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Girl On Fire - Tales of Cervato

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Return to the Shining Blade

As Architect dragged Cervato towards the inner city of Divinity's Reach, Cervato did her best to shake off the sudden sensation of nostalgia. The cloaked blonde annoyed her as she continued to weave between buildings, alleys, and all manners of paths instead of heading straight for the local headquarters near the palace for the Shining Blade.

Eventually, they were outside the main entrance. A pair of posted soldiers nodding to Architect as she displayed her badge, before permitting passage to her and Cervato. A shiver ran down her spine. A bustling office that lead deeper into the compound. The desire to stay away ran deep. Though curiosity also persisted. Would anyone beyond Architect recognize her? It'd been two years, but the sickening feeling sat within her stomach. Recalling first meeting Artemis and Exemplar Reed. Delilah and Rhett once more flashed across her mind. All dead. All dead because of her.

Architect brought her back to reality as she lead Cervato to a nearby adjacent interrogation room. She recalled seeing many people brought within these quarters, sometimes even she had to bring a suspect to be lead into questioning by a higher-up. However, there were no chains around her wrists. She was free. That thought kept her sane as she sunk into a chair in the room near a table. Architect made a quick exit, most likely to get her superior.

Looking to the side, she saw the mirrors lining the wall. Tempered. Resilient. No one had ever broken one before though she'd seen many try. On the other side, she wondered if anyone was watching, before realizing it didn't really matter if there was. She'd have no idea either way.

However, in the corner of her eye, she did see something. Someone. And her heart grew still.


Why here?

Rhett's lazy gaze noted Cervato from his position standing within the corner, slightly hunched over. Staring at her. The same puncture marks and dried blood buried in his chest from when Artemis had killed him.

Quickly, she turned to look in the bare corner of the room behind her. Nothing.

When her gaze returned to the mirrored surface, he was gone.

The door opened, and a heavily armored woman of Krytan ancestry entered. With straight spine, she carried herself with the air of a worn soldier. Always ready to bid to the call of her Queen and country. As the soldier took a seat across from Cervato, Architect entered the room as well with one other male Blade member, in the standard uniform with hood drawn to mask their features, before taking post at the door, hands clasped behind their backs and eyes to the opposite wall.

"...Exemplar...?" Cervato stood out of habit, to which she cursed at herself, offering a quick awkward bow before descending into the chair again. Architect had mentioned a man earlier, before looking to the annoying mesmer near the door, she found the slightest of smiles on her lips. Another stupid game apparently, as she returned to study the woman before her.

The Exemplar's gray eyes studied Cervato. Scars marked across the woman's tanned skin near the corner of her mouth and escaping into her hair pulled tightly back. The woman gestured to Cervato, hand extended to shake that the Commander accepted with brevity.

"Exemplar Cortez. Pleasure. Architect was able to intercept you at the Pavilion. Forgive me, but I've little time. So I'll make this quick and to the point."

Cervato nodded to Cortez, listening.

Cortez continued, "In Doric, your guild assisted along with the Rurikton Roses, the Schools of Garenhoff, and various other free agents and mercenary companies during the Civil War last year. You crossed paths with a certain group of Mantle in one of their strongholds. Little over a year later, your..." sister", Maria Caballero, is abducted, threatening Lord Drake Griggs, leader of the Tyrian Accord, and Cervato Caballero, the Commander of the same guild. The designated Headquarters of the Accord is crushed into rubble near Claypool. Maria Caballero goes missing and still as of two Seasons has yet to be found. Everything correct so far?"

Cervato furrowed her brows, then provided Exemplar Cortez a distinct nod.

"Why would anyone kidnap a student of Kryta University, who has no knowledge of the Accord beyond the fact her sister works for them? To get back at the Accord in some manner, perhaps? The guild's made many an ally, but also a slew of enemies over the years. Even with the law of Kryta herself." Cortez continues. "But we both know there is more to it than that." Looking to Cervato with a scarred smile.

"We believe that Maria Caballero was abducted because...." Lifting her gloved hand with middle and index digits poised together. "You've been a bane to the White Mantle forces as part of your guild for many a year. The expedition to the Fen and then participating against them in the Doric War poised you as an enemy. Though we have killed and imprisoned many traitors of the crown, there are still those who slipped through our fingers. Who did not dare head to Doric to wage war against the capital. They're going after the small opposition forces, picking off what they can while they recover, which means you and the smaller groups you worked alongside. Your guild's a threat, Commander. And they'll do what it takes to stop you. Maria was the first of many tragedies unless we act fast. The other reason, is due to the fact that you were specifically wanted by the Shining Blade. Your ties to us make you especially vulnerable to their efforts."

"You said you may know how to help my sister. I figured we'd painted a target on ourselves since we got involved at Doric. But if you have information on how to help my family find her, I need to hear it." Cervato replied, curtly.

"We believe she's been sent directly to the Mists. Which doesn't help you very much, I know. The ones responsible are going to eventually come back to prey on your group. Or you. When they do, we'll be there to intervene. We'll send a small team to focus on your guild at your permission. And when those snakes return, we'll crush them one by one. That is the agreement I wish to make. And my hope is that in doing so, we'll be able to recover your sister in the process."

Cervato looked down to her hands in her lap. Then breathed out slowly. "...I'll speak with Drake and send you my decision. Give me a week. I...I need to consider this. The last time I...cooperated with the Shining Blade, they ended up nearly getting my friends killed."

"Miss Ti'lay Voss and Lord Atreyu Haswari, correct?" Cortez noted, knowing Cervato would react.

Cervato's eyes stared across the table to Exemplar Cortez. Recalling the greivous injuries Ti'lay and Atreyu had received. Exemplar Reed had used Cervato's loved ones as the bait in a failed attempt at capturing Artemis. They both nearly died. Balling her hands into fists, Cervato cursed under her breath. "Yes. Exactly. I know it's for Maria, but I will not sacrifice my guild for her."

