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Alright, this is going to be my first GW2 themed roleplay. I put alot of effort into planning it out, so please go easy on it. Anyways, to the point:

This is going to be a forum roleplay designed around the legions of Charr wanting to extend their territories, causing massive damage to the world and the surrounding races at the same time. So, here are the roles available to play:

1. Warmongering charr (Picking this role aligns you with the charr onslaught). You can roleplay this role on your normal characters, as long as they are a charr.

2. Normal character/resistance. This role will be played by characters (Even charr) that wish to resist the charr onslaught. They will be banded together in a military effort to push back the charr.


-No instant killing other players

-Have fun


Charr Onslaught players: You have just been rallied by your legion (Blood, Iron or Ash) or you have just been forced into one. You have been given orders to move to the front lines and prepare to raid the lands of the Asura.

Resistance players: You have heard news of an incoming charr raid on the lands of the Asura. You have orders to move to their front lines and help evacuate the citizens.

How to sign up:

1. Character name

2. Class

3. Race

4. Alignment

5. (Roleplay out your respective plot setting).
Posted Jul 11, 15 · OP
Dreshair Light-foot
the [Character] mark was my attempt to include any other resistance members in joining me in the fight. It was an afterthought and I hope that i integrated it into Dreshair's story in an acceptable way.

Dreshair was a Sylvari , born during the cycle of night he'd always kept to himself and put little stock in the mutterings of others. Without proof, he considered all but the knowledge of the pale tree to be theory. With this view he has values his acquisition and collection of knowledge above all else. He lives one and a half leagues from the pale tree and the place of his birth. though this is his home, it is not his permanent residence. Being a traveler he is often gone. As he walked into his house he wasn't surprised to find a group of four Sylvari, Sudra, Jason, Drakeal, and Nafaira, seated around his travel. Wondering where the sixth might be he stepped out of the shadows of the entrance and was surprised to be greeted with silence. After all the greetings and 'hellos' had been exchanged his four friends begin to weave tales almost too horrific to be true. His five best friends. People he had fought and studied and labored next to. They were his most trusted companions and now they came bearing grave news. After their tale Dreshair stepped outside. eh Couldn't believe his ears! That the Charr would again seek to throw Tyria and it's inhabitants into turmoil for their own personal gain was almost incomprehensible. Being a thief, he understood taking what wasn't yours and had little regard to who was inconvenienced in the process, but this was something entirely different. Another war. He had read and even empathized with the Charr as he read about the war that they waged their war on the humans who had invaded their home. However it had taken many months of talking with his Luminary, Malomedies to quell his anger and hatred for the Charr upon learning of their desecration of Ascalion. He firmly believed in caring for the land on which one lived. This was shown by the gardens he planted and cared for when he settled somewhere else. No. He couldn't just take their word for it. He had to see this for himself. He made up his mind and walked back inside. "Sudra and [Character] will you join me?" His question was met with a quizzical stare from Jason, and a sly smile from Sudra, she had already guessed what he was getting at. He then began to explain his plan. A small group of three would be considerably faster and less noticeable than a group of six. His reasons for choosing Jason and Sudra were no less calculating than the size of the party. They would head to Ascalion and glean what they could through observation and infiltration, if the rumors were true then their contacts had undoubtedly been swept or called into their various legions and were no longer reliable, they would be on their own. He then asked for the other group to verify the rumors of Charr mobilization with their Norn contacts in Hoelbrak and the surrounding Shiverpeak Mountains. After a month both groups would switch, With Drakeal, Nafaira, and Jason observing and gathering information within Ascalion, while Surdra, Jason, and himself would be in the crystal deserts gathering information. In five months they would meet back in the grove, exchange and evaluate information, and decide upon a course of action. As was expected, he produced Five rare gold leaves and an equal amount of florescent silver leaves. A currency within the group. The Gold representing favors being called in, and the Silver denoting favors that would be owed. Since his awakening 27 years ago this was all he had saved, the significance of this was not lost on the other members of the group. With meaningful looks at each other they gathered their payment. After the initial shuffle of hands all five silver leaves remained on the table, glowing in the twilight. Before he could inquire as to why, Nafaira spoke. "It would be Ridiculous to pretend that we are only doing you a favor, this is bigger than us, you are spearheading this and asking us to drop our own projects to follow you, as such we recognize this as a calling in of favors but the debt you would owe us is moot. We consider this as a service to the grove and your initiative to take action will be considered your payment. He could not have hoped for a better outcome. They agreed to meet back here and set off in the morning and inquire if the sixth member of their party would be joining them.
Posted Jul 22, 15
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