were I to break entire? They would win. Their cause would be furthered, and misery and death would continue to corrupt the Dream. My own goals and dreams would mean little, and would never be achieved. I'd never find out who I was, what I could do. Not really. I'd be... just another one of their tools." He shakes his head.

"No, My own escape was... hmm. Luck, really. They were about to kill me, I knew this. Two months without breaking? A... Dark Vigil and I still resisted? They were done. Calla begged for a one on one session with me, pleaded to them she could bring me to their side. They... gave her the chance. I... gave her a fireball to the eye. In her agony, I took the chance to mist-form and flee. I probably should have hid rather than try to run by the Grove but alas, well, wasn't exactly running on all cylinders." As she mentioned having hard of them, he nodded.

"They were rather infamous, and not exactly... stealthy. Many of their key members actually were disbanded, killed outright, or spirited away. I hear a fringe group tried to claim the name again but beyond that? Nothing. I hope it stays that way honestly." He made a look of distaste, unable to really help it.

He took another sip of his wine. "The world... is all at once beautiful and terrifying. Fascinating and dangerous. Amazing and horrible. But, that time of development is important to those saplings too. Helps them grow into their own a bit better. Those thrown into real life early, like you and I, well it it a rougher adjustment. Some never adjust properly." He sighs out. "Sadly though, I fear with events in the world now, those saplings may be forced to grow up now..."

"I do as well. As an elementalist, I shall admit I look up to her abilities a bit. I had to sadly round mine out beyond healing though. Support magic if you will, and a bit of field medic work. So when folks specialize... well I can appreciate that. And she makes folks smile. I don't know, but she has that remarkable way about her."

As she questions his bonding, he shakes his head. "Not too long ago actually! Like a month perhaps? I'd love for you to meet her sometime though. Her name is Vilathara. She is a Noon, with a spirit of fire and an energy that is quite contagious. She always knows how to right my day and well, you could not ask for a better partner. She and I have been through a lot, and although she can be a bit over-protective at times, she always means well. I think you'd like her! Plus, she bakes up the absolute BEST cookies!" He grins, just talking about his wife. its clear he loves her very much, his white eyes taking on a slightly brighter glow. is he gushing a bit? He might be.

Admittedly, he ends up a touch lost in his thoughts as he retells the story of his Hunt. At least, that was until she spoke up and he realizes where she was looking at. Saw the intensity in her expression. "...It would have saved us all a lot of heartache if I had," he admits a touch quieter. "Oaken told me my greatest strength is my heart, but it can be a pain in by butt sometimes as well. I would... never make the same mistake again however. I know better now." He looked a touch amused then. "I suppose when he vowed to burn everyone I love and then myself from the inside out I should have taken the hint then. But at least it is all over now."

As the topic shifted he laughed. "I specialize in crystals, Ascalon, and maps," he explains to her. Well, it's more of a hobby now that I want to map all of Tyria. From the lands, to the stars... to the seas." He grimaces at the latter. "I... may out off the seas for last," he admits. Ears twitching back a slight. What did the seas remind him of?

"But yes, I very much enjoy my Priory work! It is... where I get to nerd out as it were. I work with nearly every kind of race there you can imagine and the things we discover! Like... well take a look at this!" He grins, as he unlatches from his back a very old looking piece of metal. It resembled a pair of hounds, and in his hands held a soft fire. "This is an actual relic of the human god Balthazar! I found it on one of my very first expeditions!" He smiles brightly, explaining this. "Go ahead and hold it, its alright!" Should she chose to, the fire would quiet again. Seemed it had a strange affinity for Baine alone.

He was nerding out, someone stop him. Still, as he did, one could see the real reason he was unbroken. There was not a word for it, but it was present there just the same. "Brambles, I could tell you stories Raengwen. Of my Priory crew, of the adventures, of Verdance, and my family there! But yikes, I should let you talk as well! Here I am rambling like a... Dusk!" He chuckles, shaking his head. "...The running gag back at the Watchful Source is that I am the Duskiest Dusk... or at least tied with Dhaedre," he tells her with a spark of amusement as he takes another sip from his wine.