"Because she's your half-sister? Due to your father's adultery?" Cortez continued to play with the facts she knew about Cervato. The things she never shared from her private life. The anger in her expression was lit and both Architect and the other Blade officer looked in the direction of their Exemplar, hands set upon their weapons.

"That is none of your business." Cervato abruptly stood, heading towards the door. Meanwhile Cortez cast a glance over her shoulder.

"You should ask your father for the truth. You know more than you're letting on. But it's dangerous for you to continue as you are without knowing everything." Cervato had already opened the door, though halted in place.

"You know nothing of my family." Reply weak. Obviously Cortez knew something that Cervato had no idea about. The scarred Exemplar merely shrugged with a slight sneer.

"I probably know just as much as you, and just a touch more. Though you can find that out for yourself. I look forward to your favorable reply on our agreement, Commander." Cortez nodded to the Commander. Cervato frowned, before leaving the Shining Blade HQ behind.

As Cortez rose from her seat, Architect sighed heavily. "That's just a sad sight." Looking to the Shining Blade operative to her left, who also had been guarding the door. "She didn't even recognize you, either! Very, very sad."

The officer didn't rise to the taunt by Architect, instead looking to Cortez. "She may not agree after all. She's stubborn."

Cortez nodded to him. "Persuasion may be needed after all. The Blade has not been kind to her. My intent is not to cause more harm but to actually help us win on both fronts. Recovering Maria and eliminating these surviving Mantle scum. If she doesn't reply within the week, I'll need you to intercept her, Lindser."

The man's verdant gaze found his Exemplar's stormy hues, before pressing his fist to his chest and bowed respectfully to his superior.
silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
Posted Sep 6, 18 · OP
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Look Where We Are Now

Golden waves of silk melded into scarlet hues along the evening gown's skirt. Ebon hair was tightly pulled back into an elegant bun. Long legs walked with purpose into the bustling Crown Pavilion for the Queen's Crystal Jubilee Ball. Cervato stopped to adjust her six-inch heel, noting it had nearly slipped off, before her gaze found a familiar figure stopped beside her.

A smile was exchanged with Mercer Shaw, another guildmate of the Tyrian Accord. Surprisingly, he cleaned up well enough in her opinion, noting his manner of dress and demeanor. Offering her arm to him in good form, the pair made their way into the Ball after happening upon one another. A much better alternative than to stand to the side like a wallflower. Kurai wouldn't mind it, though she prayed he'd be finished with his work soon to at least enjoy the ball with her. She'd found herself missing the opportunity to dance over the summer. Mercer and Cervato shared pleasant conversation as they happened across other familiar acquaintances and new faces.

A week had long passed, per Exemplar Cortez's orders. Cervato had ignored the woman's offer intentionally. Instead, she had written to her parents, expressing the desire to meet with them and discuss what Cortez had meant. Though no reply had been sent. Yet here, of all places, she did not anticipate to see him.

When Eric Lindser had left the Caballero Winery and Vineyard, he was a young boy of seventeen. His mother, their head maid, insisted that her son was fine, but every time Cervato had tried to write, Eric never returned anything to answer her letters. Over the years, Eric had faded from Cervato's mind. Her childhood friend. The boy, that at 14, had stolen her first kiss when she'd challenged her fellow peers with a promise for anything they wanted if they bested her. The boy had been her largest comfort for the future. Yet that had all changed the night she threw the engagement away in her parent's faces. Forced Eric's hand, resulting in his dismissal from his position.

Now, Eric Lindser was a man, standing back within the depths of the dimly lit gala, leaning against a column, green eyes staring directly into her sienna hues. He spoke no words, yet he was calling her to him. So she followed him into the darkness. The solace of shadows, past lovers kissing and crying heartbroken souls.

Eventually, she had him cornered. Or rather, she was the only thing standing in his way. Well-groomed, he still kept his hair long, yet swept back. A simple grey suit without much embellishment hugged his brawny form, the thin vineyard hand all but disappeared within Cervato's mind. Verdant eyes looked over her, before he bowed politely to her.

"Good evening, Cervato." And as he rose, the flash of black gloves swiping towards his cheek ended, as he caught her thin wrist within his grasp. Cervato swung her left instead, and this too was trapped in the same manner. "I see you're still your charming self."

"How dare you." She muttered darkly, tone holding him in contempt as well as a spiteful stare.

Eric did not appear amused, a faded smile only offered in response to her anger. "It's been quite some time. You look well. And I've missed many times to offer congratulations and condolences to you over the years. How many marriages has it been? Stone. Haswari. Nearly a Lancastir, even." No morsel of humor or sympathy defined in his voice. "And now a son with a pirate. Your parents must be so proud."

Cervato's anger grew tenfold. Though at the mention of Zen and Kurai, she could no longer control her rage. The fabric of her silk gloves easily became fuel to the flames that ignited within her palms, incinerating them instantly. It should have caused Eric to release her immediately, but his icy touch instead spun her around, arms behind back, until her chest and cheek were pressed to the cool stone wall behind him.

Her magic was killed by his. Another new trait that both had never shared with the other.

"Ah yes, and I know all about what transpired two years ago regarding you and the stint with Artemis Nirdayi and the traitorous Yevon Reed."

Cervato tried to fight him off but surprisingly felt chilled to her core within Eric's icy grasp. When she exhaled, her breath had frosted over. His knowledge of her past astounded her. A few scenarios ran across her mind and a gasp filled the air when sudden realization was upon her.

"Yes, I'm also of the Shining Blade, Cervato. Before you even joined. The only reason I'm here is because you missed your deadline and I'm supposed to convince you to agree to Exemplar Cortez's request."

"Well, you're doing a pretty shit job of it." She grumbled, before breaking free one wrist in an attempt to knock her fist back against his face. It struck his cheek, enough of a distraction to turn and try to land another punch against him when he shoved himself against her, forcing all his strength into pinning her to the wall.

