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Crystal Stories: Memories of The Forgotten (Open RP)

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As per usual we will take place in Tyria to keep with the Guild Wars feel and those who play the game well with be able to contribute very well to the detail surrounding the RP varying the location that we currently reside to or wherever the RP leads on.

RP Rules

1) Don't be OP e.g killing a boss instantly (takes time)
2) The only way to teleport large distances is to use the Waypoints dotted around the landscape, go near it to activate it for your own purpose (as usual)
3) Abilities must have a cool down and that are reasonable to work with.
4) Remember to stay in First Person, no 1 liners and explain your surroundings, not just yourself.
5) This is a changing environment make the atmosphere acceptable for the locations that you are in so its friendly for all users.
6) Don't leave randomly, make sure that you leave your oc in a suitable location so that the RP can go on without you, so you can pick up on it later.
7) Remember think of this as not just a average RP think of this if you were that character, check armour and weapon durability, food stocks etc. (Brings the whole theme together)
8) Godmode of any sort is not allowed. Anyone can die in any situation.
9) Remember to have fun and if you have questions before we start discuss it OOC.
10) there is no 10. ;)
11) No spam

Dice Rolls - Deal with It.
I ultimately like to randomise the Roleplay a bit, say if you use a powerful spell, I or you must simply roll a dice and depending on your oc strength, mentality etc will It shall define if you were successful or not this is to ensure there is no issues... So if I or you roll and you fail you better be willing to have your oc take a hit.. Even I must abide by these rules stated. If you were terrible at magic and you ultimately used a spell you are less likely (obviously) to be successful.. However an oc which is op will be balanced accordingly so its fair play or someone who has so much talent in their magic. (Cause even we mess up at times so don't even try to pretend u will always be successful at it cause you won't.. Only means your less likely to mess up. If I were to say a Dragonhunter like my oc cast a spell that overall used a spell then since my oc Queen Shadow Dash does alright at magic although she is a DragonHunter Out of d20 she would need to score a 13 or higher to be successful for a simple spell.. An Elementalist like Irdes however would need to score a 7 or higher which a simple spell.. Those high end class Ele's & Necromancers Oh and not to forget Mesmers.. Broken as we know would need to score a 2 or higher.. Broken aye but since I need to balance that accordingly it shall be different if you have an such as my own (Queen Shadow Dash) would need to score around 10 or higher.. Average oc would need to score between 14-15 or higher.
So if for say I score less than 11 as Shadow on a spell such as a teleportation spell I will then look at how much less it was and how good her use of magic is 9-10 would mean she would teleport in the wrong place 7-8 would say if she brought others too she would teleport herself and others around the place in separate locations.
5-6. Nothing happens that simply needs recast to try again.
3-4. I would be blasted back from my own magic
1-2, something else would occur where it be it will be random so any of her spells usually one with the same difficulty or less. (Or death depending on spell)

Depending on the level of the spells or class related will vary on your capabilities as a oc. If you like me being a DragonHunter (Guardian) You will be more successful at their own skills than any other class resulting in a much higher success rate.. However it lowers significantly for those who try to do something that is not of class relation.

So you understand my point on dice rolls? Good because except to see a lot of them! I hope your patient for this type of serious RP.

Also if we can may we try and set up a character portfolio for each user that joins in.

I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you enjoy a hard core, well detailed and indulging RPG style Roleplay on this site //
- Shadow Dash
Posted Dec 19, 16 · OP
I sat by in the local tavern in the village of Shaemoor, it was pretty quiet at this time of day, many a person was out enjoying themselves the warm sunshine. I for one rather enjoyed being in the humidity of the tavern, I sat downstairs at the far back where in the dark corner I sat as usual, I spun my alcoholic beverage in my hand before taking a sip, I watched closely as the bartender was cleaning out glasses while only a small handful of people were in the tavern, mainly discussing amongst themselves about their daily lives as the sunshine from the windows glistened in slightly into the room.

I tilted my head to the doorway as I stared out into the open world, time seem to stop for a moment.. Or at least it seemed so for me as I stared onwards.. This was usual for me, being that of my age and not of this world... I simply grew up in it.

It would be some time before I regathered my senses and placed the glass aside on the table, I was wearing the iconic Guardian armour of Divinity's Reach, however gold plated it was and the linen attached sewed as white and gold.
Stood on my back was the blade its self, difficult to create and a beautiful masterpiece in its self, It was Eternity. It glowed bright like the sun as the aura of the magical blade glowed from it and around me, the crystal atop it signifying its power entwine between Sunrise and Twilight.
- Shadow Dash
Posted Dec 20, 16 · OP
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