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Piken WvW - RP players looking to join in?

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Hi, I'm Mittens...

I'm the leader of a guild called [scs] Scout Squad... we wanted Scout Corps (Attack on Titan) but it was already taken :-(

Why this post?

Well in WvW we are struggling a little... a lot of players are doing PvE which means we are getting beaten a lot... As Piken has the best RP population in the EU I was hoping to entice some people to join in with the WvW stuff, part time or full time. This is not a direct recruitment post, join us, keep in your RP guild in WvW or join someone else... I am looking to see if we can get some of the huge RP population enjoying a massive part of the game that is sometimes overlooked.

What would this look like?

I will be clear from the offset... ScS is not a GvG or 'hardcore' guild.... in fact our main purpose is to help those who ask for help and to stop the enemy from taking all our stuff. We don't charge around all angry, telling people what build to run or what armor to wear... with us it's anything goes. If you want to call our rampart on our home borderlands your own home, that's fine, you can stay in there, build defenses, run upgrades and pew pew the enemy from the walls when they try to take it from you... if you get worried, you can call for backup in guild chat and where possible we will dispatch a 'cleanup crew' to make sure they don't take your home... with extreme prejudice.

We have a recruitment video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33KIBUteG_0

For those of you in the UK... that's right it's Jon Snow... for everyone else, that's not John Snow

We have a cool guild hall with level 2 on all structures, the bar is lovely.

If anyone wants to join in with hardcore play then we can suggest other guilds to join who can help with that.

We really need semi casual players during the day to help defend stuff and occasionally take the enemies toys away from them....

The whole of WvW on Piken has an active community, there is usually a group on Teamspeak, we have our own channel where some of the members spend all day talking about the different wardrobe items available.

In our guild we ask for 100% repping in WvW but we do not plan to kick anyone for not repping.

If ScS doesn't seem your bag, that's fine, pop into WvW and take a look around, if you need help, call for ScS and we will get there for you.

Contact me here or in-game: Callendor.1840
Posted Dec 1, 15 · OP · Last edited Dec 1, 15
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Heh, you guys must be pretty desperate! But with WvW being as dead as it is, it's true that there's no better time to go and roleplay there than now. You could probably /walk from one base to another without worrying about getting jumped, so even if you're not geared up or great with combat, there's not a whole lot to worry about until a zerg comes along.

I hope the upcoming iteration helps out WvW players a bit, though. It'd be sad to see Piken's community die off.
Posted Dec 1, 15
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I'm quite new to the game and WvW really intrigues me, but I've been too timid to step out and give it a bash, if only because it really confuses me. Given my RP demands, I don't know if I'd be much use in the guild, but when I next get an open window, I may be in-touch with you guys.
Posted Sep 12, 16
The original creator of this thread has since quit the game, but his guild is still around. I'd recommend checking the Piken WvW forums over at https://piken.eu/ for contacts with this guild (or others). You can also contact me in game (accountname in my signature) and I can give you an invite to Piken's WvW community guild [PS] Stomp For Piken.
Accountname: Relifed.7418
Posted Sep 19, 16
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