"Stop being so godsforsaken stubborn, Cervato!" Strongly objecting into her face with anger.

"Tell me why!" She struggled against him, frustrated certainly.

"Tell you what?" He grumbled, looking into her eyes.

"Why did you abandon me there?" The question hanging heavy in the air after it escaped from her. Pained expression bestowed to the man that once was her greatest friend. The anger left his expression, as guilt formed in it's place.

"It was nothing against you. But I needed to find my own place in this world. Just like you told me. Just as you were forced to do."

"And you couldn't tell me...?"

"I chose not too." Grip weakening as he backed off of her. The woman's arms fell to her sides, as she looked upon him.

"Why..." Cervato's voice cut off by Eric's.

"Look where we are now. Would you truly give it all up?" He replied.

Silence lingered for several minutes between them as they both calmed themselves down, avoiding eye contact and each other. Finding their true selves again instead of remembering when they were teenagers with nothing but dreams in their heads.

Eric eventually spoke, "You need to find her, Cervato. We need to rid the world of the existence of these monsters." Referring to the White Mantle. "They will kill and keep killing until nothing is left. We're finally in a position to do something about it. Please....please Cervato." His gaze found hers.

It took her another minute to find her voice. Looking upon him with a weakened spirit.

"Alright." She relented, looking upon him. Relief flooded his features as he took a step forward, about to grasp her shoulders but she instead avoided the contact as she started to walk away without another word. Cervato swore she could feel the burning sensation of his stare upon her back but she continued on. She refused to falter here.

Mercer noted her bruised knuckles and missing gloves upon her return, as he lead them both to the dance floor at her request. The man leaving her to her own devices, understanding her desire to not speak of what had occurred. Instead, she tried to bury the memories of her childhood into the depths of her mind. Locking them away tightly. Refusing to reflect or remember anymore.

She was the Commander of the Tyrian Accord.

He was the Shining Blade serving her royal majesty.

As Mercer lead them both into a dance, Cervato instead chose to reflect on the present. She was in a beautiful dress on a wonderful evening, dancing with a slightly handsome gentleman that was not really gentle at all. Smirking at the thought, she continued along with the escapade until they finished their last dance.

Soon, she would inform Drake regarding the Mantle situation. Soon, she would tell Kurai the events of what transpired. Soon, she would ask her parents if they minded taking care of Zen for a little while. Soon, she would handle the current task at hand, in addition to the weight of the world upon her shoulder's in regards to healing Saromire's very soul.

But for now, she'd focus on attempting to beat Mercer in a duel back at the Accord's HQ to let off some steam.
silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
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Resurrection - Melancholy Memories

I never wanted to return here.

Cervato trudged through the snow, doing her best to follow in Kurai's footsteps. Howling between the mountain pass, the biting chill of cold air was forced over the small group as they journeyed to the kodan sanctuary that served as Saromire's pyre. Tugging the borrowed coat closer around her form, Cervato looked ahead to watch the others. Collyn's disgruntled demeanor. Joan's quiet contemplation. Kurai's peculiar silence. Thoughts of the man who's spirit perhaps occupied the golden sword at her hip began to form.

Was it truly Saromire? Was it a demon? This question never seemed to dawn upon her until Collyn had stated as much. After introducing the magical blade as his brother to both of them, Collyn had given his reservations regarding the prospect, but there was nothing left to lose. Cervato was thankful Joan and Collyn were with her in this endeavor, for she feared alone she may not have had the strength to even set forth on this land.

Descending the path, they came across a single kodan that blocked their passage into the middle of the frozen pond where the funeral pyre was located. The kodan conveyed the terrible visions and ceaseless haunted images that filled their minds. When the kodan recognized Cervato, claiming to have seen her before, she felt embarassed. What was being shown? How? Why? These were things she wished to share with no one, and so she offered to take away these haunted visits. Or at least do her best.

Granted permission, their group entered the forsaken grounds. Every step Cervato took, she felt the deafening thud of her heart. Adrenaline began to flow through her form, as if commanding her to leave this place. Light-headed, it felt surreal as they rounded the corner, before the world suddenly became black.

There was no light.

Voices. Echoes. Distant. Near. Converging into one yet splintering around them. Angry. Upset. Who were they?

The world shifted.

Rurikton Square, by the fountain. Golden armor gleaming in the sun. A thoughtful expression aimed towards the fountain's waters. Saromire. He was there. Before she could call his name, another woman approached him. Silver hair as pure as moonlight. A Minister Guard worn proudly.

Joan, Collyn, and Kurai all watched with curiosity at the interaction as a memory passed before them all. Cervato left stunned. They were watching the past. Saromire's past with the woman known as Myra Llewelyn.

The scene shifted. To the lost city of Arah. Then to the Lancastir manor.

There was something always left unsaid between Saromire and Myra. Or at least, that Cervato and the rest were not permitted to watch.

Then they were before the slab of stone that held the body of the man they all mourned. The phantom of Myra knelt before it. The amulet within her hands as she too mourned the passing of Saromire.

The amulet fell from her hands atop the grave. "Now you're...both gone." Myra's voice murmured as a single tear ran down her cheek. "Whoever that girl was, that you mentioned last we spoke, I hope she made you happy, old friend." The woman exhaled, pressing their palm to the flat surface of his resting place, before placing a handkerchief atop the stone. "...I'm sorry I wasn't there, dear friend. But I'll carry you in this heart of mine. Maybe we'll meet again one day. Goodbye..."

Cervato felt her hand rest upon the pommel of her sword. Saromire's spirit had been quiet throughout the entire duration of this journey. As the spirit of Myra faded from their vision. Cervato felt plagued by her own emotions. Seeing Saromire's form lying atop the stone monument, offerings placed near his form, and her own fingertips feeling the cold metal links of the golden necklace she had crafted for his last birthday that rested against his chest.

