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An Arcane Matter ((Kaal + Vexx))

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An unexpected letter arrives in the mail, addressed to one "Senior Data Analyst Vexx". It is stamped and sealed bearing the mark of the College of Synergetics. The subject header simply reads: Seeking Correspondence.

Greetings and Salutations,

I am an Assistant Research Professor at the College of Synergetics, specializing in the History of Thaumaturgy, Orrian Magic, and the Fundamental Coherence of Macro and Microphysiomagic. Word has reached me that you are somewhat of an expert on arcane matters, and that you might be able to help me answer some questions regarding the fundamental coherence of the Eternal Alchemy on the infinitesimal level.

I have been attempting to construct a theory for some time now that would explain the origins and properties of magic all the way down to the quantum level of particles. I believe that this could help locate the causal mechanism of this ubiquitous and mystical force, giving scholars a new frontier of research to explore. I know that you must be busy with research of your own, but I would be forever grateful if you would agree to assist me in this endeavour.

If interested, please write to the address listed below.

Yours in Academia,

Assistant Research Professor Kaal
Department of Archaeology
College of Synergetics
Metrica Province, Rata Sum
Posted Jun 22, 15 · OP
For days, silence reigns until eventually a letter does arrive! Sent through conventional mail, with an odd marking of overlapping ornate spheres of red and gold on the envelope. The letter seems handwritten - And not with particularly smooth handwriting.

Assistant Professor Kaal,

I apologize for the delay in my message. Fortunately perhaps, my work has reached enough of a pause that I might be of help to your work. If nothing else, the subject seems worth my time though some work in defining this field has already taken place.

Perhaps the research documents I published three and a half years ago would be of interest in your inquiry - It should be in the Synergetics databanks. It's title is the Theory of Mist Attunement.

While this document does not contain a full analysis with the temporal axis in mind, it may offer some basic insights to utilize as a starting point for a potential discussion.


Professor of Quantum Arcanics
Associate of the College of Synergetics
Senior Data Analyst at Arcane Vision
Captain of the R.S.S. Sapphire Huntress and the L.A.A. Serene Obliquity
Posted Jun 22, 15
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