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[TC] Eyna; Oakarm, Seeker, Wanderer

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There's not much to say in terms of appearance. The seeker is a tall woman with tanned skin and dark hair. She wears her hair long and in whatever style suits her at the time. Her resting face is usually harsh or concentrated in expression which is emphasized by a strong jaw and angular features. However, she is not one to avoid smiling..

Her body is toned but not quite lean. Bad eating habits and all. On her body she marks herself with dye made from specially gathered bark and petals. She creates the mixture carefully and re-applies her markings almost daily. Her shoulders she leaves hand prints. For the remainder of her markings she has lines that travel down her torso and back as well as lines that wrap around her arms, thighs, and ankles. The markings hold significant spiritual value to Eyna.


Eyna is typically quite pleasant in her demeanor. However, on her bad days she tends to be grumpy, stubborn, and harsh. That being said, the stubbornness typically occurs on her good days too. She is more likely to joke about her troubles or insecurities than dwell on them. She is quite private about those negative parts of her life and is not likely to speak on them seriously.

She finds herself interested in conversation and other semi-intellectual pursuits. The cultures and ways of the different races fascinate her, as do the workings of the Spirits in the world. She is extremely reverent of the Spirits and that goes beyond simply Bear, Wolf, Raven, and Snow Leopard. It even goes beyond the Spirits that were lost in the Norn people's journey south. She often meditates and communes with the spirits of nature as well as the traditional Norn pantheon.

Typically she dislikes or judges those who would rush into a situation before thinking it through which makes it difficult sometimes when interacting with other Norn, however she tries to look past what she sees as foolishness for the sake of friendship. This doesn't always work due to her stubborn nature. She could be accused of lacking passion and laziness and the accusers would not be far off. She simply keeps to herself (often times too much) in terms of emotions and would prefer to save her energy unless it's necessary to get up.


For someone of her age Eyna is newly coming into her Magic. It's always been there, she was just either ignoring it or in denial. The abilities that she has from magic aren't terribly spectacular or even useful in most cases. They allow her a heightened perception of the spirits (of nature) and the ability to commune with them. She is able to bond with animals (one or two at a time) which lets her have an awareness of what they are experiencing as well as lets her communicate simple commands through that bond. These abilities may grow as she uses them more.

In terms of combat abilities Eyna favors the staff, though she is also proficient with a one-handed axe or set of daggers. Most items she typically uses as melee weapons, favoring to hit enemies over the head (or chop them over the head depending on the day) over fighting from a distance. With all that being said, she usually avoids combat in the first place. Physically she is quite strong, like most Norn. She is able to lift heavy objects, has a decent amount of endurance, and has a high body temperature meaning she can last in conditions not suitable for other races.

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OOC Note!

In-game Eyna is a ranger - soulbeast or druid depending on my mood. This is my first time playing her with magical abilities so I'm using very basic versions of what her class can do and hope to expand that as I RP.

If you're thinking, "Hey this person is a copy cat! I've seen this bio before!" you're probably right. This is a remake since my original bio for this character was on a different account and was deleted. Also I lost the original version. Whoops. But this is the real and original Eyna!

If you'd like to contact me in-game I have my information above! I look forward to bringing this character back into RP and thank you for reading :) Comments are welcome and appreciated!

Check out Eyna's blog!
Posted May 15, 16 · OP · Last edited Feb 10, 19
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Eyna's Scrolls

For much of her past Eyna traveled to different areas and wrote scrolls that categorized and reflected on the teachings of different races. I recently found those old scrolls and will keep them cataloged here!

Spoiler: Ventari's TabletShow

Spoiler: Charr LegionsShow

More to come!
Check out Eyna's blog!
Posted Feb 10, 19 · OP
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