That damn nightmare came to her again. The rain. Slipping in the swamp's murky and muddy waters as they fought the monster. The man she loved more than anything being taken away from her in an instant, cradling his form in her arms as she relived his death. Watched his eyes lose their light. Felt her own heart threaten to die with him.

Then his voice woke her from that scene. The rest of the group on alert as Saromire's voice filled inside their heads.

"I want to die."

The amulet. It was coming from the amulet. The ground quaked beneath them all, threatening the small island in the frozen pond. The voice grew louder. In despair. Cervato pleaded with his voice, begged for him to stop. Saromire would never say such things. But then again, did she truly know him enough to even say this? Had she not wished to die before? Had she still not kept that thought within her, even still to this day?

"Cervato lies..." The voice began, and begged again for death. Fire. The place where Saromire's body had burned was being set aflame. A hasty thought reached her mind, and she decided for each of them despite Kurai and Joan's protests.

The golden blade easily met her grip, and arced defiantly down atop the amulet, the force of the strike splitting it in two. The whisper of a voice spoke softly to her. "Thank you..." Wisps of smoke encircled her blade until the world grew steady around them.

Destruction. This was what Cervato was capable of. Had there been any alternative? Was this the right thing to do? Regardless, she felt she had at least kept the others safe. Kurai's cold golden gaze met hers, before stalking off. The first time she had seen such anger from him directed towards her. The words she wished to convey held back as she watched him leave.

Emotions high between the trio, Saromire's voice sounded among them, the spirit within the soul asking what had happened.

"I feel as though I could cry, but I cannot." The sword confessed as they explained what had occurred. "But I feel more whole, even if these memories are difficult to bear."

The group dispersed, Cervato stubbornly heading elsewhere rather than home. She didn't want to deal with Kurai's antics this night. The stubborn pride swept her away as she continued to march. The woman didn't handle being abandoned very well, despite the nature or circumstance.

Yet this was only the beginning. For when even the prideful Cervato returned to her home, Kurai wasn't there. Nor the next day. Or a week following. Kurai was merely gone.

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silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
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Melancholy Memories - Holding On To You

With Kurai gone, Cervato's worries only increased. Was he really that stubborn over their row that he'd stay away from their son? Anger drove her as she asked her parents to help look after Zen for a few days while she focused on her work. Seated within her office, Cervato was reading through yet another application to join the guild. A dull ache settled within her shoulders, as she realized she had to repetitively review the same sentence at least three times before she understood.

And it was all due to her worries, fear, and anger. Dropping the papers in disgust, she fell back into her armchair behind the large desk, running her fingertips through her messy jet-black hair. The heat within her body soared. Something she thought she had under control, yet her impulse drove her to rise from her seat and slam everything atop her desk to the side. Papers floated to the ground, while other objects were sent scattered within her private quarters.

A low moan came from the Commander before slamming her hands atop the desk, the stinging pain upon her palms enough to draw her back into her senses.

"Gods what am I doing?" Releasing a choked sob as she sat back down, covering her face with both hands.

The memories of what transpired when they visited Saromire's funeral pyre played over and over. Torturing her. When Myra embraced Saromire. When they had been talking within his estate near the fireplace. That familiarity. When Saromire had mentioned Joan specifically, and the dagger he was prepping in the echoes of the past. Yet nothing for her. The only inclination was that Saromire had still been upset with her...but it all disappeared.

Jealousy. That evil emotion burned deep within her. Cervato reached for the set of keys clipped at her waist, shoving a particular one into the locked drawer of her desk. This place was where she kept most of them. The memories of Saromire. Away from her home besides his sword and the necklace he had given to her long ago.

Grasping the handle, she bit her lip, before opening it. Finding the letters from Ti'lay. Deronjur. Atreyu. And from him. The stacks of envelopes pushed to the side as she searched. A silver pair of shears was also knocked askew, from when she'd cut his hair more than once. He'd trusted her at least with that. Once or twice.

His sword that rested against her armchair did not resonate. Silent. Asleep. Or dead.

The fabric was finally found after several seconds of searching. It was one of the last things she had stolen from the man that still haunted her.

The damning heat within her died, as a sudden chill swept over Cervato's small frame. The illness subsided once more as warm tears stained her cheeks. A quiet sob echoed within the small space, as she clutched the shirt to her form. His. One of the last item's that still captured his scent, his cologne, and bringing back the memories of what she longed for more than anything.

Crushing that amulet had been satisfying. For it had taken away those visions of another that Saromire cherished. That damning jealousy choked her but she prayed for it to leave her thoughts. Give her peace. Inhaling slowly, the scent triggered memories of one night at the Lancastir estate. The intimate atmosphere. A gentle touch. And his warmth that was beyond overwhelming that made her want to survive.

Then she locked them all away again.

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silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
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Resurrection - The Wraith

The farmer's fields were bathed in the waning light of the sunset, warm summer air rippling across the wheat, a rustling wave that passed over both of their forms shielded from sight. The sky was streaked with orange, purple, and magenta, colors staining the world above that served a perfect background for the person she adored as he smiled upon her. Lips brushed from her cheek until burying into her neck, warm.

"Return to the Lancastir Manor."

Saromire's voice sounded loud and clear in her head, drawing Cervato from her dream. The woman had been sleeping in her office, head rising from the desk as she took in her surroundings. A dark atmosphere signaling it was still late into the evening. While getting her bearings, his voice signaled louder, repeating the same phrase. And this continued only until she found herself at the front door of the Lancastir Estate in the dead of night.

That evening, she found herself meeting another family member of Saromire's. A cousin by the name of Jaxon. The man had nearly dismissed her entirely until Saromire revealed himself to the man, explaining he needed his help. Which progressed to a wild skritt chase through Divinity's Reach, searching for a drunken rogue by the name of Damon. A stolen ring in this man's possession was their goal, yet resulted in Cervato arrested and spending her evening in a cell with the con artist. Eventually, both of them being freed through miraculous fortune and going their separate ways.