"If I can ask, how has your life been? Have you found good allies? Nobody I need to give a good kick to hmm?" He gives a slight wink at the latter, obviously teasing, A streak of his mischievous side. It was something one had seen a lot in his younger days, a mile wide running alongside a desire to show off. Not a good combination! Time and experience had tempered it, but it was still at his core. "Or a fireball of course works quite well!" He is still teasing of course. Maybe.

If there was nothing else to be said about him, he was protective of those he considered friends and family. And although he had not seen her for two years... since he had been a month old well, he hoped they were still at the very least friends. Did such connections ever sever or die? Was it selfish to hope not? ....He had always been a bit of a hopeless dolt in matters of the heart and kin. Still, he never asked for much. ...Just this once, let this connection be alive and well. Every time, it ended badly. They were dead, they were a courtier, they were insane. Every. Time. He should not care he knew. The past was gone, a thing of memory. But still. Just this once. Let him have this.
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"I'm glad," she said, watching his ghostly hues carefully with her bright ones, "That you're okay. I'm glad that you're alive. Truly, I am."

While others focused on the challenges of the moment and give up when the going gets tough, Baine had the benefit of his far-reaching vision and good friends to help him through. Awakening like the flowers in spring, Trisbaine's affection, creative genius, altruism and insight had once again returned to him, rewarding him and those he loved with a world view that inspired others wherever he went. Raengwen was glad for him, happy to see him flourishing, to see him living his life to the fullest....

And to share that fulfilling life with another.

"Hmmm, I do enjoy the taste of cookies," she smiles, amused at Baine's adoration of his wife.

Raengwen smiled kindly over the prospect of meeting Vilathara of Noon, internalizing her uncertainty. Raen was of the Night; private, thoughtful, reserved, self-conscious. This made her notoriously difficult to really get to know, and her need for those qualities contributed to the guilt she often felt for not giving more of herself to those she cares about. Back when Trisbaine had known her, Raen had been much more like a Noon herself. So often had others made comments over the irony of her birth.

Raengwen often played with the idea of relationships – that two people could come together to make each other better and happier than they were alone – but oftentimes didn't see herself in one such as the one Baine had with Vilathara, unless there was one whom managed to take the time to navigate her shields properly....

"Ah, yes, the seas are rather perilous at this moment," she spoke with a nod. "What with Pirates, Risen, and the like. I understand why you would want to put it off until the dangers clear away, although there is no telling when that might be at the moment." An image of Scarlet Briar flashed in Raen's mind, giving her pause. Certainly, Raen had seen her face in her... dreams and nightmares... multiple times. Alongside the faces of many others. Part of the confusing visions of the past.

Unfortunately, there was no telling what any of the images had meant, not ever, until Raen would come a cross a person, place or thing that would give it meaning. It didn't matter, however. There were others, she knew. Others with the curse of the visions and the wonderful gift to understand them. Those that could would make sense of them, so she did not have to....

"Unless there is something more you aren't telling me about." Raen suddenly narrows her eyes at him, lifting her chin slightly. She smiles as she entertains the image of him splashing in the sea, struggling to keep afloat, waving around a map over his head, screaming 'save the map!'. "You do swim, do you not?"

The Priory had been good to Trisbaine, that much was clear. Even when she had first met him, when something captured Trisbaine's vigorous perspective, when something spoke to his adventurous and intellectual spirit, he went all in, diving head first as he dedicating his time, energy, thoughts and emotions to something. Trisbaine's mind was like an immensely complicated clockwork, taking in every fact and idea possible, processing them with a heavy dose of creative reasoning and returning the most logically sound results available. It was a wonder his spirit had been born to Sylvari, and not to Asura.

In his excitement, Trisbaine pulled out a piece of inflamed metal. Raen leaned forward, curious at the presentation, but hesitated to touch it until he promised it would be safe. She reached out with her hand, her fingers tracing the metal, before taking, letting it sit on her open palms. Raengwen went into deep thought as she observed the object, philosophically contemplating the human God, Balthazar.

Raengwen placed it back down on the table, regarding it from afar, before looking to Baine once more. With her fist holding her chin up and her legs crossed, she appeared quite thoughtful in such a pose. Raengwen would like to hear his stories. Of his adventures, his crew, his wife, and even his Guild. Every single story that he had to tell. Raengwen enjoyed taking on the role of the listener more often than not.

