One of our server's biggest problems in our WvW is our defensive game, and one of our biggest issues of WvW as RPers is that it's too rushed and zergy. What if we could roleplay and assist in securing our server's position in WvW? I think we can!

A three to five man team can defend a position for an extended period of time from a normal havok team in WvW til reinforcements come. What if we had several of these teams on the map at once? Imagine above Redlake Tower flew the banner of the Ebon Vanguard First Regiment, and the banner of the Pale Guardians watched over Redwater Village. Then on the other side of the map, you have Blackclaw Mercs standing firm at Bluebriar Tower with their allies, The Watchers of the Vale patrolling the houses of Bluevale Workshop, and nestled in the orchards of Hero's Lodge was the Seraph Falcon Company, playing their tunes and complaining about their boots sores. When danger strikes, each guild would stave off the forces of evil as best as they could, knowing that many depended on them, and they still felt secure since they knew if they faltered their allies will assist them.

Guilds could easily share positions and spread their forces across the entire borderlands if they wish to. We could create a bulwark against the waves of roamers and havok teams that wreck our borderlands and still achieve fulfilling roleplay with our fellow rpers along with strengthening bond through actual combat. If the thought of this makes your feels all tingled and excited, help us make this a reality. The TCWvW wants us back in WvW and we're missing out on some fun times. Now let's sit down and discuss possible future plans!