When she returned to the Lancastir Estate, Jaxon revealed the actual ring that he'd procured from their target. More family members were home, for some unknown reason, but as Cervato began discussing with Jaxon the future of the ring, the world shifted around them.

Like a thief, the man appeared, dressed in sickly verdant and ebon shades, face masked. They introduced themselves as 'The Wraith' before stealing the ring they had worked so hard to obtain and disappearing. Of course, Jaxon, Collyn, and herself gave chase, battling the strange agent of darkness along the way until cornered.

There was something familiar about this Wraith persona. The way he stood. His movements. And despite every action she tried against him, he did not fight back, merely protected himself. Still, they were able to recapture the ring before the Wraith escaped.

As Cervato used her golden sword to crush the ring, it shattered, and the same aura revealed itself before melding within the blade. Saromire's words immediately rushed forward to all of them, speaking rapidly with question after question. They'd discovered the portion of his soul that held his curiosity. The Lancastir family members and Cervato were relieved after everything had been dealt with.

Collyn had asked Cervato if she'd be willing to take responsibility if the spirit within her sword was in fact, not Saromire. The woman agreed immediately, yet as she began her journey home...she wondered how truthful she had been. When he'd spoken of Saromire's marriage proposal and their engagement, her heart had frozen in place. Yes. She recalled the fragile memory of how she had ultimately failed Saromire emotionally. Reminding her of when he'd spoken with the woman known as Myra. That anger. That must have been where it stemmed from. The pain she inflicted on his heart and pride would always remain a subject she never could bring herself to talk about with anyone. The final kiss he had given upon her cheek days before the dreaded battle which claimed his life. So many regrets piled atop of her...yet Collyn stating he'd have been proud to have her part of his family, it at least made her feel a little better. Despite being secretly terrified of him, she knew Collyn was being sincere.

Returning to her home, she saw one of the lanterns lit outside. As if born anew, Cervato rushed towards the door, throwing it open and calling for him. "Kurai!" Yet their house was empty. Kurai wasn't there. Zen still left with her parents. The home was empty. It must have been another being courteous for her, yet the painful reminder she was alone pierced the poor woman as she sunk to her knees.

"...Kurai...where are you?"
silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
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Events transpired and spiraled out of control until there within Cervato's office, Kurai was found. Possessed by the Wraith's entity. With Kurai's mentor, Ling, and his brother, the current head of the Ryuuzaki Clan, Hatsu, she was able to find his trapped vessel hiding within the Mists.

The creature that had attacked them within the Lancastir estate and attempted to steal the ring that Saromire's spirit requested appeared within her office. After being lashed at by Hatsu, the dark spirit escaped from Kurai's form, before taking hold of of the objects within her office and unleashing all it's fury upon the small group before escaping. The Wraith was a part of Kurai's family history, something that was beyond Cervato's mental grasp.

The innocence of Cervato's heart bloomed with happiness with Kurai's return. Zen's upset tantrums began to cease and their little family began returning to the semblance of what could be considered normal. Though a seed of frustration still was nested deep within Cervato's heart. The inability to assist Kurai when he needed her, having to beg Hatsu, reminding her of when she begged for his help two years prior when Artemis was bent on finding her and killing her. Helpless. That state in which she could do nothing drove her to the brink, and so she found herself needing a quick release. Which she only could find in messy spars, harsh words, and recklessness. Mercer had become this for her during that time, but after their last bout, and the infliction of wounds that took time to heal, she was left with embarrassment, fear, and hesitation. More emotions she detested. More secrets she had to bury deep inside.

The last time she'd been like this, she was willing for someone to ruin her. Kill her. Destroy her. All before Artemis could get his revenge-filled schemes to choke the life from her. So many people had done their best then to snap her out of it. Yet all of them were too far long gone that she could trust. To be a burden upon with her emotions. Atreyu. Ti'lay. Deronjur. Alive yet not here.

With the task of fulfilling Saromire's whispers that entered her thoughts at his whim and the knowledge that the White Mantle was somehow involved in the disappearance of her sister, Maria, and that even right now, her movements were most likely being tracked by the Shining Blade, she felt without control. Again. Damn them. Damn each and every single person that was doing this to her. Everyone was in it for themselves. Never for her. None of them had her interests at heart. She was simply a tool to be used. Hadn't she given so much of her life already to make things right? Hadn't she sacrificed enough?

The hypocrite found herself standing within the arena, in the middle of the night, the sound of deranged laughter filling the stadium and the fact it was coming from her own mouth scared her more than she'd ever like to admit. Dissonance created as tears fell from her eyes, laughter turning to sobbing. The possessed sword at her hip was tossed to the ground in anger and frustration while she screamed with all her might.

Throat sore, vision blurred, and body weak, Cervato then saw them.

They were like the ghosts of Ascalon, yet they made no movement or sound. Faded spirits surrounded her as she spun in place. Their eyes all trained upon the woman. There were no mirrors within this place, proving they were not reflections, or dreams for she knew she was awake.

Rhett was standing the closest to her, appearing nonchalant, even for a displaced spirit. Saromire's kneeling where the sword had been thrown, clutching at their chest and fading in and out of view, for he was incomplete in his current state. Delilah was smiling, cradling the swaddled form of a child. But where was...

Artemis's hand felt solid as steel, like a viper's grip around her throat. Choking, Cervato coughed, as he lifted her from the ground, legs kicking uselessly while her hands tried to free herself, latched to his forearm. The stains of blood from where Atreyu's sword had impaled him through long dried as his cold green gaze trained upon her while he enjoyed trying to squeeze the life from his former pupil.

"H-how..." The only word Cervato uttered as she felt the air leaving her lungs. Artemis gripped harder, silencing her.

Beyond him, all their eyes were blinding as they stared upon her. None coming to her aid. Dozens of people whom she had killed, direct or indirectly, watching her own demise.

"You may have lifted the curse upon your heart, Cervato, but there is no magic, no hope, no prayer, of removing the curse within your own mind." Her former Shining Blade mentor's words like steel. Whilst she struggled to breathe, the world was growing dark around her. There was little time left.

