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The Grizzly Guardholme [RP] - Homestead-Themed Guild

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Hey fellas, do i gotta be a norn to join?
Posted Dec 18, 18
Hey all! Khorthall Ironlvier here and I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year!

The Grizzly Guardholme still has its doors open and welcome all sorts of travelers that enjoy a good ale!

Due to business and trades, coin is easily flowing throughout the Guardholme as well as its personal brewery. Those who visit Meatoberfest, Lion's Arch, The Black Citadel, Vigil Keep as well as Divinity's Reach will no doubt see that the Ironliver's brews stock their shelves. This is good to spread word and for any who are interested, guilds included, who are looking for a contract for trade to have their own delivery of these brews, feel free to contact Khorthall or come visit him yourself at the Guardholme!

We hope to sit down and have a drink with all of you very soon!
Posted Jan 19, 19 · OP
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