"Verily, I should like to hear it all, in due time. For now, why don't you tell me a story about this particular object?"

Raengwen wasn't surprised when Baine began asking questions about her. She had expected such an outcome upon first setting foot into the tavern. Although Raen did not regularly humor others when they tried to dig into her personal life, Baine was not just a wayward stranger, or an acquaintance she held at arms bay. Nor was he one of her many dangerous colleagues of more unsavory natures. The sylvari of Night lets out a low chuckle at his mischievous jokes, then clears her throat before speaking.

"There is no need for any of that," she said, a smile in her eyes. "Life has been busy, I must admit. The rise of the dragons has made sure of that. And my 'boss'," she gestures the quotation marks with her fingers, "Reverent Mikias, is a Secondborn. He is... quiet and mystical, yet tireless in his work. Verily inspirational. He is one of my greatest allies. He did save my life, after all. Saved me from myself. I'm a Coroner now, working under him. I investigate violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths. It is not an easy job, and neither does it pay well. But it is fulfilling work. It gives me purpose."
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Trisbaine's expression went to a soft smile. "Thank you. I am as well. And it is... it is a huge relief to see you alive and well too. Tyria... it is a world always full of surprises isn't it? I quite enjoy it when those surprises are good ones like this." He had to admit, he had thought that like the others she had either been killed or worse, converted. Which, in a way, was another form of death. While it was true neither of them were the same, for he could tell much had changed in his friend, they were still the same at their cores.

That meant a lot.

At the mention of cookies his grin widens. "I shall tell her to prepare extras then! I am fond of the pumpkin ones myself but really you name a flavor and she can create it! I really do not know how she does it." At the question, he looks pensive. "I uhm, had a love prior to Vila who rather adored the seas. But, she left me when her research began to mean more," he explains with a light shrug. "Happens sometimes, especially with Duskblooms."

As she asks for the story to the relic, he nods. She would notice that, oddly enough, the fire would vanish when out of his reach. "I have a fascination with Ascalon, I suppose because it is so... different from everything and anything I had ever known. Like... an alien world of sorts! At any rate, I had noticed in my Priory research a few lines that matched up, mentioning the resting place of a relic of the old human god, Balthazar. So I looked into it, organized a few expeditions. I discovered it in the corner of an ancient catacombs, and well as soon as I picked it up it lit up. I am told from a fellow researcher it is because perhaps my life has been surrounded by battle. That, in some way, I carry the traits the god looked for. We may never know for sure but well..."

He picks up the relic again, setting it back into place and she would see it light up again. "It's still pretty cool. Gives a boost to offensive capabilities I am told. Perhaps one day I shall uncover more relics, it's hard to tell! I do hope to do so though I'll admit." He has a bright look to his eyes, as he looks over at her. "I figure I can look while I am mapping! A two for one!"

At the mention of the dragons however, he gives a light nod. It was, after all, a very hot topic in well, anywhere. At home, at the Priory, the world in general... as it should be really. "Reverent Mikias... interesting. I do hope then I get to meet him one day, and thank him for doing so." He looks directly at her again. "This world needs all of the good people it can get, and just knowing you are still a part of it and alive... well. Makes things a lot brighter."

He listens as she explains her job, tilting his head a slight. At first he was going to ask what a coroner was, but thankfully she explained! "Well, I am glad to hear then you have a job you find fulfilling. It sounds like you have found a place in the world, which is a relief. I imagine it was no easy path either but... two years later and you are still here too! THAT speaks volumes." He sips the last of his wine, pondering a refill.

"Have you decided upon future goals and dreams yet?" he asks her, curious. "I understand if not, took me ages to figure out what I wanted!" He admits, looking a touch amused. "And even now, it still changes from time to time. Would you believe at home I have this huge pack of hounds? Even a cat and a few wolves! I am told, alas, no more critters but for a time I pondered bringing home every stray I could find." He gives a light nod, before asking the bartender for another round. Why not? It was... good company after all.

"Come to think of it, you should meet them sometime. Or well, if you like come out on an expedition or... brambles I am getting ahead of myself." He chuckles softly. In truth, it was just so darn nice to have ANY good news in his life. It was so rare. And especially from that time? He had not thought it possible. So if he jumped a bit ahead of himself, well, anyone could see why!
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