"Or she's just going insane, could have told you that easy enough." Rhett's lazy drawl murmured, unlit cigarette between his lips.

"Her heart's always wavered. She just needs a push in the right direction." Delilah's sweet words harder to hear as Artemis continued to choke Cervato with one hand, her body growing still. There was nothing she could do. Helpless.

"Kill her! Kill her!" A voice towards the back sounded, trying to incite Artemis's rage further.

"What do you mean!? She tried to save me---"

"And she failed! Don't you see? There's no point if she keeps letting others die for her!"

Their voices arguing started to blend together. So many people. Overwhelmed, with a lacking source of air, Cervato fell.

Asphyxiated, she crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Though she was alive. There were no spirits surrounding her. Only the cold stone ground and the humid dust-tainted air.

In the alcoves of the arena, a figure hidden from view witnessed the Commander fall to the ground, before turning on their heel and leaving the Accord's camp.
silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
Posted Oct 13, 18 · OP
To her, silence was deafening. After the spectacle she made of herself within the Accord's arena, she'd made a handful of visits to the medic ward to be examined. Stress and worries plagued her thoughts as she went about her typical duties within the guild. Saromire's voice still remained absent as each day began anew, until she was starting to worry that something was amiss. Yet nothing she said or did coaxed his spirit to acknowledge her existence or reassure against her fears.

Instead, her focus was on the Shining Blade's offer. Exemplar Cortez finally met with Drake to warn their leader of the White Mantle splinter cells focus on those who had assisted in their initial defeat in the war for Doric. Targets. All of them who had served, their families, their friends, their children, the people most important to them had been found as potential targets for revenge schemes. The reason? To weaken those who would assist against another future uprising. And the Mantle did not hesitate soon after their agreement was made with the Exemplar to permit two agents of the Blade to observe and assist as needed with the Accord as they returned to Lake Doric.

Penelope Valmont, the tall and brooding warrior that had joined their guild recently, had become fast friends with Cervato due to their love of combat and drink. However, she was the first who had been targeted by the Mantle's schemes, having been briefly held against her will. Yet, pride flourished within Cervato, hearing Pen's tale of how she managed to escape and hunt down the damn flies of the cult that had snared her in the first place within Divinity's Reach. Despite the woman's knack for getting hurt nearly as much as Cervato, the Commander was impressed by her skill set. Pen was dutiful, skilled in various weapons and fighting styles, and the intrigue regarding her new friend won her over.

On the opposite end, Mercer was starting to frustrate her more and more. After the argument within their camp, she'd done her best to try and help him open up. At every attempt, his body language and demeanor refused. The gruff man's words answering her inquiry that lone morning after a night of drinking, her heart felt as if it was shattering. Pity? No. It was that ache of emptiness that he reminded her of. How one could live a life as his and how much it resembled how her own used to be. Cervato had been formidable alone, but when she had the power of those she cared for at her side or support, she felt truly invincible in those moments. Due to the recent stress of her own personal life, she was unable to hold back the tears this time in his presence. Unsure of how to approach him since, Cervato ended up keeping to herself since then.

However, the greatest peculiarity of her life came unexpected in the the moment her sister, Maria, appeared within Doric alongside a formidable woman known simply as Walker. Maria's initial disappearance was attributed to the Mantle's interference nearly three Seasons ago. The girl whom Cervato had rejected for years due to her inability to see past her father's affair with another woman, looked upon her with relief. They shared their first embrace as family. The resentment fading immediately and yielding to new emotions she had yet to experience for the simple college student who had reached out to her several years ago, trying to connect with her only family left. The Commander immediately had written their parents, informing them of Maria's return and ensuring she was to be under her care until they could make the trip to the city.

When Maria was finally able to return to the Caballero winery and vineyards in southern Kessex, Cervato and Pen took a trip to the Hunting Lodge within Queensdale. What was meant to be merely an afternoon of small talk quickly escalated into a full scale assault on a small group of the Accord by three cloaked figures. In the heat of the moment, they surely could have taken them on, and were on the path to victory when everything within her field of vision had vanished. The concealment spells of mesmers had always been a form of spite for her, as she had not built up any sort of defenses with illusion magics. A bullet from a concealed rogue's pistol struck her left side, embedding itself within her abdomen, intent clear for her to die there.

Only a few things were clear as she fell to the floor. Meli's voice calling her name. Pen's arms cradling her form. Mercer's swearing. And Rhett's spindly form leaning against the wall with arms crossed, just past Pen's pauldron, cold green gaze fixated on the dying woman.

Why was Rhett always watching her? For what purpose? Though even he faded from her vision as everything succumbed to darkness.

Afterwards, Cervato found herself bandaged within the Accord's Med Bay. An exhausted Penelope resting in the chair near her bedside. Clarine had seen personally to her well being upon their arrival, and Cervato was glad to learn that no one else had been seriously injured as a result of the mysterious attack. Pen had informed her that the bodies of those they'd taken down had disappeared in the chaos of illusions and gunfire.

Once more, Cervato had survived due to the mercy of her companions. The pain ceased more as Pen remained vigilant in keeping a watchful eye over Cervato as she rested for several days within the medical ward. The woman never left Cervato for longer than an hour at most, when Cervato insisted she eat or bathe. Others came and went including Ursus, Docu, and even Mercer. After nights alone, Kurai and Castiel, Kurai's first mate, suddenly appeared to visit. Castiel giving both of them a warning that Kurai's visits to the Mists were causing quite the stir among a relatively familiar enemy. The man that had tried to stop Cervato from accepting the sword imbued with a portion of Saromire's soul.

Here is where she admitted the truth to the small group gathered. In merely two sentences. They accepted and insisted they would help however they could.

Though Saromire's silence persisted and Cervato's faith was starting to waver.

