Last Revision: 09/19/2015 - Rules revisit and re-wording as per this thread.

These rules are for the entirety of the site.
Individual forums may have additional standards for content; please refer to the specific forum's rules for details.
Users are responsible for making themselves familiar with the rules and complying to 2RP's behavioral standards.

Be respectful.

Personal attacks, discrimination, and deliberate trolling are not permitted.

This includes offensive commentary against other users or any language that is discriminatory against others off-site. Minimum age requirements for guilds are the only exception. Attempts to derail, troll, or otherwise disrupt constructive discussion for the purpose of causing a disturbance are also not acceptable. When discussing mature topics, use caution and show respect to fellow users when asked to take sensitive discussion elsewhere.

NSFW content must be appropriately hidden and/or tagged.

External NSFW content may be linked to so long as the content is clearly spoilered and/or marked as NSFW. While GW2RP has a language filter, it has been temporarily disabled pending enjin fixes to retroactive application. Please use profanity in moderation.

Keep your posts and presence constructive.

This includes excessive guild or group advertisement outside of a dedicated thread, repeated posts with questionable content, gif-spamming, and advertisements for groups or guilds not affiliated with GW2 or 2RP.

GW2RP does not accept attempts at 'blacklisting' or witch hunting.

This includes any discussion of personal conflict or attempts to 'out' or criticize guilds or groups for how they choose to roleplay. Feedback for guilds is welcome by invitation from guild leaders in feedback threads only and must follow GW2RP's rules. Feedback for individuals is welcome by invitation from those individuals only and must also follow the rules.

Keep GW2RP tidy.

Do your best to post threads in the appropriate forum section. Keep overly large or flashing images in spoiler tags. Avatars and signatures should be unobtrusive and not contain disruptive moving images.

Do not steal content.

Do not borrow or imitate concepts, artwork, or any intellectual/artistic property without permission from or credit to its creator(s).

Commercial advertisement must be relevant to GW2 or GW2RP

Commercial advertisement for the purpose of personal gain must be GW2 or GW2RP-related and may come in the form of commissions or pre-made artwork. Fundraising for registered non-profits is acceptable provided permission from the staff has been granted beforehand.

Disciplinary Procedures

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