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[LS3 SPOILERS] A Message to the People Regarding the Suspension of Krytan Ministry Proceedings

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The following pamphlets could be passed throughout the city of Divinity’s Reach strictly, each one printed with both the seal of Kryta’s Ministry and the Queen’s heraldry to display the documents were both legitimate and legal. As the news of Vice-Legate Lovine’s statement was passed throughout the streets, it would slowly spread outside of the city’s walls to Queensdale, following through with the rest of Kryta. It read as follows:

My fellow citizens of Kryta,

We have no doubt seen the chaos that encapsulates us at the very moment, a danger which we have never been ignorant of, but has finally crept from the shadows to reveal its menace. Our attackers go by a name, one which haunts both our kingdom’s public offices and countryside. These incursions are, without a doubt, to be blamed by the White Mantle. As your Interim-Legate Minister, I made a promise to seek justice, and deliver it to the full extent of our judicial system which I am responsible for delivering. However, these open attacks both against my station and the principles of our government that I treasure have been tested with violence and jealousy. So I write today to ensure my full support on our Majesty’s executive action to suspend all Ministry proceedings until the imminent threat of the White Mantle is eradicated by her military branches.

To those who think their voices are squandered in the midst of these attacks, I have no arguments. I cannot deny that my voice and my fellow Ministry representatives’ voices must be reserved at this time, but I also cannot deny that this is in the interest of our collective safety. At times as turbulent as these, the safety of the people I represent is more important than the ability to speak up amidst a crowd which seeks to do the same. What is needed for this nation, and for the people we protect is to obey our sovereign. We must obey the soldiers who are out on the field or protecting us in cities. We must obey our Krytan principles and the principles of the Six which our enemy seeks to destroy. The time to fight against tyranny is now, and it is the duty of all able-bodied citizens to provide for one another, because the betterment of ourselves and our neighbors is the betterment of Kryta itself.

Now especially, it is easy to resign yourself in fear, as I have stated countless times before, but this is not the time to do so. It is the time to provide all services possible in the name of our queen, in the name of our Seraph, in the name of our Shining Blade, and yes, even in the name of our Ministry. May Balthazar strengthen us all.

Madame Countess Interim-Legate Vice-Legate Minister Besnik Lovine of East Kessex,
The Chamber of Ministers,
Divinity’s Reach.
Posted Feb 11, 17 · OP
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(( xoxoxoxo! Also place holding for Lux response for now hahah Bes <3))
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Posted Feb 11, 17
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