Please do not abandon me. Nor take away my purpose, Saro. You are the reason I continue on. Please...wake up.
silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
Posted Oct 26, 18 · OP
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Weeks had passed, and in that time, Cervato had driven herself to dedicating her entire being into her work with the Accord. Anyone who watched the Commander would realize how hard she was pushing herself when they passed the arena and saw her practicing with the golden sword well into the night, or caught her at breakfast, scribbling notes into her ledger frequently. Even taking Zen on a walk, they'd find her light hearted smile holding back something.

The truth was her worries were plaguing her so much that it was impact her sleep. Too often, she'd leave her home, asking the Accord's official nanny to watch after her son before making her way further into Kryta. On her travels, she'd cross paths with a multitude of friends and acquaintances, whether it be a rustic tavern, the comfortable living room with pages spread about upon the floor, or late into the evening at the Dead End.

After visiting with Pen and pledging to help her friend determine where the mysterious package that had delivered her mother's history came from, Cervato eventually said her goodbyes, despite Pen offering for her to stay. Never being one to impose, Cervato kept moving, for fear of Pen realizing how bad her nightmares were...or seeing that Cervato would do anything to prevent herself from drifting to sleep unless her own body forced her.

Meandering down the small side streets of the Commons, she found the small bar nestled between large buildings, and sought refuge from the cold night's air. That's when she came across Mercer. She'd had half a mind to just leave then, trying to maintain the distant front she had created since their last conversation alone, but instead she directly confronted him, joining the rogue at the table.

That night they enjoyed pleasant conversation, words passed back and forth, no jeering or insults. When she inquired about his other work, she did not expect him to be forthcoming, just like all the other times she had pressed him. Yet, for whatever reason, he agreed. The pair walked quietly to the nearby Busted Flagon, the Commander paying for a room, and he locked the door behind them when they entered the small suite.

Mercer would never be able to tell her everything, of course she knew that. Yet he revealed more than she had ever expected. His mission from the Order. The lives of Mantle sympathizers. His true role.

A rush of memories returned to her in that moment. When she was a fresh recruit of the Shining Blade after the Seraph debacle. When she'd been assigned to work under Artemis, otherwise referred to as Mercy. When he'd given her the moniker, Red, because she made such a mess of her assignments when it came to the kills she had to perform for the Queen and country's protection. Killing without emotion. Killing for the sake of justice. Killing for what was right. How many times had they all explained to her the principle and how she too had convinced herself that she was doing it for the greater good. That feeling of remorse began to form within her stomach, as she watched Mercer closely.

Did he have any idea how much they were alike? How often had she pushed the people she loved away for her work? Putting it above all else? Yet here he was, sharing his secret with her. Entrusting her to this knowledge. At least someone would know. Cervato recalled when she'd asked Mercer if he purposefully kept people at arm's length, to avoid developing that companionship that the rest of them shared. When he had said yes, it hurt her. He reminded her of all the things she once had been.

Yet he was good at what he was assigned to do. She knew this. And in that moment of trust, she'd wanted to tell him the truth of her own fears. The nightmares. The fact she felt like she was slowly losing her mind. That she wasn't sure if the reflections of the people of her past in the mirror were just all within her own troubled mind.

Then that dreaded emotion began to rear it's head, and she willed it away. Fear. Fear for him. Fear of him. Fear for what may come of him even just informing her of this information. And the fact that her own father had helped Mercer years ago, revealing that he had not simply just retired from that life when she had confronted Alcides within his study. Even her own father was still acting in accordance for the Order.

Cervato was starting to care a great deal about this man.

So she was grateful when he decided to leave her within that suite in the early hours of morning, after they had spent a good portion discussing all of this. A jest exchanged between the pair before the agent called her out on her own words. When Mercer left, she still could not sleep due to how her unsettled thoughts, still chasing after the man who had already walked out the door.
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silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
Posted Nov 20, 18 · OP
Resurrection - Resolve

Candlelight flickered as the wind rushed through the small space, threatening to extinguish the flames aloft the memorial place for those of the Accord's fallen. Form merely clothed by a simple cotton dress, Cervato knelt before it, as her hair messily obscured most of her face. A weary gaze was set upon the sword resting before her on the stone tiles. Memories flashed by in rapid succession in the back of her mind.

Embracing Saromire's form outside his manor, heart flooding with emotion before realizing she had been deceived by a threat wishing to end her efforts in saving his soul.

Nearly being subject to Myra Llewellyn's blade, as the former Ministry Guard attempted to skewer her on the Lancastir grounds, believing her to be a fiend. Where Saromire's voice had finally broken from it's silence.

Myra's betrayal where she trapped Cervato deep within a hidden pit inside the Lancastir manor, until double crossing the foul agents that wanted to end Cervato's search.

Receiving the music box from Myra. Being informed that the last journal entry Saromire left had been about her. And receiving the necklace that she had left on Saromire's pyre from Anya Wachenfield.

Feeling herself break down against Mercer's back, after pulling her onto his raptor and delivering her home after returning to the Accord's HQ.

Regretting that she had let herself fall susceptible and open. Her heart threatening to betray her ideals.

Revealing the truth to both Penelope and Mercer regarding the sword and her duty.

A letter from Collyn Lancastir, Saromire's brother, demanding she cease in her efforts.

Returning to Vizier's Tower, in Orr, standing across from Collyn, yet remembering her last visit to this place. Where she received a kiss from the man that haunted her life.

Collyn's dagger digging deep into the back of her shoulder. And the sword being stolen from her grasp.

Pain, as her magics flared out of control. Flames so hot that started to burn her very skin.

Begging at Collyn's feet to please return the sword. And being asked why. Why do all this for the slim chance that this really was his brother's soul. That the reality that this could be him was practically nonexistent.

"I love him. I love Saro, and I would do anything for his sake."

Collyn's disbelief. Before telling her a fairy tale of those who ventured on a similar quest to save a loved one. Where a sacrifice was needed.

