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TCBL Defensive Strategy Idea

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This strategy is based of the idea of RP guilds claiming and defense points on the map. The main purpose of this strategy is to prevent opposing server roamers and havok teams from breaching and flipping our locations in our borderlands. Each point will have a small WvW roleplayer garrison to act as guards and sentries. This will involve more standing still and being watchful, but this will also allow players to mingle and converse during the low threat times. This strategy should allow us to get max points for a limited amount of time until an opposing zerg enters the borderland, that is when a message will be sent to all the active TC commanders, and all forces can combine into their own zerg to combat the invaders. Tier 2 would be a good place to test this out and see how it works. I hold no illusions of this working in Tier 1, but we may be able to do the same idea for the northern region. If we got enough, we could cover the entire map with guilds. If we can do this successfully, we could lock down the map for a short time to give us the maximum amount of points from our borderlands.

Supply Camps
The supply camps will be the hardest to defend but are the keystones in the strategy. If we can halt invader advances there, this will be an success.
A team of five players would be the perfect sized force to defend a camp. With certain placement of an arrow cart and a ballista, they could fight off a decent sized havok force and even hold off a small zerg til reinforcements come from their supporting tower.

Supply Camp Siege Weapon Positions
Redwater Lowlands has raised docks located around the supply camp provide an excellent position for Red Force's siege weapons. There are three prime locations are each located by the three buildings on the camp. The raised docks will provide some resistance to invaders reaching the operators.
Bluevale Refuge has it's house which does provide cover for both a defending force and an attacking force, but it can cause bottlenecks, I suggest Blue Force placing arrow carts on the western hill so they have a good view of the entire camp and ballistas in the on the invading side of the houses to prevent the invaders of using the houses as cover.
Hero's Lodge may be the hardest to defend due to it being open for assault for all directions. Placing arrow carts in the northern cornfield and top of the pig barn should provide the Green Force with enough supporting fire to hold the position. They can also call out if any invaders pass Hero's Lodge and head upriver towards our northern locations.

Dolyak Escort
If there is little to no threat, Supply Camp Forces can allow two members to escort the Pack Dolyaks. In hopes of speeding them along and also protect them from invaders. They can also trade the Pack Dolyaks halfway with the Tower Forces.

The towers will be housing the supporting garrison of Pink Force at Bluebriar Tower and Yellow Force at Redlake Tower. These forces would ideally have at least a five player sized team standing by acting as sentries and reinforcements for the nearby supply camps. Pink Force will support Bluevale Refuge, Yellow Force will support Redwater Lowlands, and both tower forces will provide support to Hero's Lodge due to it being the furthest from both towers.

I believe with a good enough shot, the tower mortar could provide excellent bombardment for it's camp. For example, Redlake Tower for Redwater Lowlands and Bluebriar Tower for Bluevale Refuge. Now this will require testing to see how much charge the mortar will need to hit the camp square on.

The forces at the towers can also provide eyes on both eastern and western keeps while they finish the dolyak escorts and ensure there are upgrades always going if no one is currently at the keep and check for any havok teams attempting to breach them. They can also call out any invaders that make it pass the camps and are heading north, warning any northern forces of the incoming threats if they do not intercept it themselves.

This can be done with any number of guilds with at least twenty-five members. Now it is favorable to have five different guilds claim all the locations to provide the guild boosts for all defenders within that region. If our forces do not have enough manpower to cover all five locations, then we will focus on covering just two or three. For example, just Redlake Tower and Redwater Lowlands or just towers and respond accordingly to the attacks on the supply camps.

Thank you for reading this thread, I want to hear criticism and problems that I don't see in hopes of making this better. I would make a list of guilds and groups interested in doing this and I'm thinking of giving it a shot on the 18th around 9PM EST.
Posted Sep 13, 15 · OP · Last edited Sep 13, 15
Sounds fun, for it to work will need a sizeable force on one map. But that is just imo, I would be willing to give it a shot, sadly my guild is just 3 or 4 of us atm and 2 will be working at that hour, or getting ready to as they work US nights So I could only bring myself.. not much of a force but what I can give.
Posted Sep 14, 15
Having even two at one point can help. Also guilds could share locations to support each other.
Posted Sep 14, 15 · OP
Just noticed this thread. Actually.... back in the day, we used to do something similar in the northern half of TCBL. Small guilds (3-5 people) would claim areas, camp them, set up defenses, and upgrade them. It was insanely effective. With the proper siege setup, 5 people in a tower can hold off 50 for hours. Which gives plenty of time for the zerg to respond. A lot of the time, however, the attackers would give up, and just leave. So our zerg never even needed to be called in, and could continue pressing the offense. Coupled with our roamers and Zombie Defense strategy, it got to the point where other servers were afraid to even step foot on TCBL, because they knew they were in for a very rough evening.

This is why I've always said that RPers are TC's secret weapon. Sure, there's always going to be someone that just.... doesn't understand and will say things like "You can't RP and WvW at the same time" or something along those lines. The best way to deal with that is to prove them wrong. Because "we've held this map for the past 6 hours, have only needed to call the zerg back once, and this is the first time any of us have had to break character" trumps preeeeettyy much everything.

There are some things with this strategy that I would adjust, but... new maps are coming out in a couple of weeks. So a lot of details will change. However, the general concept is always going to be solid. RP guilds pick an areas on TCBL, claim them, camp them, RP in them, hook them up, defend them. From what I've read about the new maps, the towers will actually be very important strategically, so it'll be the perfect time to get this system set up and implemented.
Posted Oct 12, 15
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I agree with you Phantom, and with the new desert maps, it's even more effective and appealing for rpers. Like the charr tower, sentry, and camp for any warband guild to feel at home.

My RP-WvW guild is slowly growing but I hope to have more IC presence on the map in the future.
Posted Oct 25, 15 · OP
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