Watching Collyn aim the golden sword above his heart, asking her to please tell Saro that he loved him, before watching it plunge into his chest and being blinded by an explosion of light.

Recovering the helm that held a piece of Saromire's soul, and the sword, begging for forgiveness before being attacked by a stone monster, threatening her life.

Beatrix Lancastir, cousin to Saromire, and Rhapsody rescuing her. Beatrix revealing that she had changed since two years prior, wielding the sword that Saromire used to carry. The twin to her own. That it was also imbued with his spirit and she too had been traveling to recover pieces of him. That the last was in the City of Arah.

Warm tears rolled down her cheeks, as Cervato looked upon the name added to the memorial that morning at her request.

Collyn Lancastir. Despite Saromire's waning voice, she had betrayed him. Saromire had asked Cervato to convince Collyn that what they were doing was justified and right. Collyn had died for Saromire. Believing that the fairy tale may hold some truth and that a sacrifice was necessary. That he was at peace with his choice. And that he only wished that Cervato would remind Saromire that Collyn loved him.

The weight of his death was still troubling her. Combined with the monumental task of gathering people to journey to Orr, including Myra and Beatrix. A mission that was most likely the most dangerous she would ever participate. There were no guarantees that she would make it out alive.

Yet, she knew she would do it. Collyn had admired her resolve. She was a broken spirit. But...

Cervato would rather die, then fail Saromire now.

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silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
Posted Dec 1, 18 · OP
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After a rather heated exchange with Valiant at the shooting range, Cervato stormed off through the camp. The man's final words still lingering thereafter in her thoughts.

"Your death is the harbinger of the end of the Accord!"

What a lie if there ever was one. Anger. Valiant had called her reckless. Running from one problem to the next. That she allowed herself to fall headfirst into everyone's issues and she needed to cease or risk losing herself.

The worse part was that her rational side knew he was right when it came to her most recent actions in catering to the desire to save Saromire's soul. Losing Collyn had only reinforced her desire to not fail.

Ascending the stone steps leading to one of the greatest vantage points within their property, that barely was ever occupied, most likely due to the risk of falling from such a height. Though the Commander paid it no mind as she walked across the small platform barely wide enough for two people to stand shoulder to shoulder. With disregard for her equipment she tossed the rifle behind her, along with her pack. Eventually stripped of her armor, clad only in a light cotton blouse and shorts, she walked barefoot across the sandstone until she met the edge of the natural structure, a cliff side jutting out to a point. The wind whipped her hair around and tugged at her clothing as she slowly crept forward to stand at that edge, looking down upon the place she had called home for the past year.

Cervato let her thoughts run upon every whim, releasing herself to her deepest insecurities and fears. Her secrets. Her reality.

Bringing her hands forward, she saw the ink forever marking her skin as reminders of people who were no longer there with her.

The amethyst blooming lotus upon the back of her hand reminding her of Atreyu. How she'd hurt him time and time again. The swallow in flight upon her forearm, Ti'lay...she barely could remember the last time her friend had smiled in her presence. The crown for Deronjur, a friendship she desperately wished to mend but recognized she was unsure if she could ever trust him again. And ironically, the golden sword that pieced that crown, weeks following Saromire's death, she'd felt compelled to memorialize the man upon her form in the shape of the sword but in the color she would always remember him wearing. Now years later, his spirit within the blade left behind with her other belongings.

In full force, sorrow returned, but with it an underlying emotion of betrayal.

"I told you that I would do anything for you...but..." Even now she was afraid to speak the truth.

Thoughts quickly turned to when Collyn had met her in Elona to pledge his assistance to the Accord. Saromire's brother was tired, and obviously was still struggling with his death. The Whispers operative had revealed how he felt that his brother was rash and foolishly relying on hope. How had Collyn changed so much from that persona...to the man who decided he had to kill himself in order to save his brother? Had Collyn needed to die at all? Was it truly necessary? All this for a fairy tale.

Myra and Beatrix's trust in their mission. Myra's haunted tale of how she loved Saromire dearly but always denied him resonated painfully with Cervato. Beatrix's transformation from spoiled entitled noblewoman to fierce adversary shocked her. All this because of his death. Yet both women faithfully would travel to Orr, to also put an end to this, to help Saromire. They trusted in him.

Yet her own heart was betraying her thoughts. Reassuring her that this was all for him. That he needed her help.

But who was going to help her?

Cervato felt tears sting her eyes as she slowly met the edge, spreading her arms wide and fingers splayed. Sienna hues rising to meet the blue sky, feel the sun's gentle kiss of warmth upon her face, wincing slightly from how bright everything appeared. A choked sob escaped past her lips as she waited.

"Stop. Stop. Stop, please." She begged the air. Rampantly, thoughts of everyone she loved rushed to the forefront of her mind. Pen. Mercer. Arvanna. Drake. Meli. Kihrae. Tears started to fall as she thought of Kurai and Zen.

"I'm sorry."

Then her mind felt solace in the fact that everyone would be fine. They would all move on. They'd be happy she had found peace. The Accord would continue to flourish with others at the helm. Her life was not that important.

Preparing to step forward into the air, Cervato breathed a sigh of relief.

She closed her eyes and prayed. Tears continued to be shed. Before her visage had turned into an ugly grimace, struggling within her own mind. Saromire. Mercer's arrest. Kurai's absence. The woman couldn't tell that flames were starting to flood along her skin, immolating herself in fire, as she struggled with herself.

A small explosion atop the cliff side sounded within the Accord's camp, barely noticeable and that could be confused with just an artillery shell being fired for practice. The only signal betraying it was not as such was a plume of smoke rising from the edge.

When she opened her eyes, the stench of smoke hit her first, and caused her to cough. With sudden realization, fear ran through her. Cervato fled the scene, quick to gather her things and return to her office, acting as if nothing amiss had occurred.

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silver.7895 - Cervato - Her Story - The Tyrian Accord
Posted Dec 8, 